For the last four years, thousands of Redditors have participated inA a Reddit Secret SantaA gift exchange.
Cali writes that the donation made her glow: "IA can't even begin to describe how incredible it makes me feel knowing that he made this donation in my name! The inscription in the book Gates got Cali reads, "Melinda and I have been to Africa many times and loved it. However, RedditGifts did an excellent job of spamming my email in order to convince me to join in the festivities. The second goodie that I got from my secret santa is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition Yahtzee game!
I was super hesitant to take part because in the past, I’ve been left giftless by both my secret santa and rematch (it was the Sailor Moon exchange for anyone whose curious).

They ended up getting me right at the last hour before sign ups closed… And boy am I happy that I participated!!! It really is tough finding any sort of geek related shirt that has a nice cut as well as print. Can’t wait to open the present, though part of me wants to keep it in the box since I really really like Doctor Who.
I grew up listening to the soundtracks during car rides with my dad, and remember watching the episodes on VHS over and over. It’s such an excellent way to spend time with friends and family, as opposed to clubbing and what not. It’s definitely something that I feel links me and my much older siblings together, which makes me happy.

My Secret Santa gift was waiting for me at home for just under a week, as I couldn 't get home to pick it up! And today one of our office mates (a catering company) got Mexican food catered and offered it to everyone. A Southern California city councilman was charged with sexually assaulting seven women when he was a high-ranking county executive in what prosecutors said Tuesday was an abuse of power and public trust.
If you decide to seek the path of expanded awareness, you will find the secret to experiencing happiness and peace at the same time.

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