WASHINGTON: Pakistani intelligence agency Inter Service Intelligence has been declared top secret agency of the world in intelligence agencies ranking issued by US crime news.
Intelligence agencies ranking have been issued by American crime news, according to the top 10 ranking French intelligence agency is on last position whereas Indian secret service Research and Analyzing Wing (RAW) appeared on seventh.
Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has got top most rank due to its high professional skills, protecting nation interest, actions against terrorists.
Central Intelligence Agency (USA) came on second, the British secret agency MI6 secured third position. Hmmm….So, the US billions to Pakistan now go to US crime news channels to place the ISI on the top of some survey?
ISI is not ranked in the world for nothing Imran,we all know who is the biggest terrorist organisation here. And you better stop defending your terorrists who r sitting in the ranks of isi or else one dau they are going to blow your head off.

However, Indeed's ranking a€” drawn from the way it aggregates job listings from multiple sites a€” is also a rough proxy for "hot" shops a€” the agencies that have a got a lot of work on their hands and most need help to handle it.
Inter service intelligence (ISI), Pakistan This intelligence service is belonging from the Pakistan and there working performance is one of the best performances in all over the world and no doubt that this is one of the best intelligence agencies in all over the world. The Institute For Intelligence and Special Operation, Israel The head quartered of this intelligence agency is in Tel Aviv (City of Russia). An obscure online news site is the source of this 'internation survey' on intelligence agencies?
We are working to change the trend of Pakistani news agencies in providing real and intelligent news. We publish breaking news, national and international news, sports, Bollywood News, Hollywood News. In the list of top ten world’s best intelligence agencies 2013, this intelligence agency is deserved at 1st number.

In the list of top ten world’s best intelligence agencies 2013, this intelligence agency is deserved at 6th number.
We believe that real change is only possible if we publish true information without presenting the thought of a certain group. But if you think the company is looking for art directors with really cool portfolios, think again.

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