The Power of Mindset Trading | Become successful in forex, stocks and other financial markets. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Mindset Shift Mr Glenn Lim Public Speaker, Lecturer, Curriculum Developer and Master Trainer. MindsetA set of beliefs and a way of thinking, which drives our attitudes and behaviour, and ultimately determine outcomes.
I‘ve wondered for some time whether much of Agile’s success was the result of the placebo effect, that is, good things happened because we believed they would. The placebo effect is a startling reminder of the power our minds have over our perceived reality.
Medewerkers die verkrampt zijn, kunnen niet meer assertief zijn en worden daardoor minder professioneel.
Tennis stars, golfers, footballers, basketballers, most, if not all, attribute a larger part (typically 80%) of their success to their mindset and a meagre 20% is typically attributed to their unique ability or skills. The difference between the ‘master’ trader and the novice, or average trader is their mental approach to the task. Whether it be, the ability to think independently of the crowd, the ruthless execution of stops, or having the patience to sit and wait for the best opportunities, these traits all start and finish in the psyche of the trader.
List the pros & cons of every trade (before entering the position) – avoid confirmation biases by taking the opposite view of the trade.

Understand all money is created equal, both real & paper profits – don’t give up paper profits. Understand markets can over-react on the up & downsides – markets always run further than most people expect.
Understand trading involves risk – trading involves risk, your aim is to limit your risk and simultaneously increase your odds of achieving larger gains. Avoid blame and regret – analyse and learn from your losses, but do not dwell on them – learn and move on.
Understand mistakes are part of the process – but failing to correct a mistake is a capital killer. Understand the probability of trading – every trading strategy, regardless of the accuracy rate, will experience a series of losses.
Think in terms of the NEXT 100 or 1000 TRADES – this is probably the single most important piece of advice. Next we’ll explore the trading journal, what it should contain, how to get the most out of it and how to set up a feedback loop for continuous improvement. You can get instant access to the Manual by simply entering your email in the ‘sign up’ form at the top of this page. Our goal is to provide contemporary clothing that  reflects this aspirational athletic lifestyle and support those who  choose to live life this way .
Een betere sfeer op de afdeling door dat niet-productieve stemmingen direct herkenbaar en bespreekbaar zijn.

Alleen medewerkers die in hun uitdaging zitten, hebben volledig toegang tot hun kwaliteiten en energie. It should put you in the right mindset, maximise your strengths and set a framework to monitor and improve your performance. Identify when you may be caught in the same euphoria or despair as other less educated market participants. Know what your odds are, for from your trading strategy, of experiencing a series of losses.
Door de vaardigheden van Power Mindset bewust in te zetten kunnen we de mindset van onszelf en onze collega's positief beinvloeden.
Direct toepasbaar om als professional weer in verbinding te zijn met het werk, de kernwaarden, de klant, elkaar en met jezelf.
Set a clearly defined ‘profit-protection’ stop for each trade you have open.  Make sure you EXIT when your stop is triggered! Power Mindset gaat jou helpen om jezelf en je collega's weer in hun kracht te zetten, de focus te houden op ieders kwaliteiten en het beste resultaat.

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