Interesting Online Dating Facts is an infographic project which was based upon an online survey. This highlights statistics including best first date ideas, the most important aspects of an online dating profile, current relationship status, the number of dating website’s used by members and whether they have found love online. The reason for running the survey was as market research to highlight the current reasons and trends for online dating members.
All in all, they are right, turning this data into an infographic is much more fun than just listing out the results in a blog post. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. One in six Americans have broken up with someone either online or via text message, a new study on online dating says.The Pew Research Center study released Monday shows that, despite the fact that Americans have increasingly embraced online dating over the years, instances of bad behaviour (ranging from bad etiquette to much more serious actions, like harassment) on dating sites and apps are still relatively common. Love don’t cost a thing—or does it? Data shows men and women want to meet high earners online.

As it turns out, the gold digger concept is alive and well for both genders — but in different ways.
Now, we understand there are a number of factors that prompts a man or woman to contact someone online. The outcomes of these were very interesting and we felt these were best represented to our blog readers as an infographic. Women may fib a bit on their weight and men tend to stretch the truth on their height so what’s the harm in rounding up?
Perhaps this is because it is one of the oldest financial institutions in that group, dating as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries. They had the same contact rates as men who made under $20,000 and for women that made under $60,000. Perhaps the six-figure single you have your eye on also happens to like the same television shows, outdoor activities and musicians that you do.

Your financial cutie might not know while in high school, Cramer used to sell Yoo-Hoo (the chocolate drink) at the Philadelphia Eagles’ football games to make money. Booyah!
Sooner or later, though, your date is going to want to know what you do for a living and if the numbers don’t add up, you will find yourself all alone before things even get started. However, men that opted to leave this field completely blank on their profile were contacted the same as those that made up to $40,000 while women were contacted the same as those that made up to $100,000.

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