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San Diego Gas & Car Wash has 8 full-service stations conveniently located throughout San Diego county.
Located in Thornton, Colorado, Dolphin Car Wash & Valvoline Express Care is your one-stop shop to get a clean and efficiently running vehicle. Express Auto and RV Care Center provides express oil changes, alignments, car washes, RV washes, and truck washes for the Yuma Foothills area. Just fill in the information below to begin making the most of your listing and we will contact you shortly to complete the process.

Provides additional services on site such as: tree sap and tar removal, window tinting, paint-less dent and scratch removal, engine and headlight restoration. Land Approved for a Full Service Car Wash with two Oil Change Bays and two Detailing Bays on a 3 acre site. We offer three different tiers of carwash services, each with free vacuums, as well as full-service quick lube for your car! The tunnel opened March of 2009 with modern, easy to maintain equipment as a Express Exterior for high volume washing. Conveniently located 3 miles from the NJ Turnpike on a main road in an upscale town with many high end clients, who are proud owners of luxury cars.

Business has many loyal dealer accounts, which provide a continuous flow of cars regardless of the weather. Premises present a bright, clean and professional appearance including a comfortable waiting area with a retail store.

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