Attend the hearing and if successful the judge will provide a court order approving the name change. Start by completing the Petition to Change Name, ensuring you leave the case number field blank. The court will advise what proof you should return to the court, usually a Publisher’s Affidavit, which may be sent to the petitioner or direct to the court. Attend your hearing, taking copies of the documents you have filed, the Publisher’s Affidavit and your current photo ID.
If your birth was recorded in Georgia, you may also request Georgia Vital Statistics to update your birth record for a nominal fee.
You can instead show the court order approving your name as evidence of your name change, regardless if you get your birth certificate changed or not.
There may be around 15-20 organizations you should contact to get your accounts and records updated. Thanks for your fast and accurate response to my questions and the delivery of my easy name change kit.
Purchased it for my new wife after she was hesitant to change names because of the hassle and we're both very happy with the outcome! Use your certificate to first change names with the SSA, then all other agencies and companies. Once the license is issued it will be valid after 24 hours, for up to 60 days (180 days for active military). After your marriage is solemnized the officiants will complete the marriage license and return it to the clerk’s office where your license was filed. There is generally no need to order a certified copy of your marriage certificate, as all New York marriage license fees include the issuing of a certificate after the wedding. New York City If you were married in one of the 5 boroughs of New York City, order a certified copy of your marriage license from the City Clerk. Most other agencies, such as the DMV, can only change your name to what is currently recorded with the SSA. Keep in mind that the DMV must still match your name to what is recorded with the SSA, so ensure you have your preferred new name on file with the SSA before visiting a DMV office to make the change. New York residents can get all their state and federal name change forms prepared in their name and ready to send in under 20 minutes. New Yorkers can save themselves about 8 hours of looking for the latest form, understanding how to fill each form, then completing each one. You must state what your preferred married name will be at the time you first apply for your marriage license.

Your preferred married name must be listed on your marriage certificate, and moving your pre-married surname to becoming a middle name is not allowed.
Many individuals with a working understanding of the law find they can represent themselves. The exact documents can vary between counties so it is best to contact your local superior court directly to get a packet of forms. When filing for a name change you will be advised of the information to publish and the newspaper will let you know the format. After the notice has run for 4 weeks and the court receives no objections to your published name change, you can return to the court to get a date for your hearing. The judge will make a ruling and if successful you a final decree will be issued on the spot.
Next, update your Georgia state ID card with the DMV, this should be done within 60 days of your name change. If you want a surname change after marriage and did not list your preferred name, you must remarry. New York brides have a stack of forms to file; marriage certificate application, the SSA, the DMV, passport, voter registration plus all the other necessary companies; insurance, banks, credit cards, and more!
The 24 hour waiting period can be waived if the couple applies for a judicial waiver at the time of applying for their wedding license at no additional fee. Your license fee automatically includes the issuing of a certificate of marriage registration (also called a certified copy of marriage certificate), which is generally delivered a few weeks after your wedding.
You must return the completed application in person to the relevant City Clerk’s office.
It is therefore recommended you wait 2 days after filing for SSA name change before updating your driver’s license.
Take your current license, learner permit or non-driver ID card plus a certified copy of your marriage certificate. The NY DMV allows additional name change options to spouses, providing your marriage certificate shows both spouse’s surname at the time of marriage. We provide you with the simplest way to complete this form online as we have customized this the data entry specifically for name change.
New York newlyweds typically have 15 to 20 organizations to notify, so allow an additional day to get all your research and paperwork done.
Interestingly enough, all the necessary government agencies do allow your maiden name to become a middle name, including the SSA, NY DMV and passports office.
Non-resident same sex couples can apply for a marriage license and be legally wed in New York State.

Once the petition is filed and the filing fee paid, the petitioner has 7 days to publish their notice of name change in an approved newspaper. If you are not comfortable self-representing or have an unusual situation you are encouraged to speak with Atlanta Legal Aid Society at 404-524-5811 or Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation at 404-521-0790.
Save yourself a day’s work in calling each company directly to learn the process with an Easy Name Change kit.
Certified copies of your marriage certificate cost $30 each and are turned around in 10-12 weeks. Passports more than a year old should use form DS-82 and full renewal fees are payable (Passport books $110. Read our section on NY DMV name change to learn what other name change options you have in New York. If you reside out of state, check with your state DMV if they recognize interstate same sex marriages, as this can change from state to state. Finally, use an Easy Name Change notification kit to have all your identification and accounts updated into your new name. We provide ready to send paperwork for hundreds of organizations so you don’t need to waste hours on hold. Your license can be used throughout New York state and there are no residency requirements when applying.
You may also start the process online, then attend an office in person to show ID and make payment, or else return documents and payment by mail where permitted. Easy Name Change can auto-prepare the SS5 form in your name, along with all your other name change forms and ready to send letters. You can also enter the necessary information just only once, then have it populate across all your forms. Applicants must provide 2 documents from a list of over 8, one showing proof of age and the other proof of Identity. A certified copy of your New York marriage record costs $15 for the first copy then $10 for each subsequent copy.
The applicants must state what name they will prefer to use after marriage on the license at the time of application.

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