Watch Latin American version of Netflix – How to unblock Spanish version of Netflix with a VPN service? Now that Netflix has launched its services in South America and in the Caribbean, people throughout this area are free to watch movies and TV shows through a service that has revolutionized the viewing habits of more than 25 million North Americans. Netflix is one of the most popular US based on-demand provider for various entertainment contents. The blocking system forbid the access for all external users by detecting their country location.
The restriction is simply based on your IP address that you get from your Internet Service provider, one of the best solution is to create an alternative IP which allows you to appear as an Latin American.
The Virtual Private Network is a good way to access to famous entertainment contents throughout the world. Netflix is unfortunately not yet available in Germany, which means that if you try to open a Netflix account from Germany you will be given a message that it is not available in your country.
If you try to visit Netflix from Germany you will see the following error message showing up. You might know that Netflix is a wonderful service letting you watch films, series and all kinds of stuff legally on the Internet. To watch Netflix in Germany you need to make the Netflix website believe that you are located in a nation where it is possible to subscribe to and enjoy the services of Netflix. If you would rather get a Netflix account in the USA that is also possible, but because of speeds it is better to watch films streamed on the Internet from a location as close to your home as possible, making the UK better than the USA.
Have you got an iPad or an iPhone which you would love to use for the purpose of watching American Netflix?
To get access to American Netflix abroad on your iPad or iPhone you will of course need to have the Netflix application installed on your device.
Since Unlocator has a seven day free trial you can test this for free now and all you need to give them is your email address. With this done your iOS device is now using the Unlocator DNS servers and you can now choose in the Unlocator panel at their website which Netflix region you want to enjoy. We hope you will enjoy watching US Netflix and we hope you have found this article to be useful. Here’s a list of quite a few interesting websites that can be accessed only by using an American IP address. If you are living in a country that has internet restrictions due to government regulations or geographic IP limitations, accessing these websites does not happen outright.
Having read all the main advantages of US IP address, its now time to learn how best to obtain a US IP address even if you are surfing the internet from somewhere else.
How To Get It In CanadaAccess Pandora, Netflix, Hulu and more from Canada and Around the World!
If you’re looking for Spanish language TV shows, movies, documentaries and more then look no further than Latin American Netflix in Canada. For example, if you choose to virtually reside in Chile you will be able to watch Latin American Netflix in Canada.

I don’t claim to be anywhere close to being able to speak Spanish but when I was little I spent a lot of winters in Mexico with my family and by watching the US TV shows with Spanish sub-titles is the reason I became conversationally fluent back in the day.  If only I could still remember it all now! The software is a Pro VPN that, once connected, re-routes your internet connection through one of their many hundred secure and encrypted servers around the world.
The Pro VPN that I personally use and highly recommend you use as well is commonly referred to as HMA.  Once you have signed up and downloaded HMA you can move on to the next step.
On the HMA dashboard you will now see your new IP address and your ISP location (as well as your original ISP location). Do NOT be alarmed if you’re still seeing the Netflix website in English as opposed to Spanish. If that was all you got, a few Spanish language shows this wouldn’t be worth it but the great news is you get WAY more TV shows and movies in Spanish which are all accessible from Canada thanks to HMA.
By using HMA to virtually reside in Chile (or another Latin American country) you will be able to log into your Netflix account and access the large library of Spanish TV shows, movies, documentaries as well as Portuguese language movies and TV shows as well.
If you have found this guide to he helpful and you think your Spanish or Portuguese speaking friends would like to know how to virtually reside in a Latin American country so they too can watch Latin American Netflix in Canada please this guide with them on facebook.  Thanks! I just want to know, if my sister’s using my netflix account, is she also gonna be able to keep watching her stuff in english? You can turn HMA on and off so you aren’t locked into one Nerflix library or the other. You will follow the same steps from above where you will use HMA to virtually reside in Latin America. In 2011, I started How to Get it in Canada with the goal of helping Canadians just like you learn how to access websites that are otherwise blocked because they live in Canada. Its website primarily allows the US residents to enjoy contents like music videos, music, reality shows, TV shows, popular movies. For a little monthly fee this is possible, so as you understand, it would be great to be able to watch Netflix from Germany as well. Such a nation could be the UK, so if you could get an IP address in the UK that would solve the problem. There are lots of VPN providers out there on the market, but not all of them have good products, speeds and service.
Once you have subscribed to one of the services just download their client, connect to a server in the UK (or in the USA), restart your browser and visit the Netflix site. If you are in the United States you would probably not read this article, so we assume that you are located outside the USA and your goal is to get access to American Netflix on your iOS device at your current location. Then you will need to start your seven day free trial with Unlocator, a brilliant SmartDNS provider which will help you change your Netflix region to USA (or more than 30 other countries) in a few minutes from now. If you want to watch American Netflix on iPad or iPhone select USA or USA 1, and go for it. If you want to please share it with your friends on social media, and should you have any questions use the comment field beneath. The single most important reason is that you need to acquire access to all the interesting and great internet services and websites hosted in the United States and are not available in your location for whatever reason.

When the server reads the request coming from your computer, it scans the IP address that you are using and compares it with pre-defined limitations to verify if you are authorized to view the data. There are so many free methods but most of them are insecure for your privacy and oftentimes have unreliable connections. The only secure and reliable solution is to avail of VPN services which offer a US IP address. Essentially, this is the list you need when you want to find out the Top VPN Providers of USA.
You might need to install HMA on a DD-WRT enabled router so your smart TV can connect to the WiFi network that you have virtually residing in the USA thanks to HMA and the special router. You will need to install HMA on a DD-WRT enabled router and then have your Xbox connect to that router. The services are not available for people living in any other country than USA, and a few other countries with broadcasting licences. Once the connection is established, you benefit from a brand new IP, in accordance of the server’s location. Moreover it also secure your internet connection by providing a encryption of all your datas.
And the good news is that it is possible, and you can watch and enjoy your own Netflix account in 10 minutes from now if you follow these instructions!
Once you visit the Netflix site with a UK ip address you will see the following screen showing up. You should then be able to make a subscription and start watching Netflix in Germany within seconds.
By having a US IP address, you are technically fooling the server into believing that you are based in the US and that all geographical IP limitations do not apply; hence, the data gets downloaded straight to your computer where you can now view it without limitations. Furthermore all proxies and free methods are detected by these US websites and they frequently ban these IPs so even if you occasionally gain access, you are bound to get blocked again at some later time. By purchasing VPN connection, you can force your computer to use US IP addresses in order to gain access to all the mentioned services. Keep in mind that these US VPN Providers are rated and ranked in the TOP 5 list because of the number of servers they offer in different countries, outstanding quality of customer support, VPN features, protocols given, experience and consumer reviews. Thus you can benefit from an increased privacy and anonymity and also to bypass the country censorship in countries like Iran or China.
VPN provides you with US ip address no matter where you are and as long as you stay connected with VPN, you computer will be treated as if it is running from within the United States. All the features of these streaming sites that were previously only for US citizens will also be available to you.

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