Holiday Dollpack series is the most fabulous and fairy tale among all others Moxie Girlz dollpacks. Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack Avery includes one Moxie doll Avery, one birght red silk Santa style dress, white leggings, boots, one present box and a couple of red earrings. Holiday dolls are the most exciting toys for kids, and these dollpacks is a great choice for young ladies, they are beautiful, interesting, entertaining and wholesome at the same time.
The next guest in our Girlz Dollz club is lovely Lexa in her Irish green dress and stripy leggings. Almost any doll is something special and magical, because each new toy is a new character and new story, sometimes it’s not just a story, but fairy tale.
There are several different dollpacks of Sophina, among them you can find the Basic Dollpack, Jammaz, New Art-titude, After School, More 2 Me, I am smart, Magic Hair and Masquerade Ball. Great news for the real fans of Moxie Girlz Dolls, there are two new activity annuals for this year. Join Moxie Girlz this year and enjoy lots of awesome activities together with your friends! Moxie Girlz Secret Code is an unique for each Moxie product code, which consists from letters and numbers. Stay in contact, because in the near future I’m going to play all games and write about them here!
If you still any questions or suggestion about the Secret Code, please feel free to contact to me.
Look at this snow white Moxie Girlz Sun-Dress, which I made specially for my Moxie Girlz Sophina.
To create this Moxie Girls Dress you need a cotton yarn any color and a crochet needle, that’s all, very easy. So if you want to prepare your Moxie Girlz Doll for the summer season, make something special for her, like this sun-dress. If you want me to share the pattern of this Moxie Girlz Sun-Dress, please mail me or use the contact form.
But today I want to show you the hi-tech accessory and the must have device in the modern world – Moxie Girlz Laptop. Moxie Girlz like the real girls like blogging and chatting to each other, that’s why the laptop is a very useful and interesting accessory.
What about me, I’m planning to decorate it somehow or make a cover for it or a tiny laptop bag. Do you have some ideas how to decorate the laptop or may be you have great handmade bags for it, mail me and I’ll add them to my blog. These cute new dolls, which come with kissy lips, big ol’ eyes and silky hair, have an important message: Every girl has the strength to do something amazing.
Behind these cute new dolls, which come complete with kissy lips, big ol’ eyes and long silky hair, is an important message: Every girl has the strength to do something amazing. Lexa: Playful, silly and creative, Lexa thinks life’s meant to be fun – which means being yourself no matter what anybody else thinks. Sasha: Friendly, positive and clever, Sasha loves cheering her friends on and helping them see the bright side of any situation.

Avery: Strong, determined and energetic, Avery believes anyone can do anything if they just want it bad enough and really go for it. Sophina: Warm, thoughtful and caring, Sophina’s always thinking about the world around her. We started with Angel Sophina Doll and now it’s time for another gorgeous doll wearing the most famous and favorite outfit Holiday Christmas Avery, the golden-haired beauty.
The doll is a standard, original Moxie doll, so you can share her clothes with other Moxies. The same words I can say about this beautiful little angel Moxie Girlz Holiday Dollpack Sophina with a couple tiny accessories, a present box and pair of golden earrings. It has light green cover decorated with different colors bright flowers and butterflies, and gorgeous black-haired Sophina.
Summer is all about sun, beach, sand, sea, fun, the most hot, interesting and carefree time of year. It means this post is all about the secret code and here you will find full information about it. So each Moxie Doll has a different six-unit code, in other words it includes 6 symbols, which can be letters or digits printed in any combination. It’s time to dress up her with something new, gorgeous and stylish according to the spring-summer season. One of the most interesting thing about making homemade clothing for dolls, it’s that you always can change the template and add something new and innovation or totally redesign the idea. Anything is possible as long as you stay true to yourself and never give up on your dreans! If you don’t watch the latest tendencies in the doll world, then you can be surprised by her look, especially her feet. Among them you will find different types and models of clothing, shoes (sneakers and boots), ear-rings, pendants, necklaces and so on.
The laptop is made from black plastic and exactly resembles the real one, you can easily open and close laptop lid. I also like Alex with her green eyes and black hair, but Sophina is more tanned then she, so I was hesitating a little, but made a decision and and choose Sophina. Anything is possible as long as you stay true to yourself & never give up on your dreams. But you can visit the website whenever you want to play games, choose colorful wallpaper and fresh screensavers for your computer and pick out your very own Moxie Girlz icons. Actually I have Sophina which comes from the basic dollpack, she has casual blue jeans, pink short sleeved top and sneakers, she looks very smart with her accessories glasses and black laptop, she also has tiny golden earrings. Especially the short bell shaped sleeves and golden corset lacing look very gorgeous and romantic. Spring is a beautiful season, time of love, flowers and green grass, that’s why this book is also full of soft colors and beautiful pictures.
This code gives you some more opportunities, like with code you can play special games online, and without it you can’t.
As for this Moxie Girls Dress, you can make it longer or shorter, it’s very easy, just to add a couple of rows or shorten the skirt.

In generally about Moxie shoes I can say that they all are made from very rough rubber, they are very detailed, so you can find relief sole and laces.
The screen is covered with light blue color, which is very close to a luminous screen of real one. They are colorful, entertaining and amusing, each of them contains lots of stickers, coloring pages, interesting and unusual games, every girl will find many exciting things for yourself.
But now they get much more than just a doll, because each happy owner of a doll get special secret code and can play various games online.
I also made a decorative thread from white glass beads, which can be used as necklace or as accessories for hair.
It was my first experience, that’s why I’m so excited about it and so love the result! Also shoes is female weakness, we love the charm of novelty, fashion tendencies, all these colors, heels and fabric. Her feet are designed to change shoes and boots very easily, also such design allows to doll stand still and don’t worry to get lost a shoe. Also such shoes are closer to the real ones in size, than Barbie’s, that fact provides wider shoe sole and doll can stand by itself. Actually all Moxie Girlz are very beautiful dolls, they look pretty wholesome and don’t have overly make up on their faces. There are a couple of additional accessories, it’s red present box decorated with ribbon and red earrings to go well with dress color. Also there is an amazing Moxie Girlz Laptop, which provides lots of games and activities inside, you can get it everywhere with you and enjoy your favorite games.
Just look at the cover, it’s very bright there are lots of sunny colors, like yellow, orange, red and so on, also all four girlz Avery, Sophina, Bria and Lexa are together dressed up in their sun-dresses on the cover. In my case the code was printed on the inside surface of box right behind my Moxie Girlz Sophina Doll, so when I’ve got the doll from the box, I found it right away. So this all means that you can attached and detached Moxie Girlz Shoes together with feet at once. All keys are not real, so you can’t press them, but they are well made and resemble the real ones. Glasses and ear-rings fit very well and they are universal, you can share them between all Moxie Girlz. And finally Sophina is warm, thoughtful, and caring, she has brown hair and light brown eyes.
You will find more than 40 funny stickers inside, lots of games, coloring pages and art activities.
With help of Moxie Girlz Activity Book you will create lots of funky door hangers for you and your friends.

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