When I hear about new games, it’s usually on TV or my friends bring it up in conversation. Ninja and Sharks & Minnoes are both very physical games yet they exercise completely different muscles.
It was fun because this is the first time I’ve ever played a game with both of those guys and I got to see the competitive side of their personality. Ninja is a stand still game whereas Sharks & Minnows is a somewhat strategic and running game. If a game appeals to me, I look it up on youtube to find any sort of gameplay or live action videos of the game. Ninja requires one to be able to react quickly and dodge an opponents strike from any direction. The game has absolutely no point to it, no reward system, no interesting plot twists, and the list goes on. But after losing I wanted to play again which definitely added to the fun aspect of the game.

Sharks & Minnows requires not only speed but to be aware of when to run to the opposite safe zone (when the sharks are distracted by other minnows).
Hide and Go Seek has always been fun for me because I fit into small spaces and I can think on my feet about where to hide.
These games deserve to be in the physical skill category because someone fast (strong legs) will excel at Sharks and Minnows. We played in the gym because the whole school campus would be way to challenging and like I said, I won after hiding in an empty lost and found bin.
These reviews are intended for any level of gamer, whether it be casual or hardcore, so it’s extremely easy to read.
Whenever I play with Mud Daniel, the competition is heated and we’ll often argue over calls. What I find the most helpful is that the reviews analyze everything from online experience to controls to landscape and graphics of the game(when it says review it really means review).
Sharks and Minnows is the better game because there is more action, more adrenalin, and more competition, of course it comes down to personal preference and I always love a fast paced competitive game.

We played 21, a one on one game where 3 pointers count as 2 points and any other basket counts as one. Usually when I read game reviews of a game series that I follow and enjoy and I read about someone disliking it, I can’t help but get angry. But thats a granted because every review I read, there will always be aspects I agree about and disagree about.
I give game informer a 10 out of 10 on their reviews because they review every aspect of the game.
Mud Daniel is a very experienced tennis player so his skills carry over to the ping pong table. For me, basketball is way more fun game because it’s much more challenging to shoot a ball into an 18-inch hoop, 11ft.

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