Degrassi: The Next Generation headliner Miriam McDonald takes the lead for this installment of the Poison Ivy series concerning a college freshman who joins a secret society of ambitious, ruthless temptresses.
This naive country girl is determined to start a new life leaving behind a two year relationship and the ghosts of her parents who died nearly three years ago. Danielle "Daisy" Brooks hasn't even been at Berkshire college for a week, and she's already making a big impression; not only has the dean's son taken notice of the beautiful college freshman, but she's also managed to land a lucrative scholarship in addition to receiving an invitation to join an exclusive campus society known as The Ivies.

Daisy knows that she must break away from her past in order move on and find out what she's ultimately made of.
At first the former country girl assumes that The Ivies are something akin to a sorority, though it isn't long before she starts to get wind of their true nature. The Ivies are a power-hungry group of sirens who aren't above using blackmail and seduction to get what they want - and they aren't above turning on one of their own.

Daisy thought she was coming to college to learn, and her first lesson is a crash course in survival that few who came before have managed to pass.

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