This blog post will show you how to fix Mac OS X file permissions that may have been set incorrectly.
If you’ve copied files from a different user account into your user account sometimes you may find that you can not rename, modify, move or delete the files without entering an administrator password. Before making any changes to file or folder permissions you should first back up all data on your Mac.
To make changes to the permissions in the Get Info window first click on the lock in the bottom right corner and enter an administrator user name and password.
If you make a mistake setting the permissions on a single file or folder, you may be able to reverse the changes by selecting the Revert Changes command in the gear pop-up menu at the bottom.
To change the permissions of a folder and ALL the files and folders that it contains you may use the Apply to enclosed items… command in the gear pop-up menu.
Sometimes you may be able to correct the file and folder permissions using these controls in the Get Info window. If all else fails and your home folder is messed up you can try to reset the user’s Home folder permissions and ACLs back to the defaults. This will open the Reset Password window which includes a section at the bottom labeled: Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs. The post Running Multiple WordPress Blogs under Single Installation appeared first on Tut Master.
It is a special feature available in WordPress which allows user to create their own blog network under a single installation. By default this feature is disabled in WordPress, If you are wish to use Multisite feature then you need to enable it. Open your wp-config.php file and search for this line  and Add the below code to it as shown in the above screenshot. After you start installing a network you would be prompted to follow certain steps as shown in the below image. As shown in above screen shot you can see the list of all network websites under the same dashboard.
I hope above tutorial will be helpful for you if you going to set up your own multisite network with WordPress.
The post How To Install and Use WhatsApp On PC (Windows, Mac) appeared first on Tut Master. Do let us know if you are facing any problems while installing the WhatsApp on your PC and we would try our best to solve your problems. The post How to find DELL Service Tag or Express Service Code Remotely via CMD appeared first on Tut Master. Do let us know if you have any other method to find the service tag number or your feedback on the procedure stated above in the comment section. You got physical access to a linux ubuntu machine and you don’t know the password of the account. As you know with root account priviledges you can do anything in the ubuntu machine (I mean anything). After successfully entering correct username and password combination you will get logged into the linux system. As the open source revolution grows around the world, more and more people are starting to switch over to the Linux Operating System and pre-eminent of all the Linux OS is the Red Hat Linux, owned and distributed by the Red Hat Inc. The post How To Install Red Hat Linux – Complete Step by Step Guide appeared first on Tut Master.
Step 2- RHEL installer would then prompt you conduct a check as to whether the CD media from which you’re installing is functioning correctly or not.
Step 3- Next, we need to select the language- English or any other language as per your preference, and then press ‘Next’ .

Step 4- In this step, the RHEL installer would ask you about the appropriate type of keyboard for the system.
Step 5- Next, the installer would ask for an ‘installation number’ if you wish to install full set of Red Hat functionalities. Step 6- The Red Hat installer would then require you to create partitions in your computer’s hard disk for the installation. Once you have made all the desired partitions and given their mount points, click ‘Next’ to continue installation. Step 9- This step pertains to the network settings of the Linux system that you are going to install.
You can also provide the hostname, Gateway address and DNS address to the system during this step. Step 11 – This is a very important step that deals with the root(super-user) password for the system . Step 12 – The RHEL installer would then prompt you about if you wish to install some extra ‘Software Development’ or ‘Web Server’ features. Step 13- This next step will initiate the installation of Red Hat Linux, press ‘Next’ to begin the process.
For example you may make changes to a program and when you relaunch it later you notice that the changes didn’t stick. While this may sometimes happen due to permissions issues, such behavior could also be due to other issues, such as disk or data corruption. Simply select the file or folder in question and choose the Get Info command from the File menu or right-click on the file or folder and choose Get Info from the pop-up menu that appears. Examining the files permissions in the Get Info window will often show the following strange result, 2 entries for everyone with one of them set to custom. You may then use the + and – buttons in the bottom left corner to add or remove names from the permissions list.
You can add a Multisite feature to your existing installation by just following the Steps given below. The Location and behavior of Multisite Network Administration can be confusing even if you are an expert.
You don’t need to create separate database and login credentials for different sites, your current username and password would work with all the sites under your network and in order to visit the dashboard of any particular website under your network you would have to visit network administration dashboard (your Root WordPress installation) and then navigate to My Sites Tab under Dashboard. If you are facing any issues or problems do let us know by commenting below and we would try our best to solve your problem.
Currently WhatsApp is available for all major mobile platforms such as Android, IOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone etc. Today we would be showing you how to Install and use the WhatsApp on your Windows or Mac PC. Now in case you are using the Bluestacks application for the first time you need to link a existing Google account with the App and select one of the Android devices linked to your Google account.
With the help of the service tag number the technical support executive identifies the model, hardware and software details of the computer to give the right support. So in order to get the details you can Windows Command prompt which help you capture the details within seconds.
Most common method of authentication is the login process where a user enter a valid username and password. As soon as the following screen pops up, press ‘Enter’ to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) through GUI mode. We take the ‘US English’ keyboard, you can pick any other option depending on the type of your keyboard. Enter the installation number and press ‘OK’ if you have an officially licensed installation number(for corporate clients that buy Red Hat’s backup support and full features).

You can do it in four ways but the simplest way is to select ‘Use free space on selected drives and create default layout’ as this option will not affect any other OS residing in your system. You can select the Ethernet devices through which the system would communicate with other devices in the network. You can also choose to configure the Kdump, that stores information about system crashes if your system fails but uses valuable disk space.
The next step is for software updates from Red Hat, at this point you should skip the registration and register at a later time and then click ‘Forward’.
This step is about configuration of your Sound Card, choose a sound device and then click ‘Forward’. You can normally go about your business and Mac OS X will take care of managing the proper file permissions as you create and modify files on your Mac. This section is simply a graphical user interface (GUI) to display and control the underlying Unix file permissions system. A warning will pop-up because you can’t undo this, so be very sure you know exactly what you are doing in this case. In such cases you may drop into Unix and make the changes manually in the Terminal if you are comfortable managing permissions directly in Unix. If this is a folder and you want to remove the ACLs from the entire contents of the folder and all subfolders (be careful) then also turn ON Apply to enclosed folders and files. Sometimes while sitting in front of my PC I feel how cool it would be if I can run WhatsApp on my PC. As a result this document has been formulated as a step-by-step guide to ensure that everybody can install and use Red Hat Linux seamlessly and with ease. You can Enable or Disable the firewall according to your preferences and then click ‘Forward’.
By default you should keep it ‘Disabled’ unless you’re working with very secure information. There are a few cases however, such as copying files from other user accounts, when file or folder permissions may get set incorrectly. In its simplest state these permissions consist of a set of single owner, group and everyone settings. I’d avoid doing this to any high level folder because it will drill the change down to each and every folder and file contained within, recursively.
This can be tricky and error-prone if you aren’t comfortable working directly in Unix however. No matter what type of blog or website you wish to start, WordPress is one of the best options available in the market. If you login by the Text based or command line interface you will be provided with a shell prompt whereas if you login from a graphical interface you will be provided with a desktop environment. In more complex cases there could be multiple entries for owners or groups using a Unix mechanism called Access Control Lists (ACLs). In such cases it is much easier to use the free donation-ware BatChmod or the shareware FileXaminer. Sometimes we need to run multiple blogs and the conventional way of doing this is simple install wordpress for each of your domains and sub domains.
There is also a way by which you can run multiple wordpress blogs under single installation.

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