An affidavit is a sworn statement of a person who is taking a legal step and he has to make sign this statement by taking the oath or by affirmation (i.e. You can understand the affidavit of validity of power of attorney by supposing that you have transferred the rights of your property to your realtor and now he has the legal rights on the property and he can sale or lease the property without your presence or consent. This document is also very important in case the owner-in-fact is ill or supposed to die in a certain period of time and after his death, the power of attorney can be presented as illegal document so with the affidavit, the owner-in-fact states that he is alive while making this power of attorney and he is transferring the rights of that property or any other thing to someone else. Related Fillable PDF FormsAffidavit Form for Publication of Certificate Fictitious or Assumed Name When a person or number of partners wants to start a new business under assumed or fictitious name, they are required to register the company in the local or federal trading department depending on the rules and regulations of each state and country. What is […]Real Estate Purchase Offer Form Trading the real estate property is a lengthy process but in all cases, it includes the most important element which is the offer that a buyer makes on the property. This document is used by a client who wishes to transfer his authority, rights and powers over his finances to an attorney. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This document gives the attorney power to act on the principal’s behalf, often on financial affairs.
You can Download the Standard Power of Attorney Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. This general power of attorney form marks the commitment of a client in giving an attorney the rights and authority to act on his behalf on a certain specified matter.

You can Download the General Power of Attorney Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. According to Statute 523.11 a person that has authorized a power of attorney document for use within the State may cancel or void the form by completing this document.
In order to make that power of attorney legal and authenticated, the new owner has to present a legal document in the court that shows that the original owner of the property has transferred the rights and signed the power of attorney with his consent and he made this decision intentionally.
When we talk about the uses of this affidavit, it is very common these days especially with the transfer of ownership of the real estate property for selling and leasing purposes. When the department accepts the […]Affidavit Form for Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting When there is an annual shareholder meeting coming up in an organization, a specific employee also known as the secretary is asked to send the formal invitations of the meeting to all the shareholders in the company so that they can attend the meeting. There are two scenarios in order to sell or purchase a real estate property including the need of selling from the owner […]Open Listing Realty Agreement When an owner of a real estate property wants to sell it, he invites multiple realtors to find potential buyers and along with that, the owner also meets with buyers and shows them the property. The document gives the attorney the power to exercise authority as far as finances in question are concerned; it defines to what extent this authority can be exercised. The form after filling in must be acknowledged by a notary public and from there it may be distributed to let all parties be aware the power of attorney form has been cancelled.
When we talk about the affidavit of validity of the power of attorney, it’s a sworn statement of the owner-in-fact who has transferred the rights of a property or any other thing to someone else and now he is signing the affidavit in order to make that transfer legal and authenticated.
In order to do so, the original owner or owner-in-fact is required to sign this affidavit in front of the notary public clerk in the local notary department by either swearing that he is making this decision with his consent or just by presenting in front of the notary public clerk and signing the affidavit.

Property owners sign the power of attorney and affidavit in order to authorize their realtor to sale or lease the property in their absence. When the secretary sends the […]Bulk Sales Affidavit Form Bulk sales affidavit is very similar to the bill of sale form and they serve the same key purpose but still there is some difference in there.
In this situation, the owner isn’t required to pay to any realtor unless one brings a buyer […]Special Release Affidavit An affidavit is a written statement in which a person swears that he is signing the document without any force and the key purpose of signing this document is to prove and legalize the statement included in the affidavit. The general power of attorney form can be used to indicate a change authority from client to attorney. For example, a company wants its supplier to sign an affidavit […]Creditor’s Affidavit Form A creditor is a person who lends or gives some money or anything else to someone for a specific period of time and requires the money or that borrowed item within the mentioned period of time in the loan agreement. You can Download the Financial Power of Attorney Form, customize it according to your needs and Print.
It is possible that even if you own the share and stock options, the legal rights of selling and trading of these options are owned by another person who […]Corporate Acknowledgement Affidavit When a person or group of people wants to register a new corporation in the local trading department under real or fictitious or assumed name, they are asked to provide articles of corporation and the names of the owners, directors, partners and shareholders in the company. These […]Individual Acknowledgement Affidavit An affidavit is kind of an oath or a sworn statement which is signed by an individual indicating that he is signing the statement without any pressure or force from someone else and he is going to accept all the responsibilities and consequences after signing the statement.

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