During the talk, we will have short lectures, read inspirational stories, and answer questions about Buddhism and life in general.
This Buddhist group has a great positive, multi-cultural atmosphere that helps people search for the answer to life's biggest questions.
Below, you'll find some more information about what Buddhism is all about as well as our contact info and location.
We seek for this type of happiness day in, day out hoping we can attain true satisfaction from it. Use this content FLOOD RELIEF: Bundaberg MP Jack Dempsey, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Australia vice-president Patrick Lu and CEO Ya-Ying Chen meet at Bundaberg East State School. Local Real Estate Subscribe Now A BUDDHIST relief group handed out $55,000 in cash donations to 110 flood affected families in Bundaberg on Sunday.
Top Stories 16 things our council wants from this budget WITH the budget tomorrow, we asked the council what it wants for a Fair Go for Bundy. This elegant residence is located in one of Bundaberg's finest dress circle locations, the sought after Belle Eden Estate. Be prepared once you arrive at this breathtaking property that you will fall in love and not want to leave.
The owners have purchased elsewhere and their much loved home which they proudly designed and built in 2001 is on the market to be sold. Welcome to 4 Cockatoo Crescent located in Bundaberg's most sort after acreage estate Tantitha Estate.

Want to join a growing online Pure Land Buddhist community and learn about the Dharma from your PC or Mac?
If you've ever wondered about these spiritual questions seriously or are curious about these issues, then we would like to invite you to join us in exploring the teachings of Pure Land Buddhism together. This Buddhist community welcomes all people of all faiths and all walks of life to come together and seriously think about these questions from a new perspective that will put you on the path toward achieving absolute happiness while still alive. So on a monthly basis, we will have find out more about these topics from guest lecturers who will teach classes at local libraries, community centers, and universities in the San Francisco Bay areas. As a group we will support each other positively, listen to each other, and share our collective wisdom and experiences.
Join us from the comfort of your own home for a weekly guided meditation and Dharma talk, ending with a live Q&A with the teacher. We have a wide array of topics like dealing with anger, discovering your true self, parables taught by the Buddha, and a whole lot more. Through the teachings of Buddha and historical Pure Land Buddhist teachers we understand better the direction our life needs to take in order to find the purpose of life.
Money, status, fame, wealth, family, friends, and our loved ones are all included in this category. Your StoryComment Family and community farewells much-loved Butchulla elder THE community has farewelled Butchulla Elder Marie Wilkinson. Then we usually share a short inspirational story or have a discussion about a current event going on in the world.

The purpose of these meetings is to guide us toward experiencing the wondrous feeling of being born human. We will also come together and watch Buddhist videos and recorded lectures and discuss them afterward. Then with the guidance we find from the sutras and each lesson we can move forward toward arriving a life of limitless joy and gratitude. Politics, economics, medicine, and the arts also try to provide us with Relative happiness. There will also be opportunities for Question and Answer sessions directly with Buddhist teachers.
We have a wide array of topics like dealing with anger, discovering your true self, parables taught by the Buddha, and most importantly achieving your purpose of life! Because of a high volume of requests, please right a short message saying you would like to join and that you are from the SF Bay Area Meetup. Space is limited, so five minutes before the call please send a message to onebuddhism to RSVP before the call.

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