Young businesswoman holding a marker and drawing circular structure diagram of personal growth on transparent screen. If you are running a business or planning to start a new one, then you are mainly interested in its regular growth. Self growth highlights one truth: You cannot try to solve 2013  problem with 1970 solution kit.
John Maxwell the renowned leadership coach said that you cannot change your life until you change you change something you do everyday. About Latest Posts JonesMy mission in life is to help others become the true winner that they were created to be. About UsAt Jones Kofi Apawu International, our mission is to inspire, motivate and build individuals to become the true winners they were created to be in all areas of live. Sir Jones’ Mandate“I have created all human beings with the ability to win and reach their greatness. But before dreaming about a consistent business growth, stay focus on your personal growth because it is the most important factor behind the success of your business. Many people failed in their life and so as in their business because of their negative mindset.
Personal simply means the individual or the self while development means advancement or growth.

More practically, you can not assume the position of a general manager of your company with the attitude and mindset  of a junior manager.
We really appreciate the comments from our visitor as these comments become the reference point for better contents. I inspire others into their greatness, help them discover the truth about themselves, equip them with the unstoppable qualities of the eagle and transform their minds to live a winning life. The rate at which people are giving up on themselves and their dreams is alarming. My  assignment therefore to you is to unleash winners.
Most of the people are unaware about the role of personal growth in business growth and some people don’t know how to self improve. Thinking about the negative part of your life always brings you misery, but the positive thinking will ensure your success.
The two will not fit. You need to grow yourself to perform at the level of a General Manager.
Personal development means changing the way you have been doing something to learn new and better ways.
We also suggest you share your success stories with us to serve as a point of motivation for others who visit the site. Go out there and help others become the true winners that I have created them to be. Teach and guide them to live a winning life.

Actually there are certain things you can do to your personal skills and this article describes some important tips for your self improvement. It is very difficult to stay self motivated, but if you can then you will achieve great success in any business fields. As we seek to progress and achieve high laurels, it is proper and necessary to develop ourselves to be able to perform at our new and higher levels. Being a procrastinating person will result in missing out of important things in your life such as right person, important moments and happiness of life. Most people are not thinking about rest in their life and they always busy with their works.
Procrastination will adversely affect your business, so it is important to avoid this habit as early as possible.

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