The courts require more information when changing the last name of a minor than they do when conducting a name change of an adult. The first step towards changing a child’s name in Texas is submitting a petition to the courts. Moreover, if the child is at least the age of ten, petitioners are required to demonstrate that the child consents to the name change; this is generally done by providing a written note from the child.
Once the petition has been filed, certain persons must be served with the petition, including a parent, any managing conservator of the child, and any guardian of the child.

However, when requesting a name change for a child, the Court has sole discretion in granting or denying the name change. is a project of Texas Legal Services Center supported by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation, Travis County Law Library, and legal aid organizations throughout the state, including those funded by the Legal Services Corporation.
These measures are designed to ensure that the name change is in the best interest of the child.
You will be provided with a copy of the judge’s signed name change order, providing you with the required documentation to change all government documents.

Texas courts typically require that both parents consent to a name change before it can be approved.
Once consent is given, the Court will decide if the name change is in the best interest of the child.

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