Personal growth is about understanding yourself and using those findings to develop a plan, clarify goals and reach your full potential.
Not only that, but personal growth increases self esteem and helps you deal with external events that can control our attitudes. Below, we’ve listed some books that we like, have read and have found helpful in our journey at bettering ourselves.
We all love the self-discovery of finding out more about ourselves, but have you thought about how others see you? We have to admit, it’s a little dated and can seem far-fetched, but it never hurts to write down your dreams and passions and use them to help shape your life into what matters most to you. The best part about Lean In is the practical advice Sheryl gives to help women overcome boundaries in life and business. Learn how to think God's way to make the right decisions at the right time with the right understanding! I'm excited to offer free personal growth books to download that will enhance your everyday life in one way or another. While these are ebooks that are not spiritual growth ebooks, they will help you to enjoy a well-rounded life, save money, or enjoy family. I like to keep the information books I collect in a special file and then separate them into files that describe their purpose. Keeping organized is one of the first steps to personal growth, so if you feel your life is somewhat out-of-control, you may want to begin organizing the information you already have that you have been meaning to read, but keep putting off for another time.
Organize it according to the priority of your need and then take a little time each day to read. Add the books from my Free Personal Growth Books to your list of personal growth products and read each according to what you believe can help with your current bad habits, lack of understanding or areas in your life where you need improvement.

If you have a problem with the downloads you'll receive my email address and I will personally help you get them.
I have found that one of the major blocks that people face towards trying to live a happy and fulfilled life is their tendency to worry.
It is in fact a silent killer, very much like a slow acting poison, killing you slowly from the inside out. Spending time worrying exhausts you, it destroys your ability to think clearly and to plan your future…It develops within you a negative way of thinking.
The fact is that things will happen whether or not you are worrying or not, it is going to rain regardless of your mindset, so you might as well focus on being happy instead! We worry we ticked off our boss… we spend all night worrying about being fired… is that so bad?
Now having said all of this, saying don’t worry is a heck of a lot easier then actually not worrying. If you are faced with a decision, using the things you’ve learned about yourself can help you navigate your future. It will also give you the code to take a personal assessment but also help you can managing your strengths and put them to work for you.
It has been a big help to help our attendees fill in their Strengths and get them on their path toward discovering their passions and purpose. What we love about this book (and quiz) is that it helps you find how you are valuable to others and how you can use that to become more successful by becoming more of who you are. Janet leads you through many stories that apply to discovering your passions and then gives a test to help you align your passions and life. It's a part of life and will give you the ability for growth and greater opportunity in your life.

It also establishes a confidence to prosper beyond what appears to be your income earning limitations. Worry about their health, worry about their finances, worry about their job, worry about their kids. There is no question worrying is an illness and one that can me may times worse than a physical illness and in fact is the route cause of physical illnesses for many people. The book also comes with a code for an online assessment to help you discover your Personality Archetype. When our minds are focused on what could go wrong instead of what could go right, it is near impossible to live a happy lifestyle. The dangerous thing with worry is that it not only affects our minds, but it affects our bodies also.. It is very possible for you to achieve a worry free life, but you will have to make the conscious decision that you are going to change how you are presently. Put positive material into your mind and there will be no room for the negative stuff that causes us to worry.
The funny thing is you spent all this time worrying about this and you go to work the next day, your boss calls you in and apologizes… she mad the mistake not you!

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