At the beginning of 2005, Frank Warren launched a new blog called PostSecret as an experiment in community art, inviting strangers to mail him anonymous postcards that made art out of their innermost secrets and then posting a selection of the cards every week on his blog.
About Best Love QuotesBest Tumblr love quotes is inspiration love quotes websites, bring to you all the best Tumblr love quotes, falling in love, share with you what is love, feeling when you feel hurt because of love. Within a year, his blog was one of the five most popular in the world, and his first book, PostSecret, was one of the surprise bestsellers of 2005. For My Secret, a collectible, paper-over-board book that includes a page of vibrant, decorative stickers, Warren has personally selected never-before-seen anonymous postcards created by teens and college students from across the country.

My Secret is his second book, a collection of cards from teens and college students--none of which has been shown on the website--that carries the same emotional power and creativity that have made Warren''s project a phenomenon. Each card bears an intimate and powerful secret—at turns inspirational, shocking, hilarious, and poetic—that is told through original illustrations, photographs, collages, and other creative means. I spent high school in juvi." A unique and important book that will appeal to both young adults and their parents, My Secret offers a raw and revealing glimpse into the real lives of today''s teens and twentysomethings.
Choosing their own handmade postcards over email or text messages, teens and college students express their hopes, fears, and wildest confessions in a way that truly represents their diverse personalities and voices.

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