I came for guidance and found that instead I was given a foundation; a set of tools to help guide myself.
For over 25 years, WINGS Seminars has assisted more than 35,000 individuals learn life-changing skills to live meaningful, satisfying and effective lives, both personally and professionally. The Personal Effectiveness Seminar (PES) explores consciousness, the impact of beliefs, and how to create what you really want in life.
Where PES goes broad, CROSSOVER goes deep, to your Center where the things that really matter live. In LifeWorks you hone the tools for an extraordinary life over an extended period of time (3 months). The Authentic Leader Training is for those who seek excellence at a profound level, and who are ready to contribute to a better, brighter future now. Come back and join us for the Advanced Authentic Leader Training and take your development as a leader to the next level.
NAMASTE embraces myth and metaphor, ritual and enlightenment, faith and awe in a non-religious environment that neither judges nor advocates for any particular set of beliefs. In LISTENING HEART you practice speaking clearly and honestly and listening with your open heart. Learn and practice the foundations of NLP for mastering your state of being— rapport, sensory awareness, outcome thinking and behavioral flexibility. Neuro-linguistic Programming provides the most flexible approach for rapid change for individuals, groups, systems, and organizations. NEWSLETTERPlease request my free newsletter and continue to go forward in the success direction. WE WERE ALL GIVEN THE GIFT OF BEING ABLE TO USE, DIRECT, AND DEVELOP OURS MINDS AS WE WISH. WHEN YOU HAVE THE FULL KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO SET YOUR MIND FOR ACHIEVEMENT, THEN YOU HAVE A FORM OF KNOWKLEDGE WHICH CAN THEN BE DIRECTLY APPLIED AS A LIFE SKILL, AND, AS A LIFE SKILL, THERE CAN BE NO EQUAL TO IT. Your answer to that question, is the difference between a lifetime of going with the flow and attaining the average poor results in life, or a lifetime of creating a wonderful, abundant life of your choosing. IN ALL HONESTY, THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE CANNOT SET THEIR MINDS TO ACHIEVING ALL THAT THEY WANT AND DESERVE IN LIFE. In the absence of the knowledge and skill to set your mind to reach any chosen achievement you desire, this leads to a life of settling for second best. Whether you are an individual seeking personal development and growth, or your needs are more corporate, Mind and Achievement is invaluable in helping you to achieve greater results than ever before.
I choose the name of MIND AND ACHIEVEMENT for my business, because those words go right to the heart of the matter. It is clear that the majority of people the world over are not familiar with, or skilled at, setting their minds for achievement.
Mind and achievement are subjects which need to be studied, mastered, and applied over a lifetime and the benefits of doing that are massive and spill over into all areas of life.
If you cannot set your mind for achievement and then reach it, then I believe you are at a great disadvantage in life.
I share in my work a wide range of achievement ideas, concepts, success tools, success processes, philosophies, achievement principles, and insights into the natural laws of the universe, which are fundamental to life, for the benefit of those that will accept and apply them, helping them to then gain more success, abundance, achievement and true happiness in all areas of life. There are so many speakers on the subject of Personal Development and Motivation, and whilst they have much common ground between them, every one of them brings a wealth of their own experiences and ideas to it. It’s often been said that when you truly set your mind on success, the right people, places, events, and all the right synchronicity will show up to help you on your way. If some or all of what you have just read is connecting with you, then chances are good that it is right for you. Personal development seminars are a great way to develop your Mogul Mindset and improve your focus and drive.  Anthony Robbins has become one of the premier personal development speakers and he regularly host seminars to help develop your leadership, self-development and business skills. Below I have compiled three of Anthony Robbins best seminars to help you enhance your personal outlook on life and give you the motivation to take action and begin to make a change in your life. This first video talks about obtaining financial freedom.  Anthony Robbins shares his knowledge about what you must do to build your finances and create lasting change in your life. In this second video Anthony Robbins talks about 5 steps to take control of your life and developing a clear and compelling vision for what you want.
In this last video Anthony discusses information that is rarely covered in school.  His message here is about taking massive action to change your quality of life.

For questions or comments, contact me or if you are interested in an amazing online opportunity click here.  Click here for the YouTube Video. Thanks for the comments Ursula and if you have any suggestions for improvements let me know.
Orange County, CA – Personal development for your spiritual well-being can be accomplished in many ways, with coaching, seminars and personal improvement courses. Personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develops talents and potential, builds human capital and facilitate employability, enhances quality of life and contributes to the realization of dreams and aspirations.
The most important roll that answers play is giving us the know-how in solving our own problems versus being dependent upon having someone solve it for us when our lives are in crisis. Our personal development courses cover a wide range of topics such as, how to communicate effectively, motivation, building self-confidence, knowing who you can trust, improving marriage, personal efficiency, organizational and time management skills, and many others more.
WINGS personal development trainings provide personal growth opportunities that go far beyond self-help books. PES assists you to understand yourself and your relationship to the world with new clarity and ownership.
In CROSSOVER you focus on you – your beliefs about yourself, your relationship with yourself, your true self.
With the support of fellow participants you build a community focused on life-long success … by your own definition. The commitment to the ALT is a statement of integrity, vision, and belief — that even just one person has the power to change the world. In this setting of profound respect for the beliefs and traditions of spiritual seekers the world over, you find that NAMASTE opens new doors to enliven your spiritual experience. You learn the value of being honest and clear with yourself first, inviting your partner to be honest with you.
Your expertise as a NLP Master Practitioner gives you the skills and confidence to be a leader in the field of personal and organizational change.
In these articles, graduates take themselves lightly, find new ways of creating what they want, and say YES!
A life of compromise and managing without, while oddly enough you will be spending so much of your life helping other people to achieve all they want and desire, usually in the workplace, for example, but it could happen in any area of life or a number of them.
The topics of mind and achievement go together hand in glove; they are totally inseparable. Or it might be to know how to set your mind to achieve a broad and general success in all areas of life, and for this success to continue to grow over time. Anyone who takes the time to invest in themselves to gain thorough grounding in mind and achievement knowledge will find it to be the most rewarding thing they could possibly do.
I have always set big goals as well as having a very strong entrepreneurial spirit, which has led me to many accomplishments. Many people believe this to be true, so what you are reading now and by attending my seminar, may very well be part of the right people, places, and events for your journey.
Each format has a particular use and benefit and I want to clarify the difference in what coaching and courses can offer in the field of personal development. As we aspire to reach higher levels of spiritual well-being and happiness, we begin to ask ourselves the most important and time-honored questions about life and our role in in it.
The old adage of teaching a man how to fish, versus making him dependent on the industry of a fisherman, is very true in the field of personal development.
People have power when they have real knowledge about the key factors of life, and can apply that knowledge to their own life with certainty and results.
Our coaching is highly personable and based on producing significant results and the accomplishment of known objectives which will lead to a fulfilling life, prosperity and overall happiness and well-being. The lecturer will be mrs Evi Xirafa, personal development consultor and HR and communication educator.
You can even clicking on each course to find and very useful material, such as slides and videos.
As a personal development consultant I created this blog to share what little and big secrets I know to make your life happier and to help you chase your dreams. Seminar participants get first-hand experience with effective communication, goal setting, life coaching, leadership development and improved confidence. It is a life-changing event full of ah-ha moments that open up new pathways of understanding, opportunities and results.The Personal Effectiveness Seminar is a 4-day training and the first in our Core Seminar Series.

You learn to listen to the wisdom that lives at your core in a way that breathes clarity into each moment, each choice. You learn how to use fear and conflict as positive sources for understanding, growth, intimacy and the fulfillment of your deepest desires. There is an old saying, “You come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing.” I wonder, sometimes, if some people think that is actually the plan? I believe that a seminar should be entertaining and enjoyable, informative, and a balance of humor and clear facts. I believe that when you truly set you mind for achievement, then all of the right people, places, opportunities, ideas, and, in short, all of the synchronicity needed will all show up as required. While there is no need to list these basic questions, it is important that we connect with people and insights to quell our thirst for our internal search for compelling answers. How many of us do we believe that our dreams are elusive or that success simply belongs to the others? We will discuss these subjects based on the personal development books “The hen who dreamed she could fly” and “Who will cry when you die?” published by Dioptra.
We will have an open communication through the articles I publish, your comments and e mails and of course the Believe In You activities. In CROSSOVER you realize that your experience, what you feel, think and want, is all about you. For anyone who fails to understand what the rules of the game of life are and how to play the game life will be a confusing, scary and uncertain experience. Why spend decades finding out what works and what does not the hard way in the school of life, when the best information can save you years of wasted time, effort, and money. That’s why it is so vital to know how to set your mind correctly to reach your chosen achievement.
It’s not a universal plan for us all; nothing at the start, nothing in the middle and nothing at the end. I did not know it that day, that week, or that month, but when I look back now, I clearly see that, for me, it was a life defining moment, a life changing day.
I aim my seminars to contain the information that I was seeking in my youth, which I was looking for, but could not find.
So what you have just been reading may very well be an essential part of your success journey. I will be glad to stand beside you in your constant effort to improve your personal and professional life. Many corporations, small businesses, non-profits and governmental agencies include WINGS Seminars in their Employee Development Plans.
The corporate world needs people who can set their minds for achievement and reach it, and the rewards can be enormous for those who can.
No matter what age you are, your background and life experience, it’s never too late to turn it all around. It eventually dawned on me that I should teach this wonderful and exciting subject of setting the mind for achievement.
It is the extra little bit of knowledge, information, or encouragement that makes all the difference.
We should all be creating wonderful exciting lives, full of great experiences, happiness, health, and prosperity; abundance is equally available to us all, if you know the correct way to attract it.
I found myself ready in January 2011 to set up MIND AND ACHIEVEMENT Ltd to take my ideas to fruition. I believe that no matter how long things have stayed the same for a person in life, they can change, almost beyond belief, very quickly. I have worked alongside some giants in the personal development industry, as well as some amazing wonderful rising stars in the field.
I am an active public speaker on the subject of mind and achievement and it is so pleasing to see ever growing numbers of people at my events.
The feedback I get from people who have applied my success teachings and gained the results they have longed for so long, is so rewarding.

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