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So who are we?• Personal Development Bureau is a community based, membership and training organisation Members and Clients• We have a national network of 330 Specialists to help you to achieve your objectives We Providers Advocates work and and Charities with Specialists• We are completely independent so you can rest assured that we always Employers put your best interests at heart.
Robert Skaf has been an entrepreneur for over forty years and now runs a small business in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Robert approached Design and Logic to create simple splash page to showcase his various causes.

Tish is one of the most recognized female voices on television and radio throughout North America.
She's worked on radio stations nationwide and holds the distinction of being the first female broadcaster to host a solo morning show in a major Canadian market. Rebecca can be seen as the spokesperson for several fitness products including "The Bun and Thigh Track" and "The Bean", and "The Ab Rocket Twister". Registration and Free Membership Video Based eLearning, Webinars and Community Transition Support Packs PDB Branded PDB Dual Branded Specialists Own Training and Training Products and Services Mentoring 1 or 2 Day Mastermind Rapid Response Courses Groups Copyright (c) 2010, 2011.

In 2005, Rebecca and her then boyfriend Adam competed in the Emmy award winning series, The Amazing Race.

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