I think the story-telling style in which they are written helps to understand how LOA plays into life (or vice-versa).
The first book teaches about joy – how to feel good and be happy while the main character searches for answers to life. The second book gives clarity and understanding about issues in life which can be conflictual and confusing. Secondly, it has 22 processes which you can choose from to help you improve and fine tune your point of attraction.  These processes are a very practical guide to give you a tool to help you focus on what it is you are wanting.
I have attended many Abraham-Hicks live workshops and find them to be the premier teachers of the Law of Attraction.
Michael Losier’s book, Law of Attraction, is the nuts and bolts book for applying Law of Attraction to your life.  This book offers the most practical how-to process for Deliberate Attraction and Allowing – the art of connecting Law of Attraction deliberately. This Abraham-Hicks book presents the powerful basics from the original dialog between Abraham and Jerry Hicks. Linda Ryan is a Registered Nurse, proud Mom of three, Certified LifeSuccess Consultant, Go-Giver Coach and President of Mind Over Matter Coaching.  Her purpose and passion is to help others understand and utilize the unlimited potential of their mind. Abraham’s message (channeled by Esther Hicks) is very clear, very concise, and powerful.

E-Squared offers a practical, straightforward approach to law of attraction and harnessing Universal energy.
From beginners to Law of Attraction experts, the practical exercises in this book will help everyone refine their manifesting abilities. This is a beautiful, gentle read that includes a gentle introduction to Creative Visualization (the power of manifesting through visualization) and many exercises that you can use to manifest your desires.
Living the Secret is a tribute to Rhonda Byrne and the philosophy that was revealed in her best-selling book The Secret. As much as I was studying Law of Attraction (LOA) when first introduced to it, my best grasp of it came from reading these books. The books appeal to adults, teenagers and children. However, I found it was not as comprehensive as these other books, leaving out the concept of vibration as it relates to attraction and manifestation. My affiliation is with a wonderful community whose values are based on uplifting others and personal development as well as developing a means of creating an income at home.
I've heard people say they don't believe in it, or they tried it and it didn't work for them.
The speakers are all leaders in the field of Quantum Physics and LOA, so even old manifesting hats are likely to learn something new (but for advanced manifestors, there are other, more in-depth resources to consider).

Her Law of Attraction states that if we think positive thoughts, those thoughts will come true. You too can discover the positive force of love that turns impossibilities into possibilities. Now is the time to read the book’s five chapters on health, education, careers, relationships and money.
After the super success of “The Secret” they have came back together to share their own heroic stories which on reading will change your perception about the power you have to write your own destiny. This book will explain the journey of these super heroes & take the knowledge of Law of Attraction to a completely different level. Living the Secret is the author’s collection of stories about people from all over the world who have experienced the rewards of The Secret.

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