The same principles that make relaxation music relaxing also make it useful in the stressful situations that arise in a hospital environment.
Elio has received many testimonials such as the one from a mother whose child recently underwent a liver transplant. If you find yourself in a stressful medical situation, try using the healing powers of relaxation music to reduce stress and help your body heal itself.  You may also want to try it when you receive your bills.
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CRYSTAL CHILD is an instrumental healing album inspired by the beautiful indigo and crystal children.
Healing music such as Elio’s Music for the Healing Codes is known to slow breathing and the heart rate through the use of counterpoint melodies and a pleasant steady rhythm. The mother played a piece from Music for the Healing Codes and noticed an immediate change in the child’s breathing pattern, it became slow and relaxed to match the music. The chances are that it will also reduce stress in this situation, although we can’t guarantee it will help your bank account to heal itself. Crystal Child includes detailed sleeve notes in the style of an interview with Sandra Sedgbeer - Publisher and Editor of Children of the New Earth.

Because medical music sounds like something you would hear over the emergency room loudspeakers, and that doesn’t sound pleasant or relaxing at all.

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