Step by Step provides a wide range of computer training and vocational training options for individuals or small groups. Learn how to use calculations in money situations and use strategies to solve number problems. This course provides assistance for people with low reading ability to learn how to read text. Learn what to avoid and what to do for muscle growth – understand the real science behind muscle growth.
Whether you are a man or a woman, the most effective and sensible way to become physically powerful and lean is by muscle growth.
In terms of muscle growth your body’s natural default state is actually one of laziness. Muscle growth is so important, especially in these days of fad diets, as it is the best and healthiest way to maintain a healthy body. The reason muscle growth is the best route is because muscles naturally burn more calories. Therefore by building muscle in a healthy, long-term way, you are not only sculpting your body up to whichever point you wish, but you are also triggering a whole range of other health benefits. Did you know that there are a number of things that can rob you of optimum muscle growth?  Muscle growth thieves include cigarettes, alcohol, not eating at the right time, not getting sufficient sleep, sneaky sugar, and not enough water. Cigarettes – Apart from all of the well known health risks connected with smoking cigarettes, the carbon monoxide that it puts into your system diminishes potential muscle growth.
Thirst – That leads onto the next point, which is that when you are eating protein this has a little bit of a diuretic effect on your system. A variety of theories have been discussed over the years, and whilst there may be elements of truth in some of them, what we know today is there is absolutely no doubt that in order to grow muscle in a healthy way, you need to be prepared for slow gains and hard work. Hypertrophy refers to when muscle increases in size because of the muscle fibres increasing in size.
Sacroplastic hypertrophy is when the non-contractile portion of your muscles increases in size. The two processes occur during all hypertrophy, however the way ratio and proportions are dependent on how frequent and intense the training is.
Hyperplasia is when your muscle fibres are split, the idea being that it should result in a larger number of fivers, theoretically the same size as your original muscle fibres. ATP – adenosine triphosphate growth can be seen, in simple terms, as the source of energy that not only your muscles require, but the energy source the keeps everything running in your entire body. For a chemical perspective adenosine triphosphate is an adenine nucleotide, which binds itself to 3 different groups of phosphatee types. So when energy is required by a cell, this bond is broken in order to form ADP – adenosine diphosphate, as well as a free phosphate molecule. When cells have an excess amount of energy, they will then store this by making ATP from the combination of ADP and phosphates.
Satellite cells can be considered to be just like stem cells, except they are for your muscles. This means that been able to trigger these satellite cells can be the difference between being what some people call a hard gainer, or a genetic freak. After muscle trauma, satellite cells proliferate, and undergo a process which is actually not unlike fetal muscle development. As I mentioned much earlier on, essentially our bodies are lazy, and in order to continually make muscles grow we need to put stress on them. Muscle tension is caused by loading greater stress on to your muscles, that they were previously used to. Metabolic stress is when you’ve had the ?pump? when in the gym, and it causes swelling around your muscles. It seems to be widely accepted that testosterone activates those precious satellite cells, while increasing protein synthesis and also inhibiting protein breakdown. IGF or insulin growth factor is responsible for regulating the degree of muscle mass growth.
Without correct nutrition and proper rest, you take the risk of triggering your body into a destructive or catabolic state. Apart from the obvious differences between the two genders, genetic aspects also play a part in the pace of muscle growth. However some of the genetic differences that can influence the pace of visible muscle growth are muscle fibre type, hormonal output and satellite cell activation.
For the best results, regardless of your genetic make-up, muscle protein synthesis needs to exceed your muscle protein breakdown. If you are training to stay in the same weight class that you are currently in, then you should be using single reps.
Brown rice is a  whole grain which is slowly digested, to give you more on going energy during the day and throughout workouts. Not everyone realises that cottage cheese is a pretty pure casein protein, which means it is slowly digested, making it ideal for muscle maintenance also.
Packed with essential nutrients, lean beef is a staple part of your diet if you wish to increase muscle mass. Whether you buy a rotisserie chicken and take the skin off it, or cook a breast or two of skinless chicken, you will be getting another serious source of high quality protein. About JackieWhen I was younger, I trained as a gymnast at competition level in Ireland.
WHAT: KFWD undertakes to provide education and training that will guide individuals in their personal and professional growth. This programme equips young women from socially disadvantaged backgrounds with technical skills for the hospitality industry, enabling them to access employment opportunities in the formal sector. Through its study centres, KFWD aims to raise social awareness and civic responsibility among high school, university and tertiary students. KFWD is aware of the duty to look after the vulnerable members of society, whether due to poverty or old age.
Together with volunteers from tertiary institutions, this project offers academic tuition in Mathematics and English and material support to students in New Generation Combined School, (Vlakfontein) and St. This initiative allows volunteers from overseas to work side by side with local youth, to improve the living standards of rural communities through education about sanitation, basic hygiene and primary health care. KFWD promotes social welfare in South Africa by organizing courses, seminars, study groups and other cultural activities for both adults and children. Soulseeds offers affirmations, resources and community to all people, of all faiths and no faith, to nurture  spiritual growth and global healing.

It will only develop a sufficient amount of muscle growth in order to cope with whatever loads are placed on your body. Many of you reading this article will already be converted to the concept of muscle growth, however there may be some women, for example, who are concerned about getting too muscular. This is a simplistic way to look at the issue, and digging around little bit deeper, of course more toned and developed muscles are, the better infrastructure the rest of our body and skeleton has. What happens is it prevents muscles from receiving as much oxygen as a non-smoker gets, which is used for energy.
Don’t get too carried away with doing only isolation exercises, and miss out on the important basic moves such as squats and bench presses.
A sugar habit may interfere with your intake of amino acids, as a sugar spike may encourage you to skip more nutritious foods.
To ensure that you are not thirsty or dehydrated you need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day, but you also need to divide your intake of protein into 5 or 6 small meals. Hypertrophy can be broken down also into two different forms, which are sacromere hypertrophy and sacroplastic hypertrophy. In this instance muscle density is more increased, but there is a smaller increase in the muscles diameter. However it is more important to know that it may be the case that the splitting does not result in new fivers, but instead damage to your existing muscle fibres. This proposes that muscles contain a particular energy potential at any given point in time. The reason for this is that the person’s body will naturally become better at breaking down muscle, as well is rebuilding it.
Although the entire chemical reaction is rather complicated, here is my attempt to explain it in its more basic form. The bond that occurs between the second and third type of phosphates is that a great deal of energy is stored, and this can be used to trigger chemical reactions.
There are also times when the second group of phosphates may be broken into AMP – adenosine monophosphates.
Phosphagen system – this occurs when muscle cells only have a small amount of ATP immediately available, which will last only for a few seconds. Glycogen lactic acid system – Muscles have large reserves of glycogen, which is a polysaccharide, that serves as the main storage form for glucose. Aerobic respiration – Once your body is exercising for around two minutes it will respond by supplying oxygen to the working muscles.
When satellite cells are activated, they actually play the part in increasing nuclie to your muscle cells, which in turn directly contribute to myofibrils (or muscle cells) growth. This happens through a cellular process whereby the myofibrils are increased in thickness and numbers. Studies have shown that both high endurance and high resistance training can yield an increase in the number of satellite cells that are produced. It is this stress and furthermore the subsequent disruption of homeostasis, which together can cause muscle growth mechanisms.
This then causes chemistry changes within the muscle, which in turn allows for growth factors to take place, which include the activation of satellite cells.
This is predominantly because of the role they play in regulating the activity of satellite cells. In general the pace of visible muscle growth will vary from weeks to months, depending on a range of factors.
To achieve this, you need to be consuming enough protein sources, but especially essential amino acids, in conjunction with carbohydrates.
Testosterone, cortisol, insulin, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor are the hormones that are released.
Also the more work you can do in a limited time period, with minimal rest periods between sets, the better the results should be.
It has a high level of amino acids which, as mentioned earlier, works in conjunction with insulin in order to promote muscle growth.
There are 40 grams of quality carbohydrates and 18 grams of protein in a cup of cooked lentils. There’s almost an infinite amount of chicken recipes, so the world’s your oyster, or in this case your chicken! This food inhibits muscle breakdown as well being great to increase the amino acids’ anabolic capacity.
This meant intensive training 6 days a week, with a trainer who really knew how to push us past our limits. It is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared (m2). The projects include social outreach activities, skills training, and short- or long-term leadership and character development programmes. KFWD provides South African women with the knowledge that will empower them to make informed decisions, which will benefit them, their families and their community in the long-term.
The Study Centres in Johannesburg and Pretoria also carry out educational activities to foster the intellectual and academic excellence of young women.
So far KFWD has organized various programs to form university students in leadership, good citizenship and personal integrity. The aim is to reinforce the value of teamwork, time-management, and to interact with people from different backgrounds. So in other words, like many other parts of our bodies’ functioning, muscle growth is done in terms of survival. When muscles have less oxygen to draw on, they contract less efficiently and therefore their capacity to work is limited. According to Scott Swartzwelder, PhD, of Duke University, who is a professor of medical psychology, drinking two alcoholic drinks per day, or less, doesn’t harm testosterone levels. Sugar hides sometimes in strange places, so always read the package information before buying. This will ensure that you process the protein correctly, if not you will lose out on muscle growth. Apart from affecting your muscles’ recovery, an insufficient or bad sleep routine, can also make you feel like you are training harder than you actually are. However to understand how we create energy for our muscles and our entire bodies, we need to understand a little about ATP, which is covered in the next section. This in turn increases the persons muscle adaptive reserve, which translates into an increase in energy supply.

Therefore when muscles need to work harder, an increased amount of ATP is required for consumption. In order to replenish supplies quickly, a process occurs whereby a phosphate group is taken from creatine phosphate (high-energy phosphate), using creating kinase (an enzyme), which is transferred into ADP, in order to form ATP. Cells can split glycogen into glucose, and then use the anaerobic metabolism to produce both a by product, which is lactic acid, and ATP. One of these showed that those who had a 23% activation rate of their satellite cells had an amazing result of 58% myofibre hypertrophy. What happens after this is inflammatory molecules are released, and additionally satellite cells are activated by the immune system. For example it enhances protein synthesis, helps manage the uptake of amino acids and also facilitates glucose uptake. For the 24-48 hours after exercise, muscle protein metabolism is working, in fact, this can sometimes work for up to even 72 hours. Initial changes can be linked to your nervous system’s ability to activate your muscles.
Additionally they contain foltate, vitamin D, E, riboflavin, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins B6 and B12. Versatile to use, lentils can be a side dish, a main dish, or added to a salad or brown rice.
I have also studied and qualified as an auricular acupuncturist and a hypnotherapist, although I am not currently practising, but intend to do so in the future.
The aim has been to motivate young people to give back to their community and society as a whole. In many cases camps give the attendants a chance to contribute towards improving living conditions in rural communities. Therefore if you don’t place enough weights or loads to ensure your muscles need to react more, to trigger their growth, then they will do just what they need to in order to purely survive.
Stick to water for your liquid intake, and low sugar content sports drinks from time to time. Then the process can continue, as the person has more energy to do more work, which will then be followed by more muscle growth increases.
During this process the levels of creatinine phosphate decrease, and the phosphagen system is what makes muscles work at a high rate for somewhere between 8 to 10 seconds. Those who are considered to be modest responders had an average of 28% growth and their activation rate was 19%. Therefore the interaction that occurs during this period between nutrition, rest and your muscles is vital.
I have lived in Spain since 2003, where I enjoy the health benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The last group were labelled non-responders, and they had 0% growth, and also 0% activation rate.
The glycogen lactic acid system can also act quickly, and enough ATP can be produced to last around 90 seconds. For example, women will not build as much muscle as men, as men has larger amounts of testosterone.
A person’s waist circumference is a better predictor of health risk than BMI.BMI and childrenThe healthy weight range for adults of a BMI of 20 to 25 is not a suitable measure for children. For adults who have stopped growing, an increase in BMI is usually caused by an increase in body fat. When lactic acid builds up, this is what makes you experience soreness and fatigue in your exercised muscles. For example, BMI usually decreases during the preschool years and then increases into adulthood.For this reason a BMI calculation for a child or an adolescent must be compared against age and gender percentile charts. In 2005, New BMI-for-age percentile charts specifically for children aged from two years to 18 years, in addition to the regular range of updated weight and height growth charts. The charts are useful for the assessment of overweight and obesity in children aged over two.
However they should be used only as a guide to indicate when making small lifestyle changes, and when to seek further guidance from a doctor or an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD). CHILDRENS BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) & HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CHART Calculating your BMIBMI is an approximate measure of the best weight for health only. What your BMI meansOnce you have measured your BMI, you can determine your healthy weight range. Over 30 – you are obese.For older Australians over the age of 74 years, general health status may be more important than being mildly overweight.
Some researchers have suggested that a BMI range of 22-26 is acceptable for older Australians.
Muscles – body builders and people who have a lot of muscle bulk will have a high BMI but are not overweight.
Physical disabilities – people who have a physical disability and are unable to walk may have muscle wasting. In these instances, it is important to consult a dietitian who will provide helpful advice. Height – for people who are shorter (for example Asian populations), the cut-offs for overweight and obesity may need to be lower. This is because there is an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which begins at a BMI as low as 23 in Asian populations.Being overweight or underweight can affect your healthThe link between being overweight or obese and the chance you will become ill is not definite. However, when data from large groups of people are analysed, statistically there is a greater chance of developing various diseases if you are overweight. For example, the risk of death rises slightly (by 20–30 per cent) as BMI rises from 25 to 27. Having fat around the abdomen or a ‘pot belly’, regardless of your body size, means you are more likely to develop certain obesity-related health conditions. Fat predominantly deposited around the hips and buttocks doesn’t appear to have the same risk. Studies have shown that the distribution of body fat is associated with an increased prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
Being underweight or overweight can cause health problems, especially if you are also inactive.

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