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Types of Name Changes? Common Law ? Person uses name informally, or others use it for them. Ohio Name Change Law? The Ohio Revised code mandates that a name-change petition must be filed in the Probate Court of the county where the person lives; the person must give reasons for the change, and prove he or she has lived in that county for a year. LimitationsLimitations on name changes include: ? No titles (“sultan of sarcasm”) ? In New York, no “trivial, capricious, or vainglorious reasons” ? No names of the famous (“George W. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
There is no word on whether name changes will cost or not, but if Mojang’s massive fortune is anything to go by, we can see a small charge being attached to name changes. A review of Council’s road network has identified a number of anomalies with respect to the Council recognised road names and Gazetted road names.
All members of the public have a chance to review and comment on the proposed road name changes by viewing the attached documents or by visiting the Council Offices in Burra and Eudunda. BlackBerry Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins speaks in front of a display of one of the new Blackberry 10 smartphones at the BlackBerry 10 launch event by Research in Motion on Jan. Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, changed its corporate name to BlackBerry on Wednesday. These short-term expenses are nothing compared with the risk of naming a corporation after a single product or brand. The Explainer has one hot tip for investors: Companies can get a major bump by changing their names to take advantage of market hysteria. Then they had the variation of Joe Grundy in small letters and the Red Coats featured prominently. Mercury did what they had a tendency to so several times: If a record showed promise on Amp 3, they would pick it up and press it on the mothership.
Sometimes when they switch artists and song titles, it makes it tough to be a good detective. From my Chords page, I can trace four name changes for the group, with the last one being a stretch. The Electras evolved from several early groups, but the line-up included Billy Storm, Chester Pipkin,Gary Pipkin,Warren Joyner, and Billy Mann. The Keytones had a few recordings in the early 1960's, and certainly had some local success.
From Memphis Tennessee, Carroll records was home to Gary Whitby and the Vampires shown above.
Originally named the Screamer, a name change was in order if they were going to try and sell some records.
This one deserves a little explanation, as it does not entirely fit the subject of this page. This group had the distinction of including Sylvester Stewart (Sly) though the record was not hugely succesful. Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL. Anyone under twenty-one must have a special hearing if they cannot obtain consent from both parents.
XXSwagMasterXX can be changed, as can that_cookie_guy (or any other usernames people have). Most studies show that a name change has either little effect on a business’s long-term prospects or a mildly negative impact.
Nissan originally sold cars in the United States under the name Datsun to protect the Nissan brand in case the new venture failed. If some calamity befalls its flagship, the corporation finds it difficult to escape the taint.
The best of intentions by the artist or record label owner had to be changed for a variety of reasons. Seems the duo - Ray Hildebrand and Jill Jackson were already performing as Jill and Ray, and Hildebrand wrote the song and performed it on their radio show, aired on KEAN in Texas. What I do know is that the Diva label is the original label, and the Little Apples label is second. It had spotty regional play around the country, on stations like WIBG in Philadelphia and KPHO in Phoenix.
This was the brainchild of Jeff Barry, who also had other groups like the Spartans and Ellie G and the Jets. To make matters worse, there are variations on the flip sides, but I needed to keep my sanity. Lastly, we have what to me looks like a later pressing of the Amp 3 label, that likely came after the Mercury issue.

This record was first noted in Billboard on their March 31st, 1962 edition, as a spotlight single of the week. Local would have been New York or certainly nearby, and you can even see them playing at the Laurels Hotel at Sackett Lake on a youtube video. They were originally know as the Sharptones, and the Fairlanes, before the Josie label named them the Chaperones, relating their new name to dances and proms. This band from Sioux City Iowa made one record as the Screamers, before changing their name to the Flairs.
The Viscaynes were based in Vallejo, CA and made a few records in their group harmony career. Lead John Kelly and his High School friends were from Philadelphia and recorded on many local lables and some national. Some courts questioned pronunciation, while others questioned a sexual connotation.? Numbers are another type of name that the courts frown upon. Changing the name back to Nissan in the mid-1980s cost the company between $30 million and $100 million. When BP and Amoco merged in 1998, the company spent hundreds of millions of dollars erasing the Amoco name from 9,000 stations across the United States and remodeling them to reflect the BP brand.
In addition to Sony, Nike (Blue Ribbon Sports), Exxon (Standard Oil Company of New Jersey), and Olympus (Takachiho Seisakusho) all began with different names. The record did not enjoy much success, and the label had just a few releases which included a pair by Sax Kari.
The response was amazing, and as the story goes, they ended up at Major Bill Smith's Le Cam studios (KFJZ).
Ann and Lillian Storey were the Storey sisters, but recorded their record for the Peak label as the Twinkles. The picture sleeve that came with the record credited it this way, and for me, I am thinking that is the very first incarnation of the record.
They followed it up with good material, but nothing that reached the sales figures of this slice of hot wax. The record is on the Vee Jay label from Chicago, and it lit up every teenage based radio station in the country. The Chords found themselves in a tough position as another Chords group took claim to the name, and the Sh-Boom Chords had to make a change.
Notably, the song was written by Linda Carr, group member Warren Joyner, and John Marascalco. When the record was first released, there was a small spelling error, perhaps dyslexic set in, as the second and third letters were reversed (Cahperones). All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
Courts permitted him to use the name in common law, but not legally.? Who has the right to determine a person’s legal name? They named themselves the Casuals, but after a short time, they had to re-name themselves to the Original Casuals. Once it started moving, Philadelphia based Cameo records put it on their label, and were capable of distributing it nationally. Seems Larry Bright got to Rendezvous records after having a disagreement with Tide about some cash up front so he could appear on Bandstand. I would pronounce the group name similar to the fragrance as opposed to the Earl Lewis Channels group - who MIGHT have been the reason for the name change. The Parkway release is a cover of the original, and was rushed out quickly in the only instance I can think of at this moment of a comedy break-in cover. Pressed up on Lummie Fowler's Lummtone label, it did not have the distribution necessary to really break out. I have seen many variations in general, but the second most common is the thin type shown above right. A year later, the songs were both re-recorded and issued as the Bentleys for the Smash label.
The second issue and actually the third issue, were released in July 1955, and were both reviewed right next to each other in Billboard. The Jingle Jump was a huge seller as a toy, and even better, it came with a record and picture sleeve. From what I have see, most of the Ravels pressing are promos with a date code 34004 making it late 1959. Although, it seems most of the overseas pressings used Pony on more than one recording from the Poni-Tails.
If you enjoyed these you might like my pages with first and second titles, my first and second labels - the hits, and first and second labels - non hits.
Navistar (formerly International Harvester), Unisys (the successor to Burroughs and Sperry), and UAL (United Airlines, briefly called Allegis) also spent tens of millions of dollars on advertising, headquarter redesigns, marketing consultants, and signage to reflect name changes. The Peak issue has a much longer instrumental introduction on it, otherwise the records are identical.

Neither of those things happened so he signed a contract with Rendezvous while still under contract with Tide. The first copies that were pressed just had the group listed as the Chanels, before changing to the 5 Chanels. Listening to both records, they may be using the same slices of current hit records, but the announcer and other voices are not the same. Somehow, the new Constellation label from Chicago issued it as it's fifth record fro, 1963. The second recording does sound a little better, but still did not have significant impact.
Their name was changed to the Flairs, in spite of thr fact that there were many groups already using that name. Johnny And The Tokens is a completly different group that was put together to try and take advantage of the name reecognition of the Tokens previously mentioned number fifteen record, and they showed the Tokens in part of the name.
And most of the Revels are stock copies with no date code, so my guess is the Ravels came first. I suspect this was a printing error, but for ABC both promotional and stock copies were pressed and distributed, before the error was discovered and changed. Subdividing the data makes the future look even bleaker for BlackBerry, because the companies that tend to profit from name changes are fledgling businesses. You also see what is a second or third press of the name spelling of Dimensions, on the Mohawk label. Rendezvous issued the record, dropping writing credits for Dorsey, and apparently changing the publishing.
The Deb label issued a dozed or so records, including a related disc by Virgil and the Four Chanels. It was then issued as the Redwoods and CFUN (Vancouver) didn't miss a beat and their charts changed the artist shown to the Redwoods. In fact, I do have a copy on Amp 3 that shows the Danleers on one side os the label and the Dandleers on the other.
There were not a ton of groups with the same name, but certainly the Old Town group pre-dated them, though I doubt the group was still active - though the name may still have been. The Poni-Tails were from Brush High School in Cleveland Ohio, and were originally called the Toni Trio after the group organizer Toni Cistone. When a new company changes names, it’s usually to broaden its product offerings or market reach. It was issued under Larry Bright, and under the name Pete Roberts, to try and confuse people.
So unless there is a back story that I am unaware of, these are two totally different artists.
That's when the Flairs name issue arose, and they changed to the Velaires and were backed by the Philadelphia based Jamie records.
Both must have been given away in similar quantities as they are both still fairly easy to find. My guess is that there was some objection to using the Tokens name, so it was changed on later pressings to the Kings.
Once christnened with their new name, they had to grow their hair a bit longer so they could sport the real Poni Tails and match their new name.
The record peaked at #51 in 1961 and stayed around for seven weeks on the Billboard pop charts.
In any case, a lot less of the Kings records seemed to have been pressed then the Tokens version.
That of course does not count all the regional midwestern charts that the record already had charted and been spun. Corporations with falling stock prices prior to a name change perform even worse in the three years afterward, in part because the move smacks of desperation to investors. Many of the label owners had no idea what the record business was all about, and may not even have considered some of the requirements. In that case, they would have quickly switched the the Pete Roberts credited disc, but the damage was done. Though the Palms release is shown at a hefty book price, reports of 8,000 to 10,000 copies were pressed on that label. My guess is that the Apollos name came first, as Peil replaced Paul Stefan with his group the Apollos.
Below I have a bunch of examples of first and second group names and a small amount of history or facts about the specific record.

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