You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Next scheduled class is for Reiki level one on 28th and 29th January, no prior learning needed or ‘healing gift’ required.
Have you got crystals at home but not sure how to work with them, what they do, or how to cleanse them for best results?
Are you drawn to crystals but no idea where to start, how to choose them, what to use them for?

Maybe you’re crystal curious, intrigued about their energy and healing potential and want to find out more. Over the years of teaching in Crystal Palace we have found that stress plays a huge part in how our bodies function and so to complement our pilates teaching we started to run relaxation and meditation evenings.  These have been immensely beneficial in helping our clients learn how to release and manage unwanted physical tension.
The good news is that the more weight bearing exercise we do, the more the bone producing cells are stimulated so pilates can be immensely beneficial – although some adaptations do need to be made.
Griffins Hill is a peaceful, modern yoga retreat set in a six acre garden with spectacular views of the Southern Grampians.

Group yoga and relaxation sessions are available that cater for absolute beginners to advanced.

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