Meditation is not about forcing the mind to be quiet, its about finding the silence that’s already there. Silence can be the birthplace of happiness, creativity and a world of infinite possibilities. Primordial Sound Meditation is a meditation technique originating in the ancient wisdom traditions of India.
Once we determine your Primordial Sound mantra, we will teach you how to use it to meditate on a daily basis to reawaken balance, tranquility and compassion within. Despite the name, Primordial Sound Meditation does not require that you make any noises or utter any sounds. Primordial Sound Meditation can have the effect of greatly reducing stress, and as this happens, our minds and bodies begin to function with maximum effectiveness. Primordial Sound Meditation is easily learned in four short sessions over a period of two days. During Session One, your Instructor will introduce you to the basic principles of meditation; it’s history and the importance of your mantra.
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In Primordial Sound Meditation, we use sound in the form of mantras to take us on our inward journey from activity to silence. Your mantra is chosen based on the sound or vibration of the universe at the time of your birth, it is not an intellectual process, in fact the less you "try"  to control the process, the greater the benefits.
We ask you where and when you were born, so that we can identify the particular vibration or frequency of the universe at that time. Primordial Sound Meditation is derived from the yoga tradition of India.Yoga means union - the union of environment, senses, body, mind and soul.
These Primordial sounds were cognized over 5000 years ago by the ancient Vedic seers and scholars in India. The body responds to stress by preparing to respond aggressively to both real life stress as well as perceived stress. When you arise from Meditation refreshed, energized, centered and creatively focused, you can become a powerful, beneficial force for yourself and everyone you encounter.
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This week we continue our exploration of mantras with a technique called Primordial Sound Meditation.  This technique is rooted in Vedic tradition (from the oldest holy texts of the Hindu religion) and uses a “personal mantra,” the sounds of which represent the vibration of the universe at the time and place of your birth, which is determined using Vedic mathematical formulas.
Notice the first word in the mantra – Aum, or Om – was the subject of the previous edition of Meditation Monday.  Click here if you missed it and want to catch up. Step 2: After you have plugged all of this information into the calculator, your Nakshatra and Padra will be displayed. Now you have what you need in order to practice Primordial Sound Meditation.  Click here if you missed the basic introduction to mantra meditation earlier in the blog. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Before we discuss the different types of meditation, let us first address the question - why meditate?
Note: My maya-gaia website, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinionthrough the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism. Since I'm now 88 years aged, the Primordial Rhythm Meditation video demonstrating the evolution of my PRM practice may be more creepy than inspirational. Realize PRM is an unconventional non-symbolic hybrid of yoga, bhakti, shamanism and various nonduality principles - heretical, agnostic and even atheistic compared to both prophetic and non dual religious traditions.
If you are interested, I'd replace all my online PRM material with webpages and videos featuring you and whatever adaptation to integrate into your practice website you want to make. I know this is a lot of antithetical, nonduality stuff for any Millennial, Generation X or Boomer to wrap your young mind around but there's always a remote chance it could ring your brain bells.
The most practical option for an introvert like myself is to adopt a private practice whose anatomy consists solely of spiritual elements that I can truly believe in. Jnana Bhakti Tension My personal neo-classical confrontation with the tension between jnana (philosophical concepts) and bhakti (devotional purity) integration of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi and how Primordial Rhythm Mediation provides the resolution for my practice.
Update 09 11 2011: I have now created a 5-minute video synopsis of the sounds and moves in my meditation on Primordial Rhythm Meditation on youtube. Update 09 15 2013: I've added Primordial Rhythm Meditation Part 4 video on youtube where Kelsey demonstrates her beginning a practice of PRM.
A couple of months ago, I had a defibrillator implant that seems to be working to induce a much more regular and normal heart rhythm of 70-80 bpm.
Heart Rhythm Meditation does not traditionally involve drumming but emphasizes a mindfullness on coherence of breath and heartbeat.
The Relationship Between Heart Rate & Music Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and respiratory changes induced by different types of music in musicians and non-muscicians: the importance of silence.
Possibly due to my 15 years of athletic scuba diving I've a slower than average heart rate and now at age 85 my heart pulse ranges from less than 40 bpm at rest up to around 80 bpm excited.
In reflecting my heart pulse of 30 to 60 bpm - I apply the double acoustic signal within each heartbeat for the tempo of my drumbeat. I recently took my pulse over a number of days at different times and found a range of typical bpm and rhythms as well as fairly common skips. Update 05 25 2013: In performing my rhythm meditation over the past couple of years I've also noticed that finger tapping on the face of my sacred Purex drum is much more intuitive and natural ergonomically than tapping upwards on the bottom of my demonstration Clorox container.
My rhythm begins with a slight left-right swaying to a tempo of about a two-second sway with a single drum beat at each sway.
The heartbeat is central to sacred drumming of many tribal cultures all over the world and even when a group of celebrants sit surrounding the large Host Drum at Native American pow-wows - the most common tempos are monotonous, non-syncopated rhythm within the range of the human heart rate.
The Shape of Green: Aesthetics, Ecology and Design by Lance Hosey, 2012 The shape toward which a complex system evolves is a strange attractor. In the mid 1970s psychologist Charles Tart described several types of processes that stabilize a state of consciousness. On close inspection the cyclic rhythm of the human heart is found not to be precise, like the motions of a clock, but only approximately so. No Ideas But In Things to awaken a way back to embodied knowing Parabola Magazine - Spring 2013, by Rabi Joshua Boettiger. Since my voice has become quite feeble in my old age I've chosen drumming for the sound and rhythm as mantra to accompany my meditation.
I can accept that Om (Aum) is the primordial sound of creation but it may be the archetype for the cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the Big Bang.
Shamanism - originally referred to the spiritual practice specific to Siberian tribes that has been passed down from neolithic times.
I reduce the tone, tempo and symbolism of generic shamanic drumming to what I feel is the bare essential archetype of primordial sound. Since I reject most all the traditional symbolism surrounding the drum- mine can have any material and form.
Native American people are practical about carrying on tradition and don't hesitate to use modern tools and materials. It also reveals how natural it was for our creative species to be tempted to invent increasingly complex symbolism surrounding every aspect of spiritual ritual in an effort to enhance its sacredness and "power" to get God's attention. I do not like the loud amplitude or sharp tone of much shamanic drumming particularly where a hard drum stick or strap is used to displace the hand or a well-padded drumstick. I previously performed an improvised drum initiation that consisted of dedicating it to Sat-Chit-Ananda in accordance with the visualization described below (with the addition of specifically acknowledging the diatom creatures whose oil-rich plasma laid down a billion years ago, produced the petroleum from which the body of my drum arose). In addition to the color cyan-green I have decided to include another symbolism to my ritual and start by adding a vial of ordinary drinking water (about 1 fl.
Update 12 17 2012: Due to a recent disturbing incident in the middle of a meditation where I was in a semi-trance and my drum slipped from my grasp and fell to the floor - I now insert my hand through a looped cord I attached to the handle of my drum. Update 08 27 2012: No acoustical instrument has greater antiquity and variety in what it is made of, the manner by which it is played and the complex of its orchestration- than the drum. Udu Wikipedia: The udu is both an African plosive aerophone (in this case implosive) and an idiophone--not a drum--used by such peoples as the Igbo of Nigeria. Native American Water Drum The Iroquois water drum is a small cup-shaped wooden vessel, with water inside it, and a moistened tanned hide stretched across the top opening; the wetness and tightness of the tanned hide produce changes in pitch as the water drum is played over time. Water Drumming -documentary videos of indigenous in situ water drumming from The Rainforest world Music festival, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 2011. Vladiswar Nadishana a Russian virtuoso plays an evolved engineered form of udu The Fiberglass Liquid Meinl Ibo that includes a third hole covered with a drumhead and adds water for the complex compositions he performs. Water Science An exploration into the mythos and physics of the element that makes up 80 percent of our body and that all life on earth shares in continuum with the biogenic universe. Sat - is the static unmanifest universal energy (and spirits of deceased members of my family and ancestors - their selves dissolved in the Brahmic ocean of non dual light, bliss, love.). I have discovered that once my rhythm (and swaying dance) is established, all concerns and desires are forgone and I become purely devotional and grateful for the blessings of Ananda and celebrate the here-and-now moment. My choice for drumbeat and rhythm arise intuitively from the shamanic tradition and only loosely from the research on Brainwave Entrainment Theory involving binaural, monaural and isochronic tones and sound entrainment.
Note: Due to significant difference between size, length and tempo of strides and because each species required an unknown time to transition from one basal speciation to another - all figures are mere approximations and we can be pretty loose in how we orchestrate the visualization of the evolutionary stages. Update 02 25 12: When my meditation session has ended, in the moment after I've made my closing salutation to Ananada, my eyes are closed shut and my field of vision is essentially dark and featureless.
I created an animated gif Evolution 1-Minute Slideshow that presents graphic hyperlinks in our human phylogeny from the origin of life to Homo sapiens. As I open my eyes fully to confront the ceiling light and discern objects, I imagine I am a conodont - vertebrate with fully optical eyes - and in rapid succession, imagine being the fish, amphibian, reptile, cynodont and mammal that evolve into the first hominid with incipient bipedalism - then put my drum aside and begin my 15-minute (million year-per-minute) walk transitioning me from an ape-brained hominid (Post Proconsul) through to my Homo sapiens sapiens evolution. My walk starts as an upright creature about the size of a female gorilla whose brain remains virtually flat-lined for two thirds of its bipedal evolution to becoming a fully modern human. Deep Time Walk - A Walk Through Deep Time is an ongoing research project which invites people to share scientific, philosophical and cultural ideas as part of a roving discussion and walk through ‘deep‘ or geologic time. Britain’s Ancestor’s Trail Smithsonian Magazine, January 2014 by Jerry Adler This is a pilgrimage of sorts, a hike that is also a metaphorical voyage backward through 3.5 billion years of evolution, an unbelievers’ pilgrimage inspired by the biologist and polemical atheist Richard Dawkins. The Cosmic Calendar A method to visualize the vast history of the universe in which its 13.8 billion year lifetime is condensed down into a single year.
Earth Empathy Adventure planetary connecting A portal resource presenting a variety of practices designed to experience a sense of integating our deep-time biological and cosmological evolution.
Together, deep meditation and profound contemplation make up the tried and true path to enlightened awareness.
Note: The focus of my maya-gaia website is to suggest answers for these same questions plus a hint for one other - "Where am I going?". An Evolutionists Meditation On the Miracle Of Being An opening invocation presented by Ashok at the California Institute of Integral Studies, 2012. Update 12 07 11: I have come to recognize some subtle aspects in the evolution of my practice - mostly in regards to the tempo and rhythm of my drumming. A practical function that makes my jug drum - along with the udu bottle drum somewhat unique is that relative to the drummer- most of the sound energy from typical drums is broadcast outward which is ideal for an extrovertive performance to reach an audience, whereas most of the sound energy of the jug drum is directed inward. I have come to realize that through a series of fortuitous events in the general disarray in the way my condo is configured, I am performing my practice in a setting that is ideal for my meditation that has spontaneously provided an element in synchronicity with my practice that had not occurred to me. The approach that came closest to my preliminary model for an active meditation protocol was provided in the works of Michael Harner, the founder and president of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Michael Harner Wikipedia Regarding centered use of ritual drumming and dance, and Harner's interpretations of various indigenous religions. Another useful perspective is provided in the book I Ching: The Tao of Drumming by Michael Drake - Drumming offers a relatively easy means of controlled transcendence. Frame Drum Spiritual Rites by Lane Redmond - The first sound we hear is the pulse of our mother’s blood. Each of these researchers take the scale and scope of efficacy of shamanic drumming further than I find comfortable to include in my meditation but each has provided valuable insight for its basic structure.
Rhythm Epigenises Exploring sexual dimorphisim in the evoluton of diverse species of birds of paradise and bowerbirds as it relates to those evolutionary processes that may have shaped a young human child's ability - unique among all other animals - to express motor skill in synchronization to ambient musical beats and tempo. Neurologist Oliver Sacks states that chimpanzees and other animals show no similar appreciation of rhythm yet posits that human affinity for rhythm is fundamental, so that a person's sense of rhythm cannot be lost (e.g. Why the Frame Drum Was at the Core of Ancient Mediterranean Spiritual Rites by Layne Redmond - It is an ancient thought that rhythmic sound is at the root of all creation, that matter is structured by sound, and that life is rhythm.
Meditation Beats Dance for Harmonizing Body and Mind A study published in the December 2010 issue of Emotion suggests people who regularly practice meditation are in better sync with their body than professional ballet and modern dancers. The Shamanic Drum: A Guide to Sacred Drumming by Michael Drake [Page 27] A two-beat rhythm produces a different sonic experience. Essene Communion With the infinite - Lightning Flashes in the Gathering Storm by Edond Bordeaux Szekely - The Noon Communion With the Cosmic Ocean of Sound. According to Pythagoras, we are bathing in the Music of the Spheres from the moment of our birth, but because of that very fact, we are not aware of this holy Sound which fills our inner ears. In concentrating on the Lightstream, the eternal brilliance of the Cosmic Ocean of Light, we gradually set the stage for the final step that will unite us with the Heavenly Father, reaching complete union with the totality of all laws, the One Law. Primordial Tones: Meditation on the Archetypal Energies of Celestial Bodies by Joachim-Ernst Berendt, 1987. Hmong Shamanism The Hmong people, an ancient people of China with a 5000 years of history, continue to maintain and practice its form of shamanism known as "Ua Neeb" in mainland Asia.
Listening in the Bardo: Hearing Beyond Sound, 2011 - Metaphysical perspectives on sound, music and awareness and Other Essays by Kris Oster.
Imagine you traveled back in time 100,000 years and happened upon a group of our ancestors gathered around an evening fire.
Bhakti is a Sanskrit term that signifies an attitude of devotion to a personal God that is typically based on a number of human relationships such as beloved-lover, friend-friend, parent-child, and master-servant. From this field of potentiality we get bursts of inspiration, intuitive thoughts, and a deep sense of connection.
Primordial Sounds are the basic, essential sounds of nature and are used to disconnect us from the constant activity in our mind.
Your Chopra Center Certified Instructor will help you to integrate this practice into your daily routine. A meditation practice should not be considered a cure by itself, but research has shown it to be beneficial for a wide range of health problems. During Session Two, you will receive personal instruction in your Primordial Sound mantra and learn how to use it.
Does This Feel Like Your Next Step?If you are ready to receive your personal mantra based on your date, place and time of birth -  we would love to connect with you.

This union is described in an ancient text known as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in which he explains that yoga is the progressive settling down of the mind, into the field of pure silence, which is usually overshadowed by the activity of the mind.
They noticed that these sounds or frequencies are different at different times during the lunar cycle, they were recorded and passed down in an oral tradition for centuries.
Many recent studies combining Primordial Sound Meditation and other simple lifestyle changes showed a significant improvement in the quality of people's lives. It’s worth noting that the closer you can get to the exact minute of your birth, the better. Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life. PRM would be the evolving meditation modality for the IONS-Conscious-Aging-Facilitators-Guide curriculum. You could reconfigure my (over 100) Web-Book pages to link to your coaching website and totally manage it when I go nondual in the next few years (auto-renewal of domains and hosting for the next 5 years is funded by a PayPal account). Previously, in my page Kirtan and Bhajan I thought I might find enough interest in our area to form weekly kirtan sessions but the meetup promotion doesn't look like its going to find a presenter. My desire is to establish a communion with God to express gratitude and celebrate the gift of life and the grace I feel has been bestowed on me - and since I believe the course of all reality happens according to God's created laws and grace, I do not pray for further blessings on myself, humanity or Gaia's biocosmic nature. An update on over three years of practice that features the optimum drumming tempo for evoking the voice of the water - that I associate with communion with my ancestors and supreme spirit.
Since rhythm is fundamental in PRM, I leave my breath to function automatically and focus on approximating my heartbeat pulse for my primary rhythm and its double-throb (LUB-dub) acoustic signature to determine the tempo of my drum beat. Among the three stages, the first two involve the major or important expansion and contraction of the heart while the third one involves the preparatory stage of the next heartbeat.
Chimpanzee Heart Rate Journal of the American Heart Association - Origin of body surface QRS and T wave potentials from epicardial potential distributions in the intact chimpanzee, 1977 - We then obtained the largest male chimpanzee that we could, one that weighed 80 pounds and was estimated to be nine years old. We are imprinted with the rhythm of both our mother's heartbeat and likely whatever variations our own organ produces over a lifetime- and can use this to establish our meditation's swaying rhythm.
Also - I vary the number of fingers and how and where they impact the drum surface plus raise and lower the dynamics of my swaying to express the mood of my meditation. I shortly add a double beat at the end of each sway (replicating the lub-dub in our heart's acoustical signal).
Within some societies, the beat of the drum represented the heartbeat of the earth and of the people and playing the drum brought the world back into balance. The movers and shakers of ecology, strange attractors shape much of nature--the dance of planets, the motion of oceans. Rather than discrete things and independent events, there are but ripples upon ripples upon waves upon waves in this universe, propagating in a seamless sea.
One of the most important of these is loading stabilization, or in plain English keeping a person busy with activities that support the desired state. It's global form is well known and easily recognized, but the precise action of an individual heart differs from beat to beat, thus defying exact prediction. A story about modern science’s latest startling discoveries concerning both the heart's biological origins and its long-intuited role in the emotional quality of our life experiences. The modern science about the heart and the teachings of Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharshi have much in common. The author compares the extent various religious and spiritual traditions - exile or better integrate the body in their philosophies and practices. The features in my current meditation have been drawn from a broad body of works relating to Vedic, Buddhist and Daoist non-dual traditions, Sufism, primordial sound, drum meditation and shamanism and viewing and listening to youtube presentations to find elements I can incorporate into a practice (a work in progress) I find credible. Since I have spent the past 50 or so years listening to FM inter-station white noise to block out random sounds while sleeping and part of this sound is converted background radiation- I feel I acknowledge its presence every night so do not incorporate it's mantra into my primordial sound meditation. The shaman attains an auto-hypnogenic state via ritual, dancing, drumming and entheogens to delve into the spirit world for revelations concerning the fate of an individual or the collective. I tested the quality of sound of finger-tapping various plastic containers (caps removed) from the typical one gallon water jug to slightly heavier-bodied detergent bottles.
At pow wows, singers use handmade elk or deerskin drums but also use transistor amplifiers and I-pod recorders to transmit the primordial sounds. As far back as 78,000 years ago, there is evidence our ancestors used red ocher probably to decorate themselves in ritual dance to the rhythm of drums. The finger taping produces an acoustic amplitude sufficient to immerse my hearing in the rhythm of the beat without disturbing my condominium neighbors.
My drum rests in a place of honor in my home and I do not play it casually as it is now sacred. Even my little plastic sacred drum, played by hand within the limits between Theta and Delta brainwave consecutive tempo, presents subtle sound effects that vary depending on how it is held by one hand and how the fingers and palm of the playing hand impact various areas of its surface.
Actually being a water jug with an additional hole, it was played by women for ceremonial uses.
The Yaqui type of water drum is actually a half gourd, large in size, that floats in a tub of water like a bubble on the surface; the outer round surface of the gourd is struck with a drum stick, and the vibrations are amplified using the tub of water as a resonator.
I wanted to incorporate a body movement element into my meditation not just for the synergistic effect in maintaining rhythm but for the health benefits of the exercise it provides my lower body. This tentative science does not disallow that isochronic drum beats can produce an audible energy that can be transmitted via our ear that modulates brain waves in the same way as binaural tones that are speculated to impact directly. The total time for a recapitulation of our bipedal hominid evolution is about 15 minutes (+ or - 1 Mya).
When I visualize the last 200 K course - half way at 1 Kya I become Herto man (fully sapiens sapiens) then 70 Kya first leaving Africa then in quick succession - 50 Kya another wave of sapiens leave Africa, 12 Kya Gobekli Tepe builder, 4 Kya Egyptianns, 2 Kya Romans, napolianic era, world War I, and finally World War II and doing a seamless integration where I continue my route for another five minutes with a marching cadence while whisper-whistling the theme from the 1957 movie Bridge On the River Kwai (an epic dramatization of the existential range of modern human ambition - starring Alec Guiness) marshaling me to engage in whatever tasks I've planned for my day. I needed a visualization that carries me from there to the wide-eyed but stupefied state my meditation produces - where I begin my 15-minute (million year-per-minute) walk transitioning me from ape-brained hominid through to my Homo sapiens evolution. While my eyes are still tightly closed, I imagine the dark and featureless state of life's first perception. The first walk event (Sydney, Australia) held followed a farm fence line of 457 meters to represent 4.57 billion years.
Specifically, we are re-enacting the imaginary walk through time described in Dawkins’ book The Ancestor’s Tale, a history of life that takes the usual metaphor of evolution, a tree with roots in the Precambrian and branches for all the major phyla, and turns it upside down. In this visualization, the Big Bang took place at the beginning of January 1 at midnight, and the current moment is mapped onto the end of December 31 at midnight. Aspiring for enlightenment requires you to do both these things: Sit still like a beautiful stone statue of the Buddha and continuously let go of your mind and your thoughts until you glimpse—even if only for an instant—the same awe-inspiring mystery of the empty void that he did. It also offers an alternative - Primordial Rhythm Meditation - for integrating sat-chit-ananda as a daily practice. In the last few decades the mainstream modern science has started accepting concepts like uncertainty principle, wave mechanics, quantum mechanics, and periodicity of the wave pattern.
This makes it particularly suitable for an introvertive practice by directing a full range of sound energy directly into the meditator's consciousness without needing the amplitude of a broadcast instrument likely to disturb the neighbors. I find I tend to play whatever combinations of monotonous beats that best maintain my sense of rhythm without allowing any creative syncopation to intrude in the monotony of the tempo. I started my meditation in the mornings - after bath and breakfast prepared to meet my day except for getting dressed.
Harner pioneered the introduction of shamanism to contemporary life and is recognized as the world leader in this movement. Harner has faced criticism for taking pieces of diverse religions out of their cultural contexts and synthesizing a set of universal shamanic techniques. Researchers have found that if a drum beat frequency of around 180 beats per minute is sustained for at least 15 minutes, an [Sic] alpha wave cycle manifests in the brain and it will induce significant altered states in most people, even on their first attempt. My practice is essentialy a synthesis of features from shamanism and non dual traditions that results in an improvised bhakti yoga active meditation.
The bliss of Turiya, which I will discuss shortly, is seen as the spiritual presence of Vishnu. The method for introducing ecstatic trance and the techniques for incorporating ecstatic experiences into the healing process will be discussed.Before our first trance session I review in detail the five basic elements that underlie ecstatic experience. In India the influence of rhythm and tuning on consciousness has been explored for thousands of years and is considered a form of yoga - Nada Yoga.
A shaman is anyone who heals by connecting with the subconscious, another world, whether of spirits or intuitions, a microcosm, which can be connected to the macrocosm (Cowan 118). The soft,steady lub-dub, lub-dub of a heartbeat rhythm at around 60 beats a minute (or 120 hearthrobs per minute since each heartbeat has two acoustic pulses), has a calming and centering affect. In recent years, Berendt has written books and articles and given lectures, workshops, and seminars about the conscious-widening aspects of sounds and tones and about the spiritual (yin) ability of the human ear as compared to the more rationalistic (yang) ability of the eye.
Would anyone be surprised to find them chanting, clapping, dancing in unison, or maybe just sitting mesmerized before the flickering flame?
The Indian spiritual teacher Meher Baba states, "Out of a number of practices which lead to the ultimate goal of humanity - God-Realization - Bhakti Yoga is one of the most important. By practicing meditation on a daily basis, you can weave stillness and silence into your mind and body which will create a life of increased compassion and fulfillment. These sounds, known as mantras, are individually selected for you and are based on the vibrations occurring at the time and place your birth. During this session, you will try meditation for the first time using your Primordial Sound mantra. David Simon at the Chopra Center for Well being, in conjunction with scholars in the US and India. We offer this as a whole weekend immersion with one to one personal instruction and group meditations in a natural setting in Ireland 3 times a year.
We use the mantra to get beyond thought to experience stillness and silence.The word Mantra means instrument or vehicle of the mind. Through meditation we are able to access the silent spaces between thoughts, the "Gap" between thoughts, the field of quiet, expanded awareness. As stress builds up, it inhibits the free flow of energy and information throughout our central nervous system.
Some people notice dramatic changes immediately, while for others it may take weeks or months.
I'd provide a subscription to the course) - so you'd acquire a professional identity to feature in your own IONS Conscious Aging and PRM coaching website. My practice is a form of Bhakti, but since I have already been blessed with God realization, the aspiration for moksha- to merge with Brahman or Bodhi - inherent in Hindu and Buddhist yoga - is not in my agenda. As noted- the drum used in my demonstration (an empty two-gallon Clorox container) is not the sacred drum I use in my actual meditation (a 100 fl. I did an update to PRM Part 5 after my defib implant to document whatever effects it might induce.
Motion is often induced in infants or toddlers via music, but this behavior is not universal, involuntary, or even reliable.
We elected to study this chimpanzee as a counterpart of the adult human and selected a three-year-old male chimp that weighed 35 pounds to study as a counterpart of a school-age child. Since my goal is to attain a non-syncopated drumbeat, I add a drumbeat into the pause between the two throbs from each heart pulse - and wind up with three evenly-spaced drum beats for each sway, which produces a range of drumbeat tempos between 90 and 180 bpm that nicely coincides with the frequency for Delta brainwaves. Then I add the beat between each double heart beat to attain a steady monotonous evenly-spaced 3 beats per sway of around 90 beats per minute.
In the Native American pow wow the featured Host Drum is made from a wooden shell covered in rawhide.
The Acacia tortilis, dominates the African savannah, where its silhouette emblazoned on the human retina for thousands of millennia, and research verifies that people are drawn to its shape--broad, spreading canopies and branches close to the ground.
For certain ecstatic states this might include chanting, or the repetition of a prayer or mantrum, but in the case of ordinary reality it usually means staying productively busy. These, and many others, are instances of systems that naturally settle into predictable cyclic routines.
Moreover, it is unlikely that the heart ever, in the strictest possible sense, repeats itself the same way twice. Consider the fate of Schroeder,the second - and longest-surviving - receipient in 1984, of the Jarvik-7 artificial heart. The similarity suggests Ramana experienced truths that science has caught up with 50 years later. Later anthropological research found so much core similarity within a wide range of diversity of ritual, symbolism and mythology in primitive cultures throughout the world that the term shaman is generic for the practitioner of a great variety of aboriginal spiritual traditions. At this time I was creating a webpage Enigmatic Synchronicity exploring episodes of synchronicity surrounding the color cyan green, I was drawn to the last bottle of laundry detergent I had purchased before the incident that triggered my interest in that color which by pure chance was made of plastic exactly that hue.
They litter their reservations and celebration sites with trash because the surface of the ground is considered just the outer skin of the body of Earth's sacred spirit reality. Ever since Paleolithic hunter gathers created monumental stone temples some 12,000 years ago in southern Turkey at a site named Gobekli Tepe that gave birth to organized religion, triggering the calamity of civilization- a dynamic body of religious myth and ceremony has grown with infinite diversity and elaboration in a constant state of evolution and involution.
Hand drumming allows a rich complex of nodes for each drum beat as a result of the number of fingers involved and how and where they impact the drum surface.
I extend my love to the spirits of my mother, father, sisters and brother and respect to the collective of all my human ancestors. 60 drum beats per minute is equal to 1 Hertz) so that 180 drum bpm is equivalent to Delta brain wave range of 3 Hz. I end the total 20-minute contemplative workout transfixed staring at the ceiling light in the adjacent kitchen as my wholly evolved self - merged with the divine.
As I expand my brow, my field of vision is flooded with featureless light and I visualize my life first emerging in two stages of single-celled organisms. Palmer, Institute of Cambrian Studies, Boulder, CO and E-an Zen, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
Dawkins begins his account in the present and traces the human lineage back to the hypothesized single cell that set the whole process in motion by dividing in two. Then, when you are relatively free from the endless onslaught of conditioned thinking, become a philosopher. For continued Self-evolution, Alan Watts opined that to unbox, one finds harmony by accepting reality as a 200% universe - concurrently dual material and non dual. I stand in my most comfortable spot on the only floor space (6'x 8') that is carpeted in my condo. His Core Shamanism consists of the universal, near-universal, or common principles and practices of shamanism not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective. Some neoshamans focus on the ritual use of entheogens, as well as embrace the philosophies of chaos magic whilst others (such as Jan Fries) have created their own forms of shamanism. This ease of induction contrasts significantly with the long periods of isolation and practice required by most passive meditative disciplines before inducing significant effects. All the eggs a woman will ever have form in her ovaries when she is a four-month-old fetus. For the non-theist, Om is the primordial emanation of nirguna brahman into saguna, which is to say, through It, the Unmanifested Totality becomes manifest.

The fourth necessary element for inducing ecstatic trance is the presence of a consistent rhythmic sound to cue the nervous system to open "alternate organs of perception." The regular sound of the rattle [or drum], at a rhythm of 200-210 beats per minute, has both a stimulating and eventually a soothing effect. The primary concept of nada yoga is that ultimate reality emanates from a primordial first sound, the pulse, or big bang that creates the universe.
It reconnects us to the warmth and safety of the first sound we ever heard - the nurturing pulse of our mother's heartbeat melding with our own.
When we practice this Ultimate Communion with Mother Sound, we gradually come to an awareness of this Eternal Music which is one of the paths of the infinite.
In Jung's terms, 'Archetype' is defined as the first original model of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are merely derivative, copied, patterned, or emulated. They have continue to practice Ua Neeb in various countries in the North and South America, Europe and Australia. The thesis of this article is that this commonplace activity, which I will call campfire rituals of focused attention, created an important selective pressure in the evolution of the modern human mind.
Almost the whole of humanity is concerned with Bhakti Yoga, which, in simple words, means the art of worship. Anyone can learn to repeat a mantra, but the key is learning to make the regular practice of meditation part of your life.
During Session Three, we will discuss the practical aspects of meditation, you may share your experiences, receive answers to any questions, and meditate with your instructor. It comes from the ancient Vedic traditions of India and has been tried and tested for thousands of years. We incorporate that sound as part of your mantra, so when you use your personal mantra during your meditation, it has the effect of drawing your awareness back to the level of the gap, back to that unmanifest level. We like to leave some time between sessions to give you time to practice so that we can answer all of your questions and help you fine tune your practice and get it locked down. However, for aspirants I see no reason why the practice I outline would not have the full potential to serve this ultimate goal as well as Bhakti, Nada or any other traditional yoga or meditative routine.
However the synergy of heart rhythm and brainwave biofeedback strengthens confidence in both my conceptual and intuitive sense. This capacity to entrain to a regular aural pulse may be an evolutionary vestige of a previously useful ability that has more recently fallen into disuse.
In each meditation session I alternate between slower tempo (2-second) sways (where my mood is more devotional) and faster (up to 1-second) sways (where my mood is more celebratory) with a midrange (1.5-second) sway for an integrative mood - all reflecting natural variations in my heartbeat.
My session then proceeds with five or so minutes of variation in swaying tempos that range between two to one second. Evidence suggests that the operative feature of acacia-like imagery is not its overt expression of the savanna but, instead, the underlying order of its self-similar, not self-identical, fractal that look looser, softer, less rigid and mechanical. Tart's ideas are of the first order, but can benefit from more recent advances in the sciences of complexity, which yield more dynamic and fluid conceptions of the nature of systems. Most interesting, however, are the class of attractors that are neither fixed nor precisely predictable.
This situation of global familiarity but non- predictability, along with the idea that the system never exactly repeats itself, is exactly what defines a chaotic system, one whose action is described by a strange attractor.
As a pump the Jarvik was a resouding success, keeping Schoeder alive for an unpresidented 620 days.
It is easy to think of ourselves as "spirits in the material world", or the B-side of this, material beings in a spiritual world, but both are models of alienation. When I transferred its contents and rinsed it out- it turned out also to have the most satisfying tone of all my previous samples.
Tragically- one such tradition has recently grown (metastasized) a virulent denomination embracing a militant political agenda that literally threatens suffering, extermination and global catastrophe for all humanity that does not submit to the hegemony of its intolerant fundamentalist ideology and has created theocratic states that instigate the abomination of a decree of death for anyone who attempts to convert to any other faith.
The instrument is played by hand and produces a special and unique bass sound by quickly hitting the big hole.
The acoustic disciplines that have evolved assume that in the state of consciousness most commonly associated with meditation, encephalography registers brain waves in the Theta range of between 4-7 Hz. Then- still with eyes closed, I imagine becoming a sea squirt larvae, then lancelet - an eyeless extant species with basal similarities to pikaia from 540 Mya - eyeless but increasingly able to discriminate light qualities and considered to be the archetypal vertebrate form.
Demonstration 4 - To really put the impact of humans into the deep time perspective, an effective basis for an analogy is a football field (actually a soccer field is better because it has metric dimensions and so the math is easier). Like Socrates, Descartes, or Heidegger, dare to question everything you already think and already believe.
In all the modern scientists are still trying to understand the depths of science of the subtle aka the sacred spatial geometry. In the floor plan this was intended as a dining area (now converted to my computer office) and it's adjacent to my kitchen. Since the West overwhelmingly lost its shamanic knowledge centuries ago due to religious oppression, Core shamanism does not focus on ceremonies, such as those of Native Americans, which are part of the work of medicine men and women, persons who do both shamanism and ceremonial work.
This means that the sacred egg that developed into the person you are now, formed in your mother’s ovary when she was growing in the womb of her mother.
According to the Mandukyopanishad, which is a treatise on the Omkara, Om is the primal manifestation of nirguna brahman.
The sound alerts the body to change, to enter the world of Alternate Reality, and eventually to return to ordinary consciousness.
Rhythm itself is the basis of all religious practice, coming from our private internal and inescapable rhythm of the heartbeat - hence, the primordial urgency of the shaman and his drum, of music as the handmaid of religion with tambourines and thundering organs and deeply monotonous unvarying chants. These patterns derive from a universal collective unconscious which in metaphysics is called the Grids, Akashic Records, Sea of Consciousness, that which creates our reality In this context, archetypes are innate prototypes for ideas, which may subsequently become involved in the interpretation of observed phenomena. But it must be understood in all its true aspects, and not merely in a narrow and shallow sense, in which the term is commonly used and interpreted.
Lastly, during Session Four, you will attend a lecture describing the higher states of consciousness that can be achieved with regular Primordial Sound Meditation practice.
It is very easy to learn and has successfully helped thousands of people to meditate daily. In our final session we explore Higher States of Consciousness which can be a deep discussion as we look at the map of higher states and how they apply to your life.This is a very easy way to start meditating regularly, as regularity is one of the most important aspects of meditation. It only works if you do it and it is our intention to help you to create a lasting habit that can transform your body, mind and spirit. Since we all share the basic biogenic attributes- the PRM practice assumes a greater collective conformity than if we depended more on the vagaries of our individual "intuition". While nobody can account directly for this phenomenon, it clearly involves regular, rhythmic bodily movement as a kind of sympathetic reaction to regular rhythmic sound -- that is, as a kind of dance.
As the pressure in the ventricles increases, the AV valves close, to prevent blood from flowing backwards.
Feeling an end to my meditation - I start to imagine I'm at the edge of a 100,000 year old, firelit campsite at night and begin a time-travel, virtual journey back to the present- gradually reducing the amplitude until the primal sound fades away into the wind and I am returned to the here-and-now - ending the drumming.
Over millennia primitive tribes adopted many genre and nuances that overlay the basic repetitive (monotonous) character of the primordial rhythm - a tradition that continues in the largely social ambience of contemporary pow wows where creative and trickey elements are often inserted into the orchestral mix of the drumming.
Judaism doesn't make the distinction that is our legacy in the West about the essential separateness of mind and body. The fundamental purpose of the dramatic displays seen during shamanic ceremonies is not to draw attention or to create a spectacle for the audience as many Westerners have interpreted, but to lead the tribe in a solemn religious function. It produced a fair, low-amplitude simulation of a shaman hoop or frame drum when held upright by its handle with my one hand and tapped lightly with the fingers of my free hand. For anyone with other physical limitations, the rhythm meditation can be performed perfectly well while seated.
The first time I heard this sound I thought it was a whisper from some mystery spirit that sent chills down my spine.
Since I find any drum tempo beyond 180 bpm distracting, according to the consensus brainwave scale, my Primordial Rhythm ranges between Theta and Delta state. If the age of the Earth (4.5 billion years) is scaled to the length of a soccer field, depicted at the top of a sheet of paper or overhead transparency, then one millimeter equals 45,000 years. The understanding about the human body especially, “the spatial awareness that exists in each and every cell is due to the different sensory organs tuned at frequencies”, led the scientists to unravel the innate spatial geometry of life. That said, my orchestration tends to incorporate the idea that our mother's heartbeat provides a template for our basic meditative rhythm and since her rhythm varied over a range (estimated) of between 30 and 100 bpm - this is the range for my swaying rhythm on which I overlay my triple drum beat. The only electric light for this area is from a pair of bare florescent lights I had retrofitted below the original kitchen ceiling fixtures whose transformer had failed several years ago.
See also: Stan Grof & Michael Harner a youtube video discussion about shamanic concepts and Buddhism.
Each of us, male and female, spent five months in the womb of our grandmother, rocking to the beat of her blood. As human beings, we are also emanations of this vibration and subject to the laws of sound.
Chopra Certified Instructors are trained to work with students to provide tips and suggestions on integration of a daily practice into the student’s life. This meditation practice may help to enrich your life, bringing about transformation, joy and fulfillment with regular practice.
Tactus: The tactus has been long understood to mean the moderate-tempo pulse present in most rhythmic music.
The sound made by the AV valves closing is the first thump (acoustic signal) of the heart beat. Speaking informally, an attractor is a condition to which a system is drawn by its own nature. We are nefahot - simultaneously spirit and body, with each inextricably intertwined in the other during this lifetime.
In general, all performances consist of four elements: dance, music, poetry and dramatic or mimetic action.
The tempo of stride is roughly 120 steps per minute so time to cover each length of course is roughly 12 seconds. Most of what we commonly study as human history has all happened since the beginning of the agricultural revolution – about ? of our original millimeter of the soccer field, or roughly the thickness of a blade of grass on the goal-line!
This results in a range for drumbeats from 90 to 300 bpm that corresponds to a brainwave tempo ranging from Delta to Theta.
And our mother spent five months rocking to the pulse of her grandmother’s blood, and her mother pulsed to the beat of her grandmother’s blood.
This archetypal pulse of consciousness vibrates within us as the sound of our own heart beating. Weekly rhythms, feasts and fasts, the rhythm of the seasons with solstices and equinoxes, spring and fall,the summer powwow and the piercing sundance - they make our blood circulate. Primordial Sound Meditation is recommended for anyone who wishes to enjoy deeper peace, greater freedom and mastery of life. Typically when asked to tap a finger or foot to a piece of music, listeners choose a regular time period that is in the approximate range of 300 to 800 milliseconds, averaging a little slower than 2 beats per second (Fraisse 1982). It is written in the Talmud, "Just as the Holy One of Blessing fills the world, so does the soul fill the body." This teaching not only gives us a sense that this world in home, but it also gives us a mandate to work with the body as the primary vessel for encountering God.
The drum, representing the universe in epitome, is often divided into equal halves to represent the earth and lower regions.
In further trials, I found it resonated best when I held the drum loosely and when held near my head required minimal force to resonate into my consciousness with a consistent tone.
I now deliberately sustain its presence in all modalities of my drumming as it seems to provide an audible monitoring that indicates when the drumming orchestration is integrated at full potential for bhakti communion.
I find drumbeat tempos above 180 bpm distracting, and feel that favoring a swaying tempo corresponding to my own pulse rate between 30 and 60 per minute - See heartbeat update with triple drum beats per-sway - keeps me within a comfortable sense of communion.
Without really thinking about it I (instinctively?) stood facing this light and just before dedicating my meditation to Sat-Chit-Ananda unconsciously absorbed the radiation. Back through the pulse of all the mothers and all the grandmothers, through the beat of the blood that we all share, this sound returns us to the preconscious state, to the inner structure of the mind, to the power and the source of who and what we actually are: the pulsing unified field of all consciousness existing everywhere, within everything, beyond past, present, or future. As the music gets faster, a listener is inclined to find progressively slower pulses such that they fit within this range, and vice-versa. The ventricles then relax, and the aortic and pulmonic valves shut down, to keep the blood from flowing back into the heart. Symbols and natural objects are added to the costume and drum representing natural forces and heavenly bodies. I find natural variations in tone and rhythm arise in my unskilled drumming and dance that tempt me to adopt more complex patterns of orchestration and choreography. To visualize your evolution starting with 15 Mya (post Proconsul) through Sahelanthropus of 7 Mya to Ardipithecus around 5 Mya - takes 50 course lengths or roughly about 10 minutes. It is only recently that I realized this was an essential component in my meditative anatomy and that it is the visible manifestation of what I describe in my Cosmic Model viz: light as cosmic consciousness. The sound of the drum has represented this primordial pulse of creation since the beginning of human ritual.
The tactus range is also the range of "spontaneous" tempo, that is, of the tempo produced by the typical person asked to tap a steady pulse. Different traditions, including Judaism, are trying to bring the body back from its long exile, and to explore how somatic practice might again inform and infuse our traditions.
I intend to resist this impulse and stick to the bare essential (monotonous) character of my practice.
So now as an integral part of my meditation I add light to the water, elements and air in my contemplation of Chit and give conscious acknowledgement and reverence to the light before closing my eyes to begin my dedication. It is an ancient thought that rhythmic sound is at the root of all creation, that the world is structured by sound, and that life is rhythm.
This range coincides with a moderate walking pace, a human heartbeat, the rate of jaw movement in chewing, and the infant sucking reflex.
The atria then fill up again with blood flowing to them from veins, to begin the next cardiac cycle.
But it is not just that the body is an important "component" of spiritual work, or that we can accomplish embodiment through shoe-horning movement exercise into our prayer.
It is also a fairly comfortable rate at which to tap a foot or a finger, since it is neither too fast for motor control, nor too slow for accurate, regular timing. Hence the tactus seems to correspond to natural timescales involved with human motion; we might imagine a chipmunk to have a faster tactus. Tibetan Buddhist teacher Reggie Ray has given the critique that many of our spirtual practices today are taught as neck-up endeavors; for instance, we teach a relationship to breathing practice in meditation that makes the breath into a concept as opposed to something that we experience in the body, Ray writes, "We are attempting to practice meditation and to follow a spiritual path in a disembodied state, and this is inevitably doomed to failure.

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