National Geographic has invited its community members to submit pictures of the event the way they see it. Every year nature performs this wonderful show of beauty and color in Japan, also known as cherry blossom.
It is a big deal in Japan, with the meteorological agency even providing updates on the blossom season.
Results are nothing short of breathtaking, with cherry blossoms repainting the whole landscape of the country.

Results are nothing short of breathtaking, with cherry blossoms coloring the whole landscape. It releases the latest news predicting advance of the cherry blossoms across Japan (the process even has its own name – “sakura zensen”). Each of the tiles in the collection has a special pattern, developed diagonally and elegantly displaying a black&white finish. They can be used individually, as coasters or assembled together for various decorative needs.Collect this ideaThe original ceramic tiles are currently being sold in sets of four pieces, each of them having a different pattern.

In order to develop these coasters, Matt worked with Dominic D’Alessio, a skilled craftsman in the field. Be sure to check out the video we uploaded at the end of the post and share your thoughts about this project.

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