We thought we were well-versed in the world of New York City’s hidden restaurants (after all, we wrote a whole book about it). The owner, known as Papa, opens up when the food is ready – which on a Wednesday this week was not until just before 1 pm and closes when the food runs out. Like many of these stands (think of the freight entrance restaurants in the Garment District), the menu options are what’s available that given day.

Next, check out our Top 10 Hidden Restaurant recommendations in New York City for 2015, and for 2014. But nothing quite prepared us for the awesomeness of this hole in the wall in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, near the Untapped Cities office.
Just a rectangular cutout from a storefront grate, just by the intersection of Kingston Avenue and St.

John’s Place, behind which a man from Jamaica is serving up delicious Caribbean food.

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