Stars Shailene Woodley, Megan Park, Greg Finley, Renee Olstead, and Amy Rider opened up about their characters evolution during the five seasons of the show. At the beginning of 2004, Oxford University claimed that the site on South Parks Rd was to be an 'Animal Hotel'. These statements were to mark the start of a series of lies and misinformation that has proven to be the norm for Oxford University.
Oxford University later issued a statement which contradicted their initial claims, finally admitting that "the facility will be used to experiment on animals". An Orangutan looks out from its temporary cage in Palangkaraya-Kalimantan, November 2006, upon its return to Indonesia after being illegally smuggled into Thailand.
Oxford University believes it has no reason to inform the outside world about the nature of animal experiments carried out within its facilities.
A closer look at their research on animals at the university reveals exactly why they are so desperate to keep the lid on the new lab. An experiment published in Nature in 2002 described how ten week old kittens had one eye sewn together and had a part of their skull removed to expose the brain. In 2003 another published paper highlights the long-term nature of animal suffering inside Oxford University. Three Rhesus Macaque monkeys with artificially produced brain damage were subjected to a variety of tests. Two of the monkeys involved in this experiement had part of their brains removed ten years previously whey they were five years old.
These words are from a researcher who has routinely inflicted brain damage on highly intelligent and sensitive creatures and who's own published papers describe how after on experiment the monkeys required 'intensive nursing' to keep them alive. Oxford University has sought to impose a draconian injunction on those involved in a legal and peaceful campaign against the new animal lab on South Park Rd in order to stop them highlighting the lies told by the University. The London Times newspaper reported that police had investigated a case of cruelty against a leading professor at Oxford University. The article stated that the professor had refused to have a monkey that was suffering put out of its misery because he described it as an 'asset'. This intransigence persisted despite please from the university's own vet to end the animal's suffering. It was only after a direct intervention by the Home Office that this poor creature's torment was ended.
Chimpanzees, baboons, and other primates, all being used in experiments on bioweapons and germ warfare. Genetically engineered monkeys harbor some of the worlda€™s most dangerous viruses such as Ebola and Lassa. The costliest, most grandiose research scheme ever attempted having germ warfare capability is going forward under President Bush and in apparent defiance of international treaties such as the Geneva Convention of 1925 that bans biological agents. And this program, involving some of the world's deadliest and most loathsome pathogens, many of which could trigger plagues and epidemics, is being conducted largely in secret without adequate oversight and in flagrant contempt of NIH's own rules.
113 US UNIVERSITIES, VA HOSPITALS, PHARMACEUTICAL HOUSES CHARGED WITH REFUSING TO REVEAL BIOTECH RESEARCH OPS AS REQUIRED BY US LAW. Some 113 university, government, hospital and corporate laboratories engaged in research often with potential to be used for germ warfare have refused to disclose their operations to the public as required by Federal rules, a nonprofit watchdog agency has charged. Instead of shutting their operations down, however, the National Institutes of Health(NIH), of Bethesda, Md., the government agency tasked with oversight of these laboratories, allows them to continue to operate. From California to New Jersey and from Boston to San Antonio, often in the heart of major centers of population, biological warfare labs lavishly financed with their share of about $20-billion by the Bush administration since 2001. Literally crawling with deadly germs from Spanish flu to plague to anthrax to tularemia to rift valley fever. Reportedly, in some of the laboratories security is lax and safety procedures inadequate to protect the public from exposure to deadly pathogens. These include making available to the public the minutes of the labsa€™ Institutional Biosafety Committees(IBC)meetings, describing their operations and plans. Basically, their operations in many cases are being kept secret, according to watchdog Sunshine Project of Austin, Tex., a nonprofit that attempts to protect the public from the risks of biotechnology experiments. The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention(BWC), which the US signed, prohibits research on offensive biological weapons. If the work is performed in secret, however, weapons designed for offensive use could be concealed. In the 1930s, the Japanese military masked its secret germ warfare scheme as a water purification project. Model Patrick Ribbsaeter and his wife Avi Siwa pose naked as Adam and Eve during a photo shoot for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA) in Bangkok December 22, 2006. Francis Boyle, an international legal expert at the University of Illinois, Champaign , puts it more bluntly. Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 enacted by Congress, states the Pentagon a€?is now gearing up to fight and a€?wina€™ biological warfarea€? pursuant to two Bush national strategy directives adopted a€?without public knowledge and reviewa€? in 2002. A person slaughters a pig in front of his house in Calugareni village, 30 km (18 miles) south of Bucharest, December 16, 2006. SFBR genetically engineers monkeys and harbors some of the worlda€™s most dangerous viruses such as Ebola and Lassa, authorities state. Again, the Battelle National Biodefense Institute(BNBI) of Columbus, Ohio, has just received a $250-million, five-year award from the Department of Homeland Security to run the new biodefense analysis center under construction at Fort Detrick, Md., according to The Washington Post of December 25, 2006. A pig looks out from its enclosure before being slaughtered in Calugareni village, 30 km (18 miles) south of Bucharest, December 16, 2006.
The paper quoted Milton Leitenberg, a weapons expert at the University of Maryland stating, "If we saw others doing this kind of research, we would view it as an infringement of the bioweapons treaty. The Post reported the operation would encompass about 160,000 gross square feet of working area and accommodate a staff of about 120. The Post noted, "Fort Detrick's history as the incubator of germ warfare research casts a long shadow over the new lab. In such labs, scientists can create new strains of disease for which those attacked would have no ready defense. Such weapons, once loosed, are notoriously difficult to control, and could ignite epidemics to sicken and terrify civilian populations.

Those who tend to dismiss NIH's laxity about enforcing its own regulations have only to recall the October, 2001, anthrax attacks on Congress and the media.
A man carries a pig head in Calugareni village, 30 km (18 miles) south of Bucharest, December 16, 2006. Lack of transparencey is cause for concern if only because of the history of secret CIA and Pentagon experiments in germ warfare that used the American people as guinea pigs. Between 1949 and 1969, the Army tested the spread of dangerous chemical and bacterial organisms over 239 U.S. Even deadlier cocktails were secretly provided to dictator Saddam Hussein for his war of aggression against Iran. Washington denied supplying them but as Robert Fisk reported in Great Britain's "The Independent" last December 31st, "prior to 1985 and afterwards, US companies had sent government-approved shipments of biological agents to Iraq," including anthrax. A female Indian rhinoceros calf alongside her mother are seen at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park January 26, 2006. Thus, the Reagan administration, which escalated germ warfare research and allowed the sale of the pathogens to Hussein, took its place in the dark annals of military history. Along with Italy under Benito Mussolini, whose aviators dumped mustard gas on the Ethiopians. Japan under Emperor Hirohito, whose Imperial Army's germ warfare attacks killed thousands of Chinese civilians.
The secret operations of the labs' would be less ominous if the Bush administration hadn't led the fight to demolish the international inspection system. Pakistani Muslims sacrifice a bull on the first day of the Eid-al-Adha festival in Karachi January 21, 2005.
Religious organisations in Pakistan are using the Internet to help Muslims in Western countries buy and sacrifice animals for an annual festival. Eid al-Adha marks the end of the Haj pilgrimage each year to Mecca and is known as the feast of sacrifice.
Muslims who can afford it buy and slaughter animals and distribute the meat among the poor and relatives.
According to Boyle, President Bush a€?sabotaged the Verification Protocol for the BWCa€? as it was on the verge of conclusion and success.
Camel cries in painA camel cries in pain after an Indian Muslim tightens the rope after buying it ahead of Eid-ul-Adhaa, at a cattle fair at Gorer Hut, 45 kilometers (28 miles) South of Calcutta, India, Wednesday, Dec. This listing covers most, but not all, of the names submitted to NIH by the Sunshine Project.
A man stands near a slaughtered animal in celebration of the Eid al-Adha in the devastated city of Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-administered Kashmir January 11, 2006.
Sunshine's Hammond said there has yet to be any formal response to his letter of last November from NIH. He added, "I doubt I will ever get one."A A  The NIH was asked to respond to the charges contained in this article but has yet not done so. In sum, the costliest, most grandiose research scheme ever attempted having germ warfare capability is going forward today under President Bush and in apparent defiance of international treaties such as the Geneva Convention of 1925 that bans biological agents. A cow has been shot dead by police after it escaped from a 'cattle market' and ran along the streets of Darlington.
Whata€™s astonishing about all this is that the FDA tells consumers ita€™s safe to eat cancer-causing arsenic but ita€™s dangerous to drink elderberry juice! You see, the elderberry juice magically becomes a a€?druga€? if you tell people how it can help support good health.
The FDA has also gone after dozens of other companies for selling natural herbal products or nutritional products that enhance and support health.
So now in America, we have a food and drug regulatory agency that says ita€™s okay to eat arsenic, but dangerous to drink elderberry juice or raw milk. Thata€™s the FDA, killing off Americans one meal at a time while protecting the profits of the very companies that are poisoning us with their deadly ingredients.
A study has revealed that the shore crab, a close relative of the species we use for food, responds to electric shocks and then goes on to avoid them. The scientists say the findings suggest the food and aquaculture industry should rethink how it treats these animals. But Prof Elwood designed an experiment to assess how crustaceans respond to potentially painful situations.
He looked at the European shore crab (Carcinus maenas) — a creature that usually takes shelter under dark rocks during the day to avoid being spotted and eaten by seagulls. Ninety crabs were individually placed in a brightly lit arena, and had the option of scuttling to two dark shelters.
Once the creatures had taken refuge away from the light, half were given an electric shock in the first shelter they chose. The shocked crabs were then placed back into the tank again, but to the researchers' surprise, most of them moved back to the original shelter where they had been stunned.
The crustaceans were placed back in the arena another eight times, and although there were no more shocks, they continued to avoid the shelter where they had been sparked. The scientists concluded that this was more than a simple reflex reaction to pain, and that the animals were learning from their experience and this was driving their future choices. Earlier work by the same team has also revealed that prawns and hermit crabs display behaviour that is consistent with our perception of pain.
Prof Elwood said that there were currently no regulations to protect the welfare of these animals. He pointed to practices in some fisheries where claws are cut from live crabs before the animals are thrown back into the sea. Commenting on the research, Dr Lynne Sneddon, a senior lecturer at the University of Chester and the University of Liverpool, said the research was "thorough" and had been "carried out well". Her research has focused on pain in fish, and said there were further avenues that the team could explore with crustaceans.
But a spokesman for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said that while the organisation had concluded that fish could feel pain, in the EU, decapods were not classified as sentient species. He said the subject of pain in crustaceans was "controversial" and a matter of data interpretation.

However, he added that in an earlier report about animals in laboratories the EFSA had recommended improving the welfare for these animals. Yet when it comes to the animals they eat — and the food that they feed their cats and dogs — they don't want to know that these animals that are now churned up into bags once did also convey love! They cannot face they eat something that has emotion, that these valued life that they place in their mouth once did feel, that they once did convey earnestness, sympathy, passion, blush, cordiality, ardor, fervency, shock, fear, palpitation. Humans turn away from the great cruelty that forced feeding intensive growing pens bring to the clouded pain-ridden lives of beings who are placed in such situations!
Many farm animals in Europe, much more so than in America, are treated to decent lives before they are killed for food.
There is a lack of compassion, a lack of anything to do with the higher values we attribute to 'humans' in forced feeding intensive growing! A lack of compassion, a lack of anything to do with the higher values we attribute to 'humans' exist in forced feeding intensive growing! The idea that a chicken might be of value to the chicken is an idea that must not be thought.
Pictures of Jews in concentration camps with numbers tattooed on their arms are juxtaposed with monkeys subjected to medical experiments, tattooed likewise. Children working their lives away in 19th-century factories are seen next to pigs and chickens exploited in present-day factory farms. The head of the state chapter of the NAACP showed up on the scene, said "black people are being pimped," and told organizers to take down the exhibit. Two years ago, the Anti-Defamation League was likewise livid when a PETA display drew parallels between mass animal slaughter and the Holocaust (including the uncomfortable fact that the design of Auschwitz was based on the Chicago slaughterhouse system), though Isaac Bashevis Singer had long ago made the same observation with no fear of inappropriate equivalencies. Before pondering that, let us turn to the entity that is currently crafting the most incisive, devastating media critique of our cultural moment currently on view, one almost too painful to watch. Puzder's reply, that the ads are "not intended to insult or demean anybody," would not seem to merit response, but it's worth noting that these ads are all of a piece and in fact insult and demean one more group beyond the obvious: The 18-to-34-year-old male demographic they're aimed at.
They're the ones who got the worst a dominator culture had to offer, and the worst has lately gotten much worse, as a quick tour through a Confined Animal Feeding Operation will demonstrate to anyone in possession of two or three of his senses and lacking a vested interest in the company's quarterly profit statement. The larger lesson of Darwin (there are no superior species, only differently adapted ones) has not yet sunk in. Instead, we are still ruled in every way that matters by the medieval Great Chain of Being, on which we placed ourselves one rung below the angels and far above all other manner of beaste, most low, foule and uncleane. When a black man in New Haven sees images of his ancestors and a cow side by side, equally mistreated and commodified, he is conditioned to see only the comparative sullying of his godliness.
He fears he will be cast down by the implication that the lot of the oppressed should be raised up. It was the fear of our founding fathers, the white male land owners who, in drafting the Constitution, struggled to find a way to exclude the rabble from too much participation in the democratic experiment. The better to keep the levers in the hands of the right sort of people while giving the others just enough by way of social rewards to keep them controllable. Thus the good people of New Haven recoil, the NAACP shouts at PETA, and the pundits trot out safe, predictable outrage, using generations of conditioning to studiously miss the point. It misses not only the fact of our increasing disenfranchisement but the dysfunctional ways in which the disproportionately distributed wealth is produced by a system that is impoverishing the Earth and our ethical sense alike. One of that system's most fundamental control measures persuades people that in their visceral rejection of the truth PETA is laying down, they are standing up for their dignity and humanity. When, in reality, they are defending a system in which commonality of suffering is not on the agenda. The members of only a single species have any right to life, liberty and freedom from harm.
And the idea that a chicken might be of value to the chicken is an idea that must not be thought. Humans and their governments will do terrible things to other humans and to other animals if allowed! Kurt Hummel has the greatest, most extensive collection of perfect scarves, jackets, and dress shirts. These two brothers have a multitude of long sleep and short sleeved plaid and button down tops that they wear open with a plain white tee. Prince Charming is impeccably dressed for where he lives, but David Nolan dresses in more of a sexy casual way that lands him on this list. Kyle Bishop might be a struggling artist, but his fashion forward collared shirts and pull overs make him constantly well dressed. Her acting resume includes The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, CSI: Miami, Zoey 101 and Desperate Housewives.
Amy Patterson, director of the Office of Biotechnology Activities at NIH, citing 113 institutions a€?for non-compliance with the NIH Guidelines,a€? specifically for refusing to honor requests for IBC meeting minutes. Patterson apparently had troubles of her own obtaining information from labs on the Federal payroll.
Naturally, females rage about this all the time while men can literally put on anything and look half-decent.
Male TV characters wear the greatest sweaters and a lot of them seem to have an abundance of well-fitting suits.
Yes, there are guys in the world who do care about their appearance, but its always more fun to live in a fictional world where almost all guys are impeccably dressed. His fashion sense seems a little advanced for his time, but it’s perfect nevertheless. Everything Blaine Anderson wears is either too short or too tight, but he works it like no other. Weither he’s wearing a fitted tee with a leather jacket, or a collared shirt and sports jacket, Jeff always looks incredible.
She can be found with her nose in a book, pressing "next" on Netflix, or marathoning YouTube videos.

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