A tailor made approach is essential when it comes to strategy development the systematic analysis of the factors associated with customers and competitors (the external environment) helps the organization to meet the challenges of modern society. Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy or course, and making decisions on resource allocations to pursue this strategy. The primary project development process for the MBTA is their Capital Investment Program (CIP) which is a guide to the MBTA’s five-year capital budget. This environmental decisionmaking flowchart is not labeled, but has three distinct columns. It is our experience that one of the greatest challenges leaders face today is the ability to think strategically. Our consulting services are designed to assist companies in improving their software development processes. In the Diagnosing stage, we provide a variety of Process Appraisals, which include critical advice on scoping and action planning. During the Analysing stage (as well as the Establishing and Leveraging stages), we can convene or attend periodic meetings of working groups and management steering committees to focus the implementation effort and we can provide management and analysis of pilot efforts. The Leveraging stage focuses on how well the improvement effort went and on what changes to make in the next improvement cycle, based on data collected during the current effort. Our consulting services are complemented by our training products, which serve various stages of the IDEAL model of process improvement. Strategic #planning is the primary step in the process of strategic #management which can be outlined from at least two perspectives: First, #strategy is the “broad programme for defining and achieving the #objectives of an organization and implementing its #mission”.
There may not be any immediate impact out of strategic planning, but the consequences in the long-run prove to be gradual and significant as well.

More and more organizations are focusing on formal approaches and concepts for planning their long range process.
The product of this step is the Final Designs (commonly called the 100% design for both roadway and transit projects). Concurrent with this process, right-of-way must be acquired and environmental requirements must be satisfied.
The CIP is a strategic planning document that authorizes funds over a five-year period to meet the MBTA’s operational objectives within its financial capacity. For years, leaders have been recognized for developing exceptional results in the short-term; however it is often at the expense of long-term growth and viability. We provoke dialogue around your current and future customers, your current and emerging competitors, your core capabilities and your unique value proposition. During the Leveraging stage we can collect and analyse lessons learned and help plan for the next improvement cycle. Secondly, “It is the pattern of the organization’s response to the #external environment over a period of time”. It provides with the necessary action plans to make a difference in vital areas concerning #development.
Specifically these challenges are a result of increasing rate of change, the complexity of manager’s jobs, the increasing importance of fitting the organization into external environment, and the increasing lag between the preparation of plans and their #implementation in future.
Some times planning highlights the objectives only and the planning premises may not be fully reliable. The document describes the MBTA’s infrastructure and the capital needs to maintain the system, outlines ongoing and programmed capital projects, and details planned projects to expand the transportation network.

You can always associate innovativeness with strategy since it explores new #paradigms and tries to enhance the impact.
Each #business unit should be categorized based on its performance level to decide on the resource share to be allocated.
We work with your team to facilitate engaging discussions to identify alternative breakthrough strategies, evaluate the options and select the optimal strategies to achieve your vision.
Strategic planning is the process that classifies the long range #goals of the organization and opts for the precise means (strategies and polices) for achieving these goals, allocates resources, and develops long range plans to reach the destination. When the size of organizations expands, they are broken down into strategic #business units (SBU’S) for the purpose of functional excellence. You need to infuse cash flow into ineffectual units and divest funds from dying units into other profitable ones. Two heads are better than one is the philosophy of brain storming where a group of people with knowledge and expertise assemble to lay out clear plans that will steer the organization smoothly even in times of rough weather. Lastly, we will work with the team to develop and implement a robust communication plan to ensure that the strategic direction is understood by the Board down to the front-line employees who interface with your customers.
The ultimate aim is to build up star performers that will be the perennial source of income or revenue generation. The assessment of strategic plans of the business units must be made periodically and effectively.

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