There is a total of 12 levels and three Toad Houses (one of each kind) in this world, making it the longest world in New Super Mario Bros. This level is a Ghost House that has multiple paths and is also infested with Peepas and Boos.
This level is an underwater level filled with massive boulders that attempt to crush Mario, along with Bloopers hiding in pipes. This level symbolizes the first appearance of the Mini Mushroom and prominently features it, for the level must be completed with it. This level is a water-themed castle cramped with dangerous Grinders that attempt to hinder Mario.
EDIT: I am specifically asking for images from Guides not from Nintendo of Japan's website!
But if you scan it or take a picture, then wouldn't it become extremely low quality?_________________________Hi, I'm SnakeBlock, and I'm a muddafukin pretty princess. Yes it would lose quality, but it would not necessarily end up being "extremely" low quality.

2 already, as just two weeks after the end of this year's E3, a new array of promotional art from the upcoming 3DS sequel has arrived. This world is both beach and jungle-themed, although the music is similar to that of World 4 of New Super Mario Bros. Headlining this latest wave of imagery is an attractive panoramic scene of Mario and Luigi happily hopping their way through the new gold-washed Mushroom Kingdom. Of these levels, five are normal levels, one is a Ghost House and the other two are the Tower (or Fortress) and Castle levels. We're going to break it down piece by piece to extract whatever new details about the game we can. Of the remaining four levels, two of them are normal levels (one is a secret level), one is the Cannon level and the last is the Rainbow level.
The first half of the map is located at the seaside while the second half is located in land, where the jungle is, although the levels can take place between any of the two locations regardless of it's position on the world map.
However, the player can avoid fighting the bosses in this world by taking the world's Cannon, leading to World Flower.

So coin collecting as the focus of the game is firmly reinforced, yes, but the art gives us a few new clues about gameplay elements to help us grab that cash. A Golden Goomba appears – worth extra cash when stomped – and the world's gone so nuts that the pictured Lakitu has apparently just given up trying to stop the Mario Bros. We also get a look at the Golden Fire Flower power-up, which we know transforms our favorite plumber into a fire-fueled, metallic King Midas nightmare when grabbed.
These panoramas seem to be becoming a bit of a tradition for Nintendo's Mario games – New Super Mario Bros. U later this year, and perhaps this one will be adapted into a new StreetPass Mii Plaza puzzle sometime soon. We also got new artwork of the Golden Bullet Bill and Golden Cloud Lakitu separate from the larger piece, as well as fresh looks at Mario's as-yet-unnamed "blockhead" transformation and what looks to be this new game's version of the player-assisting Invincible Raccoon Suit that'll likely appear when too many lives are lost in the same level.

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