This CD is comprised of a breathing technique and uses a phrase to release any negativity, tension and stress. When something stressful or emotional happens to us, we’re told to “take a deep breath” to help calm us down.
By understanding these breathing techniques, you’ll know how to breathe to alleviate stress, and even how to improve your focus and performance—just like the world’s top athletes. But today’s consumer society has taught us to breathe differently—a phenomenon predominant among women. Objective: Deep breathing is an energizing technique that promotes the release of endorphins by increasing the oxygen being delivered to the body.
Technique For the best results, take a deep breath through your nose and expand your belly and chest to allow as much oxygen as possible into the lungs.
Technique : While deep breathing can be practised anywhere, complete breathing is most effective when done in a quiet environment, (where no one will be around to distract you). To start, place one hand in the center of your chest, the other hand on top of your abdomen.
Objective : This technique is often practiced in yoga, and is centered on slow breaths to calm the body. Certain forms of exercise increase the body's energy, but this is futile if we continue to waste energy by constantly keeping the muscles in a state of readiness when there is no need to do so.
Whenever you experience mental tension, try breathing slowly and rhythmically for a few minutes while you concentrate on the breath.
These asanas provide mental peace and one feels energetic after just few hours of practice.
Realize the soothing warmth of the palms evaporating the tensions from the neck and related areas.

Keep adjusting the elbows so that tension is evenly spread out between the neck and the lower back. But did you know that that there is more than one way to breathe, and that you can apply different breathing techniques to achieve specific results? Empty your lungs slowly and hold your breath for a few seconds without forcing it too much. A neutral scent by Lampe Berger is ideal as it doesn’t release any fragrance, allowing you to focus on your breathing. By practicing and perfecting these breathing exercises, you will be able to achieve deep relaxation when high intensity situations strike and better manage the twists and turns of everyday life. Some people find they have trained their muscles to be so tense that they cannot relax them even at night, creating a constant energy drain. We may be unaware that we are doing it, but by thinking and worrying we are using up tremendous amounts of energy. Yogic breathing exercises will may take conscious effort, but develop your ability to calm the mind using your own thought power. As long as we identify with this body and mind, we all think we can rely on no-one but ourselves.
This is the best pose of this series which provides mental peace to the persons of all ages.
Indian and Chinese cultures held that breathing was the most ancient source of energy—a life force vital to our survival. Since every action, conscious or unconscious, uses stored energy, relaxation is necessary good health and peace of mind. The tension put on the mind by worries, whether real or imagined, can use more energy than physical work. It is important to set aside some time each day for the mind to unwind and recoup its energies.

This leads to an experience of inner peace,with physical relaxation following the mental relaxation.
These exercises seem very easy at first, but if followed rigorously, are quite difficult for the tension in all the muscles of the body must be consciously released. This exercise is highly beneficial for the rest of pregnant women; as by the time of 3rd trimester the tummy swells inordinately which often causes restlessness. Fitted blouses and skin tight dresses can alter how we breathe and when we start breathing from our chest rather than from our abdomen, there is less oxygen being pumped through our body, which can increase tension. Deep sleep rejuvenates body and mind, but light sleep, or the dream state, actually uses energy. As your body relaxes, I guide you step by step to  releasing any tension that is left within you. Yoga gives the techniques for this inner tuning, enabling us to break down the boundaries that separate us from each other, and from our own Inner Selves. With the beautiful original composition of relaxing music in the background and my voice guiding you, it becomes a surreal experience. Constant postural abnormalities exert strain on the back muscles providing them little solace in the traditional supine pose. The primary aim of such asanas is to relax the every bit of muscle and provide them a deep repose. Those who feel uncomfortable due to the spinal chord problem will certainly get huge solace in these asanas.

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