Covers many practice tasks to prepare learners for AQA Entry 3 Adult Literacy Reading and Writing examinations and great revision for Level 1 learners too. Includes: Reading Comprehension, Text Purpose, Alphabetical Order, Using a dictionary, Silent Letters, Homophones, Plural Spelling rules, Proper Nouns and Verbs.
Develops skills in reading, comprehension, word and text identification, discussion and writing. Develops skills in reading, comprehension, discussion, word and text identification and writing. With detailed E3 Functional Maths,English and ICT mapping charts showing embedding of measuring, internet searching, reading instructions, writing plant profiles, etc.

Lots of detail – including hyperlinks to online practice tests and DfES Skills for Life worksheets.
I am a Tweet loving, technology integrating, mom of two with a passion for classroom design! Based on a Functional English lesson given on Sport Relief day (but suitable for any time of year as it is based on the Back Up charity for spinal cord injuries – not Sport Relief). Great example of embedding aspects of all three Functional Skills into a vocational course. Originally written for construction students but suitable for any vocational area or discrete teaching.

Each session is also mapped to the adult numeracy curriculum and includes details of learning objectives, Every Child Matters, assessment of learning, learning activities, and resources.

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