I didn’t know what Tiger had done to offend Heaven (the Celestials in the East, the Golf Gods in the West), but I knew it had to be something big. On November 9th, 2009, I emailed several friends predicting Tiger’s downfall. Because the monks do the real spiritual practices –- teaching people about the Buddha Path, teaching people how to meditate, and taking care of the temple facilities — they don’t work to earn money.
Tiger cannot clean his bad karma, but he can dissolve it, especially if his associates practice right livelihood.
Theravada Buddhism teaches that the way to accumulate the greatest amount of Boon is through meditation, Bhavana. When a person does not practice the 5 Precepts all the bad things they have done get regurgitated when they try to go within and meditate. As a Green Beret, Earl trained Tiger in mental warfare so he could dominate and succeed in the ultra-competitive Western golf arena.
When Tiger plays the game from its natural place he connects Earth and Heaven in full circulation, he connects with his ancestor energy, his Earth consciousness and historical roots to play the way he was born to. For Tiger, living with ethics, morality, honesty, and righteousness, will instill the virtue and spiritual power to do great things.
Peter Andraes has fused golf with yogic, meditative, healing and martial arts – Golf Qi-Gong -- since age 9. A 112-year-old nun who is one of the two oldest currently living in Taiwan, proclaimed that her secret to a long life was simply to practice Buddhism. Practicing Long Mantra of Ushnisha Vijaya (NAMGLYMA) will help to prolong life and clear negative karma.If you try to chant it fluently for a few times, you will feel the tremendous amount of positive energry that it gives off.
Practicing the dharma will give us a better quality of life as we are able to purify our negative karma and gain merits.
Royalty-Free (RF) Stock Illustrations, Clipart, Images, Pictures and Vector Art © 1997-2016 Clip Art, Inc. The first was Tiger missing a short uphill birdie putt on the 72nd hole to force a playoff at the 2009 Barclay’s. And Thai Buddhists know that the more Boon you have the more healthy, wealthy, happy, and lucky your life will be.
So when people give money to the temples, this allows the monks to do the real spiritual practices, which helps Buddhism to flourish. These 5 Precepts are the strict moral code of behavior for lay people – like the 10 Commandments in the West.
Practicing The 5 Precepts is like adding the sweetest and purest crystal clear spring water (Boon) to a glass filled with salt (Bop, bad karma). The practice of meditation develops the skills of energy circulation and energy cultivation. But Western golf has been corrupted by its focus on winning at all costs and by measuring success by the amount of victories, and prize money won.
This author of Ye Ming Zhu: Past, Present, and Future, and The Secret of the Inner-Swing, was honored in 2008 as World Qi-Gong Sports Master of the Year. This information in this 7 part series is a brief overview of content derived from my first two books – The Secret of the Inner-Swing, and The Tao of Golf.
Although I would disagree on some of the finer details, I think you did an awesome job explaining it. She is from the central area of Taiwan’s Nantou County.Liu Ching-huan was brought to Taiwan from China’s Sichuan Province, where she was born, when the late President Chiang Kai-shek’s forces pushed her along with many others out of the province.

This is totally true.However it must be understood in a larger-than-one-life context otherwise it will lead to disappointment, and one runs the risk of loosing faith in Buddhism for a wrong expectation applied to its practice. Best is to aquire oral transmission from your guru, if not you still can chant without tranmission too and you still feel the amount of strong energy the mantra gives off. Buddha will guide you the best if chant his mantra for longer life so you may practise dharma ONE DAY. As we understand karma, we know that when we practice dharma, we collect merits and purify negative karma.
On the other hand, i've heard of people actually says that they do not want to live that long in their prayers, so that they can take another rebirth to continue to serve dharma in another way.
I believe that if Buddha knows if we are doing virtuous deed and benefit others, then they will make our life longer if we request it. And now, despite flashes of brilliance, Tiger no longer sustains play the Zone, or goes low. Thai Buddhists know that we spend our Boon through the process of living our daily life, and they know we must continually replenish and re-accumulate Boon. The monks, by maintaining the connection between Heaven, Earth and Humanity, do all the heavy lifting. Eventually the salt (Bop, bad karma) will dissolve and the glass (his life) will only be filled with the sweetest and purest crystal clear spring water (Boon).
Meditation teaches you how to draw energy in, how to circulate it, exchange and intermingle it with nature and the Cosmos.
And if the mind can’t be stilled, Nirvana can’t be achieved, and Boon can’t be accumulated.
It is also believed by many that the glory of Mantra chanting cannot be established through reasoning and intellect. The more we practice the more we are benefitted, be it increase of merits or transform to a better person. A correct understanding of Boon, and the value of moral behavior and daily meditation from a Theravadic perspective may help Tiger regain his inner peace, redeem his life, restore his reputation, and regain the magical ability to play and live in the Zone.
In Thailand, one example of Dana (merit making activity) is seen everywhere in the country at dawn as barefooted, saffron-robed monks and novices walk down every soi, street, road and thoroughfare reverently gathering alms. People make merit by offering food, cash donations, flowers, incense, robes, and medical supplies for the monks.
Pure Land is a place of ultimate bliss where you can cultivate easily towards your enlightenment.
I believe the nun has done a lot of good deeds and the merits she collected in her previous life made her live long.
For example, let's say I am supposed to live until 25 years old, but since 10 years old, I come to know Dharma and REALLY practice and benefit others, Buddha may extend my live to, may be say, 30.
They also know that Boon is transferred with us as we move from life, to life, to life though the process of reincarnation. Larger merit making ceremonies are held to allow people to give alms to up to ten thousand monks. The monks also teach us that following The 5 Precepts (Sila) draws us to Nirvana (Enlightenment), and that the way to Nirvana is through meditation. Golf is a Spiritual Game, not a Mental Game. The real game is about creating inner peace and healing by experiencing the fullness of our Creative Spiritual Nature.

Majority of the living individual practice Buddhism and 14 of them will be celebrating their 100th birthday this year, Jung-sen said. It wasn’t until many centuries after the Buddha, and with the arising of the Mahayana, that mantras became incorporated into Buddhist practice.QuoteMantras can help us to develop mindfulness. His final round collapse at the 2009 Tour Championship raised more concerns, but Tiger’s meltdown at Sheshan Golf confirmed it. The monks teach us no one is perfect, and the things we have done that are wrong were done out of ignorance. If we break any of these 5 Precepts we create inner turbulence rather than inner peace, so we can’t meditate. Daily meditation creates the strongest and greatest amount of Boon.
Maybe for this lady, it is a form of meditation for her which leads her to longer life.To me, practicing Buddhism will lead you to a better life. The sound of the mantra is a mental object, and paying attention to the sound of the mantra can be a form of meditation, just as paying attention to the sensations of the breath is a meditation. And if we can accumulate enough Boon, then we can perform all manner of miracles and wonders.
For Tiger, the way to make it better is to forget the things he has done wrong and to create a new life by giving to others selflessly, and judiciously keeping the 5 Precepts. By bringing the mind back over and over again to the mantra (getting away from the kind of multitasking where we’re “kind of” chanting the mantra while also thinking about work, relationships, and shopping) the mind can become more unified and less scattered. So, for Tiger to redeem his life, restore his reputation, regain his ability to play in the Zone, get his Mojo back, and reclaim his Heavenly Mandate, then he must replenishing his Boon. Meditation allows the mind to abide in its natural state of tranquility, silence, and stillness. You can't change your karma of when to die, but you at least lessen your suffering at death. We become more attentive and present.If we pay attention to the correct pronunciation of the mantra (and I encourage you to do that) then that becomes another way to be mindful — making sure that the lips, mouth, tongue, vocal cords, etc, are all working together in a very precise way.
People kneel in long lines stretching many city blocks, as barefoot monks pass by, one by one, briefly stopping to allow offerings to be placed in their alms bowls. Lay people who do Buddhist spiritual practice have 8 Precepts. The monks teach us that Sila (following the 5 Precepts) attracts to us health, luck, happiness, material wealth, and all types of good fortune. The monks teach that each Precept we follow and adhere to is considered 20% of truly being human. If, for example, we lie, engage in adultery (sexual misconduct) and intoxication (with alcohol or drugs) –- as Tiger has done — we are only 40% human and create a huge amount of negative merit, Bop. Rather than accumulate Boon (spiritual capital) in our luck account, we deplete it and become spiritually bankrupt. If this happens our health, fortunes, prosperity, and happiness will be negatively affected and diminished.

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