When you select Debian or Ubuntu as Operating System during the creation of virtual machines the wizard automatically selects E1000 as virtual network adapter. Prior to change please make sure that your operating system contains the vmxnet3 driver or you have installed the VMware Tools. You can’t change the adapter Type directly in the vSphere client, so you have to remove the adapter and add it again with the vmxnet3 type.
Thanks for the post, I used your last method to switch interface configuration from Flexible to VMXNET3 in my VM. I am really hoping to workaround installing the VMware tools on this VM as it is quite specialized and doesn’t have the proper toolchain for the install (no gunzip, no tar, no perl, etc). Would there be any drawbacks to having a Linux VM run VMXNET3 interfaces with the proper driver while not having installed VMware Tools? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In this part of our tutorial we are going to discuss the operations and tasks such as Taking Snaphots, Creating Pools, Making Templates and Cloning are the main operations which could be performed on RHEV virtual machines hosted by RHEV environment. After finishing, you will note that status of snapshot changed from Lock to OK, which meaning that your snapshot is ready and created successfully.
Wait for Previewing to be finished and after few minuets, you will noted that snapshot status is “In preview”. Second one to check the reverted changes before commit the restored snapshot to original vm. Then watch restoring commit process, after finishing commit process, you will find snapshot status is “OK”.

Actually, template is a very normal virtual machine copy, but without any pre-configuration related to the original vm operating system.
Now, you can check the process from tasks and also you could switch Templates tab to monitor the status of your new templates.
That’s right, you will be asked for new root password and also you will be asked about basic authentication configuration.
Download all articles in PDF format with our TecMint Content Subscription and Linux Support Services starting at $10 per month. Please be carefull with Red Hat (RHEL) for example, where the network devices are pinned to MAC-Addresses as this process generates a new MAC-Addresses. This can be done by connection the the ESXi host with SSH or by simply downloading, changing and uploading the configuration file. We changed the network card type and re-configured the IP but it couldn’t reach the outside network.
But there are no additional drawbacks, except the lack of additional VMware Tools features, when using VMXNET3 interfaces without VMware Tools. Quick question – if you use the PowerCLI method does it retain the guest OS configuration? This is very useful and helpful during software testing process or revert something going wrong on your system as you could return back to the Point-Time which you took snapshot at. First one to directly “Commit” the restored snapshot to the original virtual machine and finishing the total reverting process. If you don’t want to confirm reverting to snapshot after preview stage, just click on “Undo” to skip snapshot.

Templates are used to improve the speed and decrease time of vm operating system installation.
Now check the status of created Pool vms and wait few minutes, you will note the status of virtual machines changed from Lock to Down.
Provide name to your cloned VM and wait few minutes, you will find the cloning process is done and the new vm now is ready to be used.
Cloning, Creating Pools, Making Templates and Taking snapshots are basic and important tasks should be done by RHEV admin.
You can run this script without disruption while the virtual machine is running but it’s not active until you have powered off the virtual machine. When you use the vSphere client to remove and add a new adapter you get a new MAC-Address and thus the server will boot without active network adapters. Make sure its powered off and then click “Preview” to check the snapshot and reverting on-fly to it. This tasks also considered as the core tasks of any virtualization environment, So make sure you understood it well then do more and more,,, and more practical labs in your private environment. You can create new VM from current snapshot, just select your preferred snapshot and click on “Clone”.

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