Jason Glasnapp (above), Fort Scott, proudly holds a shirt advertising his sponsor after finishing the Ironman Florida triathlon Nov.
These Deerfield Elementary fourth-grade students (below) celebrate Daniel Gilroy's second-place finish in a national Dairy Queen essay contest.
This summer, PBS KIDS’ summer learning initiative helps kids continue building key literacy skills throughout summer vacation with themed weeks.
Pal, Baby Kate, Amigo, and Mei Lin enthusiastically accept Nemo’s dare to travel around the world and make it back in 11 minutes. Muffy discovers that web blogging is a great way to keep her readers up to date with her every move…whether they’re interested or not! To boost school pride, Arthur and his classmates form the Lakewood Pride Committee, which immediately and fervently adds members, distributes buttons and creates special chants. It’s the hottest day in Elwood City, when a total blackout leaves its residents without any electricity. Through the Looking Glasses – Arthur can’t find his glasses and has to get new ones, but all the attention he is getting from these new hipper glasses has gone straight to his head! October 10th, ARTHUR premiers it’s 15th season with a full week of new episodes from October 10-14 at 3pm. I Wanna Hold Your Hand – During a shopping trip to the mall, Binky gets caught doing the uncoolest of all the uncool things in the world -holding his mom’s hand! Martin and Chris are on a mission to uncover the secret life of the mysterious Great White Shark. While exploring why some animals mimic the looks of others, Martin and Chris encounter a cheetah cub and its mom. Chris and Martin are unpacking from an adventure and are surprised when a Wolf pup pops out of their bags.

Martin and Chris challenge themselves to ID as many hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and vultures as they can. Barney invites Ben & Emma aboard an imaginary Hot Air Balloon for a fun-filled journey around the world.
This page is maintained according to the website publishing guidelines of Monticello Central School District. The Americans practiced Saturday at Melbourne, Australia, in preparation for the Australian Open, which starts Monday. Can Buster and his friends put the “community” back in community gardening or will it end up getting paved over? They have no idea where the little guy came from and must retrace their steps in order to return him back to his pack. But the evil endangered species chef, Gaston Gourmand has his own plan for the raptors and has been capturing them all in his quest to find the tastiest bird wing. As they drift along, going where the wind takes them, they remember past visits to the various countries they’re passing over.
Yet Muffy is convinced that Fern must be despairing about never having won anything, and she sets out to give Fern a prize no matter what…. But when Gourmand sniffs around looking for ingredients for his Shark Fin Soup recipe, the Wild Kratts team must help rescue their new friend.
The Wild Kratts team springs into action on a rescue mission before Donita adds the momma cheetah to her new fall line. They experience that wolves are a very social animal with a close pack structure and frequent visual and audio communication among individual members.
Will the Wild Kratts team succeed in rescuing the raptors before they become Gourmand’s next gourmet delicacy?

We get to tride a gondola in Venice, see a dancing horse in Spain, watch traditional drummers in Kenya, and lots, lots more! Glasnapp is a physical therapist for Health for Life by Mercy, an outpatient rehabilitation clinic and fitness center. With the help of the Baxter Detective Agency, Muffy discovers a series of clues…an old class picture, a receipt for a trumpet and old jazz albums. Can they all accomplish these missions impossible before the clock counts all the way down?
With this knowledge and wolf-powered Creature Power Suits the bros are able to fend off a hungry cougar and finally return the pup to his wolf pack.
They look the same, they act the same, they even have the same number of hairs on their heads.
So if they are supposed to be exactly the same, why can Tommy whistle while Timmy can’t? Send it, along with your name, phone number and caption information, to Friends & Neighbors, P.O. Buster the Lounge Lizard – Buster has the brand-new Dark Bunny Dark Buggy, complete with grappling hook and voice commands!
But with all its bells and whistles, the Buggy seems to have a mind of its own and has zoomed its way into the mysterious teacher’s lounge, where no student dares to enter.

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