Third Eye:over-active(100%) If this chakra is over-active, you may live in a world of fantasy too much.
Crown:over-active(100%) If this chakra is over-active, you are probably intellectualizing things too much. I guess I prefer to live in fantasy land too I rather prefer it to todays reality, plus it gives me something to look forward to too.
Throat:under-active(6%) - "When this chakra is under-active, you tend not to speak much, and you probably are introverted and shy.
Third Eye:over-active(75%) - "If this chakra is over-active, you may live in a world of fantasy too much. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
At dawn or dusk, when the sun briefly shines with the hues of liquid gold, we ponder the words aurum (the Latin word for gold) and aurora. Also the French words l'or for gold, and l'aube for the dawn, are cognate with these, as is the English word 'aura'.
Let us here explore the alchemic meaning of this connection, via the mythic image of Aurora. The fiery, solar nature of gold is shown in the way gold is put to the 'proof', melted in a fierce furnace. Even silver is gradually burnt away, as the 'carats' of the gold creep up through the fierce heat.
There was one other metal that would endure the fierce heat and that was platinum, which eventually came to be recognised as the '8th metal' coming in from the New World. Gold is a metal on a journey, of being put through the fire: the fiercer the furnace, the higher its 'carats' as other metals even silver are slowly burnt away.
A gold ring may be eighteen carats, while finely-beaten out and almost-transparent gold foil will be 23- or 24-carat. As the sun revolves around the twenty-four hours of the day, and the twelve months of the year, so is gold is weighed in a special 'Troy' system, based on 24 or 480 grains. For centuries man has collected the traces of finely-dispersed gold and concentrated it into ingots, to encourage greed and avarice.
Gold needs to be beaten-out and exposed to glitter in the sunlight on sacred temples and palaces of magnificence that are communal, and decorating the beauty of womankind. Gold is finely irradiated as it were through the Earth's crust, denser in some places than in others. Beaten out to be more delicate than butterfly's wings, it can be used in all sorts of decorative ways. Depression has overtaken back pain as the number one cause of days off work in today's Britain. I'd like to suggest that the Aurum-Aurora meditations, and possibly gold also taken as a medicine, are here relevant.
By far one of the most powerful anti-depressive remedies is Aurum metallicum or the metal gold. Indeed, it does not have any healing powers in its crude form, but prepared according to homeopathic methods it becomes a gem. It covers the classic situation in which one person dies after many years of a happy marriage, and the other partner dies within a few months. The surviving partner will say, 'I lost the sunshine in my life,' meaning they lost all purpose in life. Aurum will also help senior citizens in nursing homes where loneliness and a lack of purpose often bring an 'Aurum state' of emptiness and despair. He feels as if he has let down both the people and the President Religious despair of salvation. This emotion is so deep that he sees no way out - he has utterly failed Sadness with suicidal disposition.

We speak of the coronal arteries around the heart, and the corona around the Sun, as having the same derivation.
In mythology she was a colourful goddess, whose stories shimmered with crimson, yellow, rose and gold.
But, her appearance in the daily round was rather ephemeral, and was it this which prevented temples being constructed in her honour?
Her dancing-ground: "The island Aiaia which Odysseus reached was 'her dwelling-place and her dancing grounds' and also where the sun arose from. In the story, her mortal lovers tended to get left behind when she had to get up out of bed and open the shutters of dawn, etc. In an Aurora workshop one would slowly intone the sound 'Aurora', as well as that of her island where she danced and where the Sun rose, Aiaia. It would also appreciate the strong solar themes in the songs, 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' and 'Holding out for a Hero' by Bonny Tyler (1983, 84). The latter concerns that liminal realm at the time of of waking up, before the dreams of the night-time have fled. Thus the struggle between solar and lunar motifs, the very meaning of the story, goes out of the window and instead the theme becomes merely, will the prince arrive and kiss Aurora? I guess that's showbiz - but, he did use the name Aurora, for his doomed solar heroine, for which we should be grateful.
If the classic Aurora story is a bit faint, so to speak, it's because horses are not and cannot be 'solar' creatures - lions are! In the macrokosmos, the greater world, the heart-beat of the Sun pulses majestically every twenty-two years. A lot of people don't realize that its whole magnetic field totally reverses North-to-South every eleven years, a very biological cardiac process, systole-diastole. It always strikes me as a shame that astronomers are not able to comprehend the meaning of the wonderful stuff they discover. They've managed to get SOHO sun-satellites right outside the plane of the solar system to detect this stupendous process.
Jesus said, "As a man thinketh with his heart, so is he" and maybe if astronomers could try to think with their hearts a bit more we might get somewhere.
Gold has a magic that is connected with the human heart, and also with that which is everlasting.
The numbers involved in the carefully-given dimensions of St John's heavenly city are solar: 12 and 144. If we try to imagine a temple to Aurora, one or two of its East-facing windows would have a monomolecular layer of gold, which appears green as light shines through it. A gold compound is added into the molten glass, and it's then cooled, then slowly re-heated until it starts to glow pink as the colloid mysteriously forms. This was a blow to the pride and prominence of Venetian glass-makers, who had tried unsuccessfully for years to make it. Traces of tin or lead seemed to be necessary, "their presence more or less controls the development of the colour," or else a mere pale pink hue would result.
The ruby hue is spoilt if the glass is allowed to cool slowly, it must be fairly rapidly cooled, before re-heating when the nuclei of gold ground with the glass to make the hue. Chemistry nowadays has vanished from our civilisation as an experiential science, let's try to bring it back again, to regain the wonder and mystery that rightly belongs to this subject. To see the lovely hues of gold, prepare a dilute solution of gold chloride, say 0.01%, or maybe some higher dilution, and a solution of Rochelle salt (a weak reducing agent), say 1%. Add the one to the other, and if you are lucky the solution will slowly grow into a lovely purple. Another time I found the solution went black - maybe it was too concentrated, or not clean enough.
Then by the next day this had turned into a lovely ruby red, just like the filterpaper-picture shown above (by Kolisko, using 1% gold solution in the sunshine, 1936).

The above figures show solutions of gold which Mrs Kolisko obtained by rising gold solutions in sunlight (they are paintings as no-one then had colour photography). Using a solution of gold chloride, try this by rising it up a solution in sunlight, up a filterpaper. A very small number and size of gold particles will color the glass firstly a pale brown and then with time, the brown gives way to a purple shade. One first makes the gold solution alkaline by adding, say, some bicarbonate of soda, and then add a drop of formaldehyde.
When most Christians see a pentagram, their immediate reaction is "Witchcraft!" But is this really the truth? The pentagram was actually one of the first Christian symbols, and represented the five wounds of Jesus. Prior to the time of the Inquisition, the pentagram was not associated with evil; instead, it symbolized Truth, spiritual experience, and the work of The Creator.
Over time the Catholic church removed the circle and altered the pentagram to a simple five-pointed star, presumably in reaction to the neo-pagans' use of the pentagram with the circle intact.
During the Inquisition, The Catholic church lapsed into a long period of torture and murder. It's true that the pentagram is used as a prominent symbol in many various religions, including Wicca. We do not allow others to redefine what once did, and still does, represent something good. According to the Angels, Guardians Of Humanity, and Fallen Angels (interrupted)We were not always left in sin. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Faraday Experimental Relations of gold and other metals to Light 1857 Philosophical Transactions, 147, Part I, pp.145-181. Potent herbs and drugs brought back from the East during the Crusades had found their way into the cabinets of the healers, the wise, and the witches.
The rainbow still symbolizes Divine promise, and the pentagram still represents the protection brought to us by virtue and truth.
Prominent deaths by poisoning caused the Dominicans of the Inquisition to move their attention from the Christian "heretics" to the pagan witches.
Today, in similar fashion, the rainbow is used as a symbol of homosexuality, but God gave us the rainbow as a reminder of His promise.
There are many interesting-sounding stories about pretty much everything, but unless they have the authority of truth, basing our actions and beliefs on them can often be accurately called superstition.
In their attempt to destroy all witches, other horned gods such as Pan became equated with the Devil, and the pentagram, for the first time in history, was equated with evil and was labeled the "Witch's Foot".
And once the corrupted Angels Fell, these were given the five-pointed star, the pentagram, to use as their symbol. If used as a sign for royalty and by knights, the Fallen Angels claim to have infiltrated royal families, military, governments, many organizations, they are in many places we would not expect. Many of the Fallen love to portray themselves as a ram or a goat, and that is because throughout history they were given sacrifices of goats to try to appease their appetite for humans in particular for the Jews. We should not use the pentagram unless we are directly summoning, and intending, dealings with the Fallen.

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