King Tut, depicted here by a gold funerary mask, was a frail pharaoh, according to a new DNA study. Using DNA samples taken from the mummies King Tut and nine of his relatives, the scientists were able to create a five-generation family tree for the boy pharaoh.Tests revealed the mummy above, known as the Younger Lady, to be King Tut's mothera€”and his aunt. Zahi Hawass, who led the new study, is shown in 2007, during the transfer of King Tut's mummy from its sarcophagus to a climate-controlled glass chamber.
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National geographic society wikipedia free encyclopedia, The national geographic magazine later shortened to national geographic published its first issue in october 1888 nine months after the society was founded as the. New evidence shows king tut' tomb , Smart news keeping you current new evidence shows king tut's tomb may have its own chamber of secrets scans in the boyking's tomb reveal there may be two rooms.
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Golden boy King Tut was beset by malaria and health issues that forced him to use a cane, a new study says.
Tutankhamun was beset by malaria and a bone disordera€”and possibly compromised by his newly discovered incestuous origins, researchers say. Her identity remains a mystery, but whoever she was, she sired the boy king with her brother, Pharaoh Akhenaten.Regarding the revelation that King Tut's mother and father were brother and sister, Pusch said, "Inbreeding is not an advantage for biological or genetic fitness.

Hawass and his team concluded that the feminized features found in the statues of Akenhaten created during his reign were done for religious and political reasons.In ancient Egypt, Akhenaten was a god, said project leader Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence.
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Normally the health and immune system are reduced and malformations increase," he said.Some Egyptologists have speculated that King Tut's mother was Akhenaten's chief wife, Queen Nefertitia€”made famous by an iconic bust (Nefertiti-bust picture). Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find King Tut Revealed National Geographic Magazine interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
He was not riding the chariots," said study team member Carsten Pusch, a geneticist at Germany's University of TA?bingen.

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