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Almost 90 percent of Myanmar's population practices Buddhism, a major religion with some 300 million followers worldwide. Theravada Buddhism is not a religion in a sense in which that word is commonly understood, it is not a system of faith or worship. Because doing good is thought to bring the believer closer, stage by stage, to nirvana, all Buddhists try to keep the Five Precepts, or rules of conduct - not to lie, steal, kill (even insects), take intoxicants (such as alchohol or drugs), or commit sexual misconduct.
Many Burmese believe that the souls of people who have died violently continue to wander on Earth. Regional ceremonies in honor of the nat typically last several days and take place at temples, in homes, or on the streets. Astrologers are consulted by those who wish for certainty at some point in their lives, such as to pick auspicious days for weddings or ground-breaking ceremonies or to identify days on which to be cautious.
Buddhists believe that to reach the plane of spiritual existence called nirvanna, a person must be reborn and live many lives, each a little better, hopefully, than the one before. BRINGING HONOUR TO OTHERSOne person's kind or noble act can also earn merit for someone else.
For example, Robert Kennedy is a Jesuit priest and theologian, but also a Buddhist master and leader of a Zendo or meditation center in New York City. A very different take on the relationship between Buddhism and Christianity involves emphasizing the points of difference. For our chart showing the relative size of Buddhism as compared to the other top religions of the world.
The teaching of Buddha that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtained through right conduct, wisdom, and meditation releases one from desire, suffering, and rebirth. The religion represented by the many groups, especially numerous in Asia, that profess varying forms of this doctrine and that venerate Buddha. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition Copyright © 2003, Columbia University Press.
Charles also tracks the boundry between the virtual and the real at his blog: Next World Design, focusing on the mediation of art, science and spirituality in the metaverse.
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, When Things Fall Apart, Comfortable with Uncertainty and Shambhala Sun magazine. Getting quiet each day to watch how our mind can prevent us from being in sync with our basic human goodness, and in sync with our physical bodies, through our breathing. Is this how I want to be remembered when I am gone?” ┬áIt has truly been the basis of all my coaching work. It is a path to follow for harmonious living and its essence is Metta, loving kindness to all creature and self. The hill minorities worship various kinds of spirits, such as forest spirits, and their beliefs vary from group to group.

To change the luck of a person, an astrologer may offer a change of name or advise offering certain flowers and leaves to the Buddha. Large posters and big banners announce their names and advertise their claims of being able to predict winning numbers in the state lottery, a marriage partner, and even future existences. The five basic moral precepts, undertaken by members of monastic orders and the laity, are to refrain from taking life, stealing, acting unchastely, speaking falsely, and drinking intoxicants. Thus when thinking about the relationship between Buddhism and Christianity or other theistic religions, there tend to be two paths of inquiry. For example, Christians tend to emphasize that the soul (and possibly even the body) survive death through the miracle of resurrection. All publications I was introduced to during my coach’s training at Academy for Coaching Excellence, 10 years ago! Buddhism is a 2000 year old practice of learning who we are, by sitting in meditation, reading the teachings, and practicing what is learned by living mindfully. It brings us into awareness of how our minds deceive us into acting automatically from ego, rather than from our conscious choice.
Marilee Adams' "Choice Map" from the Inquiry Institute and her book "Change your Questions, Change your Life".
While Theravada Buddhism focuses on individual enlightenment, the Mahayana tradition seeks to bring salvation to all humans.
A nat singer and an orchestra entertain the worshipers, who come to offer green coconuts and huge bunches of bananas to the nat. He may advise on the kind of merit one should make; for example, the number of birds and fishes to set free, the numbers of rounds of rosary to say, or the kinds of food to avoid.
Other commendable works include alms-giving, worshipping in pagodas, shrines, or at altars, and acting generously without expecting any return in this life. During the ceremony, would-be monks, or novices, are dressed in fine clothes to imitate the Buddha's early life as a prince. Taking Buddhism at face value as a system of ethical precepts, a philosophy of life, and a set of meditative practices, many Christians and Jews have found it quite possible to affirm major aspects of Buddhism without abandoning their own faith. From a Buddhist perspective this might seem to be a form of eternal imprisonment within the limitations of one's ego.
And now after participating in Buddhist practices of meditation and study for just 6 months, I have experienced how Buddhism can enhance our lives. One main difference between Mahayana and Theravada is that in the former, the Buddha of the future Meitrya plays a significant role and not in the latter, which focuses on the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Prince Siddharta left a life of privilege to wander the world as a poor, religious man in search of the meaning of life. Because earning merit is so important, many Buddhists give food to monks and nuns, hold feasts to feed lots of guests, and donate money to repair or build pagodas or resthouses. Similarly, when a boy or young man joins a monastery, that act brings honor to his whole family. For these folks, Buddhism can be seen as supplementing and enriching their own theistic faith and practice.

Also, Christians tend to believe that Jesus was and is absolutely unique as the divine Son of God, whereas Buddhists, while venerating the Buddha, do not worship him as God.
One of the great world religions, it is divided into two main schools: the Theravada or Hinayana in Sri Lanka and SE Asia, and the Mahayana in China, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan. Taking us deeper into an understanding that all of us, everyone of us, has the opportunity to wake up–choose our basic human goodness as our conscious choice. After many years of seeking and a period of intense meditation, he finally reached a peaceful state of mind that was free from all worldly desires. Mahagiri, one of the thirty-seven "official" nats, is regarded as the most powerful of the spirits.
The central figure of the festivities is the nat kadaw, or nat-wife, a medium who enters a trance during the ceremony.
For this reason, the shin-byu ceremony, or initiation into temporary monkhood, is a significant rite in Myanmar culture.
He renounced his princely title and became a monk, freeing himself of possessions in the hope of comprehending the truth, and finding a path toward enlightenment and liberation.
On the other hand, Christians tend to see Buddhism, with its renunciation of the ego, and its emphasis upon the illusory nature of worldly reality as offering an escape from, rather than a solution to the evils of the world. The culmination of his search came while meditating beneath a tree, where he experienced a breakthrough in understanding. On the other hand, there is plenty of escapism in some forms of Christian piety while many Buddhists have an impressive track record of social activism and engagement in the struggle for human justice, the Dalai Lama being a leading example. Buddhism has largely disappeared from its country of origin, India, except for the presence there of many refugees from the Tibet region of China and a small number of converts from the lower castes of Hinduism. Hundreds of regional nat are also worshiped in different areas - nat of trees, rivers, and mountains, and guardian nat of homes and villages.
Following this epiphany, Gautama came to be known as the Buddha, meaning the "Enlightened One." He spent the remainder of his life journeying about India, teaching others what he had come to believe.
Thus there are rich opportunities for conversations between Buddhists and Christians with much to be learned on both sides. Newly shorn novices say prayers in Pali with monks, then enter a monastery, usually only for a few days or a week - shin-byu monkhood is temporary. At the monasteries, the novices learn to meditate, read the Buddhist Scriptures, and do humble tasks, such as sweeping the premises and running errands for the monks. Shin-byu is so important in Myanmar cultural life that families without sons occasionally "adopt" nephews, male cousins, or other boys to hold the ceremony. Towns and villages sometimes hold mass ceremonies, during which up to one hundred boys are initiated.

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