The Cosmosis mentoring program can be done anywhere in the world so long as you have a phone and internet connection. Mentoring and coaching all about assisting someone to find meaning, purpose, fulfillment and a truer reflection of who they really are. A mentor is someone who has trodden the path themselves and already has understanding and ideas of how to overcome the obstacles that you may find along the way and they are willing to share that wisdom with you. Our mentoring process is all about personal integrity and the literal definition of personal integrity is having an integrated body, mind and spirit.
Disclaimer: The suggestions and information contained in this website support the mission of the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre to provide insight into self actualisation of the human experience that we believe when combined with lifestyle habits such as drinking pure water and getting regular exercise produce wellness of mind, body and spirit.
Welcome to The Insight Foundation, Australia's Leading Provider of Executive & Life Coaching Training. Many people are coming to the realisation that there is more to life than they are currently experiencing and are seeking a way to find out how to express themselves as a Whole Being.

To play your part you must be willing to learn, be willing to take instruction and be willing to commit to your own growth and take accountability for your life in every way. We must encourage anyone with a health condition to seek advice from their health care professional. Naturopathy training, Management training, management coaching, social entrepreneur, social ecology, social entrepreneurship, mentoring, coaching, coach of the year, Australian qualifications framework, webinars, international coach federation, high ethics, business skills, business training, stress management, executive training, marketing, marketing and presenting, healing, healer, diploma of naturopathy, non profit, not for profit, australia, perth, west australia, western australia, teleconference, complimentry medicine, clinical study, clinical trial, herbal medicine, health and wellbeing, nutrition, scholarships, austudy, leadership, sustainability, traineeships, apprenticeships, innovation, creativity, Australian traineeship and apprenticeship system, industry training council, personal growth, mentor training, coaching course, mentor course. This process spiritualises the human being on all levels to cause you to become spiritually aware in human form.
It is a lifestyle, a way you live your life and it changes your life in ways unimaginable until you actually embrace the transformation. You will learn to fully live your life in a way that all of your life is affirming and creating outcomes on unconditional love, wisdom and compassion. I believe you can learn the strategies and practices with your mentor and coach for ongoing personal development, to inspire you to keep moving forward in the times between working with your professional mentor or coach.

I believe that ongoing personal and professional development is best when it's done on a daily basis. Like any athlete or artist will tell you, you need to practice daily to maintain your peak levels of performance, and you need to continuously learn and grow to unfold into all that you can be. Having a mentor or coach to check in with once a week on an ongoing basis is a most valuable resource to your emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing – which, as many health experts will tell you, has the capacity to flow on to physical wellbeing and improve all the relationships in your life.

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