Yogi Ayesha who is practicing yoga for more than 15 years now, says, “Practicing yoga in pregnancy can have many benefits, but one should not try doing it at home just by following the online yoga videos and DVDs.
And while we may “?want’ to do this on some level, there may be some things holding us back. My introduction to meditation was years ago through the work of Paramahansa Yogananda and lessons from the Self Realization Fellowship. I am sure that this type of meditation works for some people but I am not so sure that it’s a realistic starting point.
Over time I began to learn from other teachers that there were less formal, less time consuming ways to meditate. Guided meditation can be a great place to start if you don’t feel confident about meditation. Renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle has been quoted as saying “Music creates a bridge for people to move out of thinking and into presence.“? I agree with this. To meditate to music I find that it’s helpful to use headphones so you have fewer distractions. Like guided meditations, there are many audio tracks available for purchase that have been designed specifically for meditation.
You can choose different types of music to meditate to depending on what your goal for meditation is. There are many more types of meditation but I wanted to give you a few very simple, enjoyable options to get started with. This meditation is especially good for women with high risk pregnancies or who are worried about their baby's state of being. Place your right hand over your heart chakra, which is in the middle of your chest, between your breasts. Let it grow until it is larger than you and encompasses both sides of you, as if you are now floating in this light green bubble.
Take your hands off of your heart chakra and womb and just sit with your palms open, concentrating on your breath until you feel completely relaxed and ready to end the meditation. It’s not only beneficial during pregnancy but it also helps promote a quicker conception”, says Yogi Ayesha.

It can be injurious for both the baby and mother-to-be as while doing different poses you can’t see if you are doing it exactly in the right way.
She may help you cope with the problems you are facing and will not continue some of the exercises that may not suit you. Postures that ensure easy delivery: In the first trimester, opt for standing poses as they help fortify the leg muscles, improve circulation, boost energy, assist to have a smooth pregancy and easy delivery. Relax with breathing techniques: The second and third trimester is the time to calm down, so drive energy from breathing practice and meditation. Sit with the back straight and chin up: As the baby inside you grows, its weight is felt more on the back and legs.
Common meditation roadblocks include feeling as though we don’t have time, feeling like we have to be able to stop thinking, and feeling uncomfortable in meditative postures. I also began to notice that one of my favorite relaxing activities, going into my bedroom for some time alone and just listening to music, would take me to a place outside of the thinking mind and into a meditative state. There are many options for incorporating meditation into your life, and pregnancy is a great time to get started. Set a timer so that you are not constantly wondering how long you’ve been in meditation for.
A guided meditation will provide suggestions on where to put your focus, and listening to your guide may help you relax more deeply than meditating without a guide. I find that music brings me into a meditative state very easily, and I feel a lot of benefit from meditations with music. Find a comfortable place to sit and take a few minutes to focus solely on the music of your choice.
For example, if you are looking to achieve relaxation, you may wish to choose relaxing music. Depending on the day, this can be traditional meditation music, such as Chakra Chants by Jonathan Goldman, or I might choose something that I can drift to like Sigur Ros. By choosing one of these simple options for beginners I hope you will gain the confidence to begin meditation during pregnancy. It calms you both mentally and physically; relieving stress that you need the most during pregnancy.

We often hear that there are many benefits to our physical and mental health if we practice meditation. I was to find a place that is quiet and only used for meditation, so I used a small closet in my house. Choosing a guided meditation audio track can also help by providing you with a goal for the time spent in meditation. When you notice that your attention has shifted away from your music, bring your awareness back to the music without judgement. If you’re looking to gain some sort of insight, you can choose something that you find introspective.
I just choose something that I intuitively know that I need to be in the same vibration with.
There were instructions about the type of chair to use, what to cover it with, and the posture I should take.
I spent most of my meditation time thinking about how physically uncomfortable I felt ““ and then scolding myself for failing at meditation because I was thinking about my body.
If you choose a seven minute guided meditation, you know that you are making a commitment to meditate for seven minutes. Simply breathe deeply for a few minutes until you are completely focused only on your breath. There are many guided meditations you can purchase, and even some free ones you can find online.
On Sundays and holidays you were to meditate for three hours in the morning, and three hours before bed. When you notice that your attention has shifted away from your breath, bring your awareness back to your breath without judgement.

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