This theory was used in the film National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, and claims that the Presidents of the United States have passed down a book from Washington to Obama, in which some or all have added facts and histories earth-shattering in scope and implications, and that this book’s location is only known to the President, and the National Librarian of Congress.
This weekend President Obama got a little down time with his family in Maine, he also took the time to bring some interesting reading material. In 1865 after the Civil War, Thomas Gates and his son Charles Carroll Gates are approached by John Wilkes Booth and Michael O'Laughlen, both of them Knights of the Golden Circle. The film then shifts to modern day (140 years later), where Benjamin Gates, Thomas's great-great-grandson, is retelling Thomas' story at a Civilian Heroes conference. Special Agent Sadusky of the FBI finds it suspicious that a black market dealer like Mitch would suddenly come forward with a rare Civil War artifact.
Ben and Riley discover the cipher on the diary page that says Laboulaye Lady, which points to a hidden inscription on the scale model of the Statue of Liberty on the Ile aux Cygnes in Paris, thanks to Thomas' last words. History says that in 1527 explorers came to the New World to search for Cibola after its first discovery, but never could find it. Ben and his team manipulate events to assure that the President's birthday celebration occur at Mount Vernon, allowing Ben to sneak in and lure the President alone to a set of disused tunnels. Ben, Patrick, Abigail and Riley arrive at Mount Rushmore, prepared to deal with Mitch, but find that Mitch has brought Emily along, using her as a hostage to ensure Ben follows the final clues on an old letter sent from Queen Victoria to Confederate general Albert Pike. From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom.
Fascinating Facs about Each and Every President, including an American History Timeline and Portraits from the Smithsonian Institution!
These two new books will be useful for students researching United States presidents and the times in which they served. You can come along and join the presidents marching through time, from George Washington to George W. King Albert I of Germany was murdered by his nephew John, because he refused his share of the Habsburg lands.
QuoteI know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Thus, if the President is assassinated, the Librarian informs the next President of the book. Should the Supreme Court even become deadlocked, perhaps by a 4-4 vote with one justice abstaining, then the President can take down the Great Seal of the White House, which is four feet in diameter, and flip it while the vice president calls heads or tails to decide the case. The missing 8 minutes on the Watergate tapes reveals then President Nixon talking about what to do with aliens being held at a secret military base in Iowa. The book also describes a secret deal between the United States and Canada where participants in the witness protection program, and a certain celebrities gone bad such as Lindsay Lohan, can live anonymously in Quebec as long as a promise to speak French. Hidden inside the Hoover Dam is the nation's secret stockpile of Spam, which is stored at -236 degrees, which would be used only in the event of World War 3.
Secret documents show that for the past two decades, British royalty such as Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth's have been held in secret at Gitmo while clones of them perform their official duties. Photographs of a mysterious device discovered on the Moon during the 1970s Apollo program has been reanalyzed lately, and scientists are shocked to discover that it appears to be a fourth generation iPhone. A summary of underwater video footage taken by a navy submarine of the BP oil leak reveals that the bottom of the ocean is inhabited by "Mer-people" and King Triton. White House documents are also stored in the book which reveal that due to Bill Clinton's drinking habit, Hillary Clinton had to serve as the De Facto President of the United States for a total of 102 days during his two terms in office.
The book of secrets also reveals that, contrary to popular opinion, America does have a royal family which secretly influence is politics behind the scenes.
They ask Thomas, a skilled puzzle-solver, to decode a playfair cipher written in Booth's diary. He and his father Patrick Gates are publicly accosted by Mitch Wilkinson, a black market dealer who has come into possession of the diary page, which appears to link Thomas to Booth and Lincoln's assassination.
Ben’s technology-savvy friend Riley Poole just had his Ferrari impounded when he was giving out his government conspiracy books then later meet up with Ben. The inscription points to the two Resolute desks, one of which is in the Queen's chambers in Buckingham Palace, the other in the Oval Office of the White House.

Ben convinces Patrick to help them arrange a meeting with Dr Emily Appleton, Ben's mother and Patrick's ex-wife.
Ben then blocks off the entrance, trapping the President alone with him so that they can talk about the Book of Secrets. Ben is able to find the secret entrance, and the group avoids several traps before arriving at the underground site of Cibola, the City of Gold. Ben is cleared of kidnapping by the President himself, who claims that Ben rescued him after the tunnel closed accidentally. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. This perennial childhood favorite combines presidential portraits from the National Portrait Gallery with fun, engrossing text written by two historians. Frey and Davis's contribution, The New Big Book of Presidents, devotes one or two pages to each president, providing interesting and well-written bibliographical information that is necessarily concise. Apparently, they worship oil rigs floating in the Gulf of Mexico, and believe that the oil leak is a sign that one of their gods has become hurt. Furthermore, should Congress or the White House has ever come to a constitutional impasse the American monarchy, either through the king or queen, could take control of the country.
Ben is unaware that Mitch is following in his footsteps, using a clone of Patrick's cell phone to intercept messages. Though the President warns Ben that he will be charged with kidnapping the President, he is sympathetic to Ben's cause and provides him with the Book's location at the Library of Congress. Sometime later, Cibola's discovery is announced, with Ben, his team, and Mitch given credit for its discovery. They have information at their fingertips about which most people have no idea and might not even want to know.
A continuous timeline flowing through the book notes milestones in literature, invention, and politics within each president's tenure.
For each president there is also a fact box with an illustration and summary, and additional fact boxes give cultural, social, or political information.
With 52 pages of learning and entertainment, the book will certainly educate an entire of classroom of students for many hours. Assuming there is a book, and assuming it identifies the Antichrist, we are led to wonder if he and the President are on the same side, are one and the same, or whether the President fears for Earth’s immediate future. Currently, it is rumored that the monarch in exile is the comedian Julia Louise Dreyfus, who starred as "Elaine" on Seinfeld. Just as Thomas discovers the message is a map to Cibola, the fabled City of Gold, pandemonium arises in the streets from the President's assassination. Abigail uses her current boyfriend Conner, a member of the White House staff, to allow Ben to sneak into the Oval Office, but Ben finds the Resolute desk compartment empty, save for a symbol (an eagle with a scroll) representing the supposed "Book of Secrets". Ben, Abigail, and Riley locate the Book as the FBI, including Sadusky, surround the building.
The only means of escape is through a drainage door that must be held open on one side to allow the rest to escape and closed afterwards, trapping the one controlling the door.
The President’s Book of Secrets examines all kinds of sensitive secrets which are kept by presidents, and asks the question: Is there a book which contains the secrets?
On the page for Chester Arthur, who served from 1881-1885, there is a description of the Gilded Age and the chief accomplishments of Thomas Alva Edison, both current to the administration of the twenty-first president. A large-print table of contents makes finding a specific president easy, or you may choose to learn about all the presidents in the order in which they led the United States.
A final perk of being President is that once you leave office, you are paid an annual pension of $199,000.
Even more insidious, in terms of realism, is the claim that the book told of the attacks of September 11, 2001 before they took place, and also tells of the imminent coup d’etat of Russia, followed by a Russo-North Korean invasion of South Korea, initiating WWIII.
Thomas realizes that Booth and O'Laughlen are still loyal to the South, tears the pages from the diary, and tosses them into a fire before O'Laughlen can shoot him.
They are able to sneak into the Queen's quarters and find that the Resolute desk acts as a puzzle box, revealing a hidden compartment with a centuries-old plank of wood with indecipherable hieroglyphics on it.

Riley asserts that the Book is real, having himself just written a book on its existence, and claims that it contains the truth behind many conspiracy theories such as the missing 18? minutes of the Watergate tapes, Area 51 coup d'etat, Apollo program, and the assassination of President John F.
In the Book they find that President Calvin Coolidge had found the other half of the plank in 1924 and destroyed it, after taking a photo (which is still in the Book).
Mitch initially forces Ben to sacrifice himself, but after a surge of water, Mitch finds himself holding the door open. Patrick and Emily, happily working together, eagerly take to the task of analyzing Cibola once it is drained of water. Although it is highly unlikely that there is a specific book filled with all kinds of presidential secrets, there is no doubt that the president is privy to information that must remain top secret. To begin with, two comprehensive pages spell out the system of government used to run the country.
You are also entitled to Secret Service protection for life plus a $100,00 per year for staff, an office space and medical insurance.
O'Laughlen only manages to save a partial page from the fireplace before escaping, while Thomas' dying words to Charles are "the debt that all men pay". Ben then manages to photograph it before Mitch and his men steal it after a car chase through London. He also ordered Gutzon Borglum to carve Mount Rushmore into a hill to erase the landmark indicated on the plank, in order to protect Cibola. He apologizes to Ben for doubting his family, and requests that part of this discovery be in his name.
Ben and Abigail rekindle their broken relationship at Mount Rushmore, while Riley is given his Ferrari back by the President, "tax free". In this film the question of a specific book is not as important as the kinds of secrets that are passed from one president to another. The main text of the book follows, as all presidents receive extensive coverage beginning with a portrait and biographical information.
However, traditionally the only person to know the whereabouts of the Book of Secrets is the current President himself, since it's for Presidents' eyes only. As Ben and his team elude the FBI, he sends an image of the plank to Patrick to give to Emily to decode, unaware that Mitch has intercepted this and is waiting for Patrick. The only mystery remaining is what the President asks Ben to decipher on Page 47 in the closing scene. A time line runs across each page, giving significant dates and events during each presidency. Emily is forced to lie to Patrick about the inscription's meaning, but is able to give him a non-verbal cue of this falsehood. The book begins with a two-page summary of the American system of government and concludes with a brief glossary of terms. A foreword by President Bush introduces Bausum's book, Our Country's Presidents, which features the glossy paper and highly attractive photos and period artwork typically seen from this publisher. Each president is shown in a full-page color picture, and a nearby fact box gives essential biographical information.
The book is divided into six chronological sections, with discussions and illustrated time lines of each period. Slavery, triangular trade, manifest destiny, and human rights are some of the topics covered.
There are ten short essays placed throughout the book on topics such as the White House, presidents who died in office, and the 2000 election.
Although Our Country's Presidents is the more attractive andinclusive of the two volumes, the overall quality and low cost of The New Big Book make it a worthwhile purchase as well. This informative book is a must when learning about the presidents and the history surrounding them.

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