What is it used for?  The Quantum SCIO Biofeedback Device can be used for energy balancing for countless imbalances of body, mind, or spirit.  It has been used to recover from physical or emotional traumas as well as to remove stressful influences to allow the body to heal on its own. Morgan’s Testimonial about how Quantum Biofeedback Therapy helped her chronic stomach pain when drugs and surgery could not. Dan’s testimonial about how Quantum Biofeedback helped his physical and emotional pain. This entry was posted in Heal Naturally, Products & Programs, Uncategorized and tagged biofeedback, cats, disease, dogs, Energy, healing, Holistic, horses, INDIGO, life, Medicine, natural, people, Quantum Biofeedback, SCIO, trauma, wellness.
Indirect effects, Since it is a noninvasive procedure, it is Preventive ideal for children and any person that wishes to improve its state of health. Electroacuputure Meridian: This well known system automatically balances the acupunturemeridians by adjusting them with harmonic frequency techniques. Allergy Testing and Desensitization: This system is an interactive system where the client and therapist work together to achieve a much deeper desensitization to the allergy problem. Rife Technique: This system magnetically stimulates the organs and harmonizes the polarity disturbances of the patient with RIFE frequencies. There is an increasing tendency among people to look for answers that conventional medicine has failed to address. The accuracy and reliability of the quantum biofeedback bio-resonance system is based on decades of research conducted in the field of bio-energetic and bio-response medicine (Electro-Dermal Screening, Voll Meters, Vega, Mora, etc). So this device provides the client and the health professional with an excellent tool to balance their energy, reduce stressors that are causing imbalances, and allowing the body to heal naturally. Ahmad Nasri, HD, is a certified Homeopathic Doctor and Biofeedback Therapist in Ontario, Canada.
Biofeedback is an exceptional tool for use with children because they are often unable to communicate verbally what is going on inside them.
The Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System is the most advanced technology available to measure stresses and imbalances in the body by scanning the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual vibrations. The current version of the SCIO is based on 20 years of history, research and experience throughout the world; it is at the cutting edge of technology.
A 4 minute scan measures the evoked potential response when the body is tested with approximately 12000 stimuli. ANY PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL OR SPIRITUAL IMBALANCE THAT IMPEDES THE NATURAL FLOW OF THE BODY WILL COMPROMISE TO SOME DEGREE THE QUALITY OF ONE’S HEALTH.
During the test over 12000 frequencies challenge the body and these can be simplified into different categories.
From the results excesses and deficiencies which cause Stress to the body can be determined and using the mechanism of Biofeedback the device can stimulate the body’s own self-healing capacity.
At your first appointment with the Quantum SCIO a full consultation will be taken and your health will be discussed along with your general wellbeing, lifestyle and diet. Providing you have no contraindications you will sit in a relaxing recliner where you will be connected to the device via soft wrist and ankle bands and a head band.
The results that are found after running the test will provide the basis for your treatments. If you are a therapist, practitioner, or medical doctor and would like a demonstration of the SCIO system please call to make an appointment.

All blood sugar testing machine wholesalers & blood sugar testing machine manufacturers come from members. Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer , Quantum Therapy Machine Quick Detail: 1) Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer 2)English version 39 reports 3)Multi-languages for your choice. A: Quantum Biofeedback is a computerized energetic therapy device that can help people with their health issues by reducing the stressors that affect health. A: The device affects change by sending “frequencies” or energy into your body which reduce the stressors that may be affecting your health. Persons who have a chronic problem that is not healing itself via other therapies or modalities. In general, persons who are interested in alternative health also like the holistic approach of the QXCI. Renew You offers a FREE 15 minute in-office or telephone consultation with Ron who has been working with the device for 10 years to see if he can resolve your concern or situation. This is why integrative medicine is trying, through the use of homeopathy, to fill in this gap by recognizing humans as an integral part of nature who have their own individual uniqueness and complexity, which explains why they respond differently to same conventional therapies. It could be perfectly used as a compliment to other integrative therapeutic modalities like detoxification, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, and chelation therapy.
He has been involved with hormonal testing and bio-identical replacement for years, having been trained at the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).
A session could uncover issues such as food intolerances and toxicities which could be the underlying issues surrounding learning disabilities, problem behaviours, and out-of-control emotions or other reoccurring health concerns. The Quantum SCIO device offers the best in bioenergetic stress reduction therapy.  The SCIO is designed for stress detection and stress reduction.
These include food extracts, allergens, toxins, virus, bacteria, disease, parasites, worms, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, hormones, emotions, biorythyms, spiritual energies, diseases, organs, homeopathics, geopathics, charkas, genetics, chromosomes, spine & musclular and so on.
Stress lowers the immune system resulting in health problems which at first are mildly bothersome but eventually lead to chronic disease. These detect and address imbalances and dysfunctions safely on every level of the body, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
These results will be discussed with you as the treatment progresses and you will be given suggestions for lifestyle adaptions which for optimum improvements to your health you are advised to follow.
We doesn't provide blood sugar testing machine products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. Then there are 80 programs in the Quantum where the device gives detailed information and clues on health. Sometimes more frequency is optimal initially – sometimes less depending on circumstances. For the most part, plan on the therapy being an out of pocket expense – unless you have a “health spending account” or a “flex care” package which allow persons the flexibility to choose amongst a variety of health or alternative services. He is an experienced professional and a renowned speaker in several national and international health conferences. It is calibrated to measure the fine and subtle electrical and subspace reactions to a group of biological and medical substances.
The results of the test are displayed via a computer program and where there appears to be imbalance further more specific testing is carried out to detect dysfunction and toxicity.

Nutritional will be discussed and you may also be given a homeopathic remedy to take home which will be made by the SCIO and will be individually tailored for you. The QXCI scans the patient’s body like a virus-scan on a computer, looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, abnormalities and more.
Though the most powerful aspect of the Quantum is these 80 programs all have therapy options to reduce stress that benefit improving health!
The Biofeedback-therapy device is a System complex program with electrodes attached by wires to the ankles, wrists and forehead which measure and feed frequency information between the Quantum device and you the electrical activity of our organism by means of the electrofisiologica information that it emits our body. Energy medicine works through subtle electrical and bio-quantum stimulation to help the body recover its ideal template and thus heal itself. The use of the straps (instead of probes) to locate acupuncture points as in other devices minimizes the possibility of error on the behalf of the therapist. He has a vast knowledge in mainly Integrative cancer therapy, Chelation therapy, Women’s health, and Anti-aging. It reports on the biological reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities. What we can tell you is we have had situations where clients responded so well to QXCI work that 20+ year pain or other conditions were permanently alleviated in a small to moderate amount of work. For one gal, her bad osteoarthritis (7 of 10 in severity, 10 years plus duration) disappeared in 6 weeks and stayed away for 2 years. He is the author of several articles in different Canadian health magazines and is the Director of Nasri Functional Medicine Clinics in Barrie (705) 735-2354, and Woodbridge (905) 266-0959. The QXCI Quantum Biofeedback device is connected to the patient via a headband & ankle and wrist straps.
As it crept back a bit slowly, we did two tune-up therapy sessions, and it’s stayed away for another almost two years to date.
It sends “cellular level” electromagnetic energy into the body to eliminate stressors and affect change. And if the issue is very large or you have many issues, we recommend committing to 10 sessions, and seeing how that goes.
Many times other contributing causal factors like nutrition, stress or lifestyle may need to be modified, addressed and or eliminated if not refrained from. Trivector resonant frequencies (a mathematical calculation of the relationship between voltage, amperage and resistance) of more than 9000 substances are compared to the trivector resonant frequencies of the patient.
Prescribing for Bio-identical Replacement Therapy at the Nasri Clinic is done through a consulting Medical Doctor. And compliance or a lack thereof affects the benefits that people get from the Quantum therapy in these cases. Offering over 200 biofeedback therapies in 72 modalities, it is the largest healthcare software package in the world, combining both eastern and western techniques.

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