Sometimes from the depths of my body a great wind comes and lifts my breath with ease, and every cell begins to multiply and hum and I feel as if bloated by the divine that hides within. My practice has become like this: my grandmother asks me to dust and clean her precious crystal wares, and so with great love and appreciation I spend the rest of my life completing this task to ensure that I learn to use the right amount of care. Richard Rosen is joining us next Thursday and Friday to teach a Pranayama workshop at Karuna! As part of the last 200 hour Teacher Training at Karuna students were asked to reflect on their experience of three different methods of pranayama: Ujjayi, Viloma and Brahmari. In the Yoga Chudamani Upanisad it is said that there is no discipline higher than pranayama.  It is called an exhalted knowledge (mahavidya), a royal road to well-being, freedom and bliss.
Poetry from The Shiatsu Training 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program 2016 Finding Compassion in America’s Childcare System What is Shiatsu?
And just like when you’ve eaten too much, any exacerbated movement throws the whole plot into the compost.
I have enjoyed Ujjayi for quite some time now- the sound of the breath like waves of the ocean.

It can be such an effortless experience as fragile as the waterford crystal my grandmother collects. Hopeful we will continue to hear more of his insights into practice as he embarks on his next journey this fall. After promising the doctor to be better, I spent a year getting worse, putting on another 10 pounds or so, and starting to look and feel like my elderly father. And in due time, thanks to my grandmother’s love, this veil becomes the cloth I use to dry my finished work.
I have found Ujjayi is a good tool to pull out of my pocket during the day when I need to take a moment to calm down.
Villoma has profound effects- I can really feel the energy grow with the inhale in segments.
In contrast, exhaling in segments (especially 3 parts) is so calming- I feel my heart settle, my eyes soften. The feeling I get when I get into the groove with Villoma on the inhale and the exhale, each parcel being equal in space and softness, each sip of air equal to the others- it is supremely beautiful and I feel like I could go on forever.

I remember Eileen once saying shre tried to find the OM in the sound of a chainsaw- the OM in Brahmari is so beautiful. I can find a kind of quiet that is so unique- I find myself feeling out of place when I return to normal breath- like the world is somehow less real. Upon being instructed to do so I placed one hand on my belly and the other on my heart, and I breathed into the space under my hands.
After a few breaths I found a warm light growing in my chest, filling my experience with a kind of loving and softness I had never found.
I was there for a moment, and eventually we were instructed to roll to our sides and come up to sitting.
I sat up slowly and with my eyes closed bowed my head to my pressed palms, and I could have wept for all the sweetness in the world.

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