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Abstract colorful illustration with colorful circles, loudspeakers, buildings, flowers and green branches.
Abstract colorful illustration with four leaf clovers, flowers, butterflies and a dragonfly. Abstract colorful illustration with cupid flying and launching arrows, butterflies and red flowers. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Back in April, an attorney in our Houston, Texas, office, Javier Delgado, wrote a post for this blog warning TWIA policyholders to be careful when choosing how to challenge a TWIA determination of damage to property (Don't Be Fooled By Texas Windstorm Insurance Association's Misleading Letter). Javier pointed out that although the TWIA letter implies a policyholder can administratively appeal and file suit, this is not the case. Texas Windstorm Insurance Association says you only have 30 days to appeal its determination of damage to your property! Many people received a letter from Texas Windstorm Insurance Association explaining how TWIA determined the value of damages to their property. A person who appeals gives up his or her right to file a lawsuit against the insurance company…. An example of why a policyholder should think twice before giving up the right to file suit against TWIA can be seen in the letter below that was forwarded to me. As founder and president of Merlin Law Group, Chip Merlin has dedicated his practice to the representation and advocacy of insurance policyholders in disputes with insurance companies nationwide.
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In a study conducted at the Dominican University of Southern California, Professor Gail Matthews recruited 150 volunteers from all walks of life (from their early 20s to early 70s) to take part in a study of goal setting. The participants were randomly divided into five groups, each of which was asked to think about business-related goals they would like to accomplish within a month. Group 1 (the control group) was asked to do nothing else, but each of the other four groups was asked to do something more than the previous one towards realizing their goals.
A month later all groups were asked to report on the percentage of goals that they had achieved, and when the results came in it turned out that by attaining three quarters of all goals set, group 5 was by far and away the most successful. What this study revealed was that simply by setting goals you will achieve them a little under half of the time, which is not bad – but neither is it all that good. In another study conducted at Yale University in 1953, seniors graduating that year were asked a number of questions, one of which was whether they had set goals for the future that they had written down.
And remember to share your goals with your friends if appropriate too (and keep them updated), as that will further increase your results.
This is a really interesting survey and just bears out the fact that writing down goals and actually adding an action to the goal, as well as sharing, means you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Tarvaris Jackson Jerseys We dont ordinarily remark but I gotta state respect for your publish about this one. Even if it is connected to OB, it is still outdated by both Sumerian and Egyptian proto-writing as well. Originally Posted by sylla1 Far as I'm aware, the quipu recorded only numerical data, actually in their own decimal numeration system (entirely different from the Mesoamerican vigesimal system). Someone eventually argued that a system of numerical notation would be worthless without the ability to identify what the numbers signify or relate. Tell me about a book that clearly states that the Jiahu is older than Cuneiform and is also considered a writing. Originally Posted by okamido The problem is that there isn't anything to support the hypothetical connection between the two.
Add to the fact that there have not been many excavations in China as opposed to Greece, Rome, Middle East, Egypt, etc.
Originally Posted by Thegn Ansgar I would give you a book, but it's written in Chinese, so it wouldn't help you much. Thegn, Sumerian proto-writing dates to 8000bce; even if the hypothesis of eleven pictographs as proto-writing is true, and jiahu is what you say it is, it is out dated by 1400 years. Originally Posted by okamido Thegn, Sumerian proto-writing dates to 8000bce; even if the hypothesis of eleven pictographs as proto-writing is true, and jiahu is what you say it is, it is out dated by 1400 years.
What I am saying is that Jiahu symbols are more than likely to be early OBS because of how close they are, and the fact that a lot of the characters are the exact same. I am siding with the historians and archaeologists who think that Jiahu script is actually a true writing system. Symbols , like the Chinese Jiahu, had been used for hundreds and thousands of years before writing emerged, pictographs and symbols had been used to mark property and keep track of who owned what, but I agree with Satuf that cuneiform was in fact the oldest form of writing, not set of symbols or precursor to writing but the oldest establish from of writing used for literature and multiple concepts rather then property marking and divination. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
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Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. DO NOT RUSH TO APPEAL before you learn what TWIA is not telling you; you will give up valuable legal rights and remedies. The homeowner had suffered roof damage from Hurricane Ike and chose an administrative hearing to contest TWIA’s determination of damage. The law firm serves residential and commercial policyholders in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, California, Arizona and the rest of the entire US. However, simply by writing your goals down it turns out that you increase your chances of success to over half.
A written symbol or character used in the graphemic representation of a word, such as the h in Thames From the Oxford English Dictionary Letter noun 1.
And whereas proto-cuneiform looks nothing like full fledged cuneiform, Jiahu symbols still bear a very close resemblance to Oracle Bone script.

It seems a bit silly to say that something which is proven to be writing, and has the same characters as something that was just found.
Before cuneiform, early Sumer poeples covered sacks with bed and inscribed their seal onto it so when it dired, it would be recognized as theirs, that goes wihtout saying that the symbol, or seal, would have to be known by others for its purpose to work, a writing system is something known by many and when seen can be recognized, early symbols that had to be explained each time they were used, like tallys or ticks, can not be called writing, however, when those symbols evovle into a form used by many and widely recognized and used for a wider varity of things, it then becomes writing.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Texas Statutes Section 2210.552, of the Insurance Code states that a person may appeal the decision with the Texas Department of Insurance OR file a lawsuit under Chapter 541.
Then groups 3-5 had to add action commitments to each (such as, “I will do so and so…”), while groups 4-5 had to also tell a friend about their goals. What’s more, if you include your friends in your goal-setting you stand to increase the likelihood of these goals succeeding to over three-quarters of the time – every three out of four goals you choose will be attained. In 1973 the participants were once again interviewed and it was reported that the three percent of them that wrote down their goals were now wealthier than the other 97 percent combined. For example, assume (like most of us) you have rough goals of being happy, healthy and wealthy. But choose some goals anyway, write them down on a sheet of paper, and then sign your signature underneath, because this is a contract with yourself. As each day passes and you repeat these goals they become affirmations, and your desire and commitment towards attaining them will strengthen. A written symbol or character representing a speech sound and being a component of an alphabet.
A character representing one or more of the sounds used in speech; any of the symbols of an alphabet. Only to say that what was just found was simply ideological and didn't actually mean a word in the language spoken (i.e such as things like the symbol for poison), which is why I'm comparing it to cuneiform proper.
Sure, little villages existed in the Indus valley civilization long before cities developed in Mesopotamia, but i dont think ruaral farming vilages should be counted as cicilization. And if Jiahu symbols are proto-writing, then yes proto-cuneiform appears earlier (although it was merely an accounting method, not exactly writing, cuneiform proper emerges from proto-writing of the 4th millenium. Unitl that hypothesis is proven, they are nothing more than eleven ideographic symbols that were used for some form or proto-script, not a full fledged system of writing. Rather, when villages grow into towns and towns into cities and leaders are needed to oversee water distrbution and other affairs, that is civilization. So while the numeral cuneiform is older, the proto-writing which cuneiform stems from is younger than Jiahu symbols). Though I very much doubt that Jiahu symbols will be deciphered, because we would need the spoken language as well and unfortunately we don't have it. So for that reason i think Mesopotamia to be the birth of civiliazation, certainly not the birthplace of agriculture or farming but the oldest civilization.

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