If your Hotmail account is compromised or hacked fro whatever reasons, you still have several ways to recover the hacked account. Once your login is denied, the very first option for you is torecover your Hotmail account using the conventional password reset procedures. The next steps in the process will depend greatly on the information you provided with Hotmail in your account. If an alternate email address is intact, click on the Next button and wait for the reset link that Hotmail will send to the listed alternate email account. In case of a reset link, check your alternate email, open the email sent by Hotmail and then click on the link in the email.
In case of a mobile phone recovery, Hotmail will send a reset code to your mobile phone through SMS.
What will happen if the alternate email account that you registered with your Hotmail is no longer accessible?
Using this form, you can submit to Hotmail relevant information about your account and your onwership of the said account. In the second box, type the email address where you can be contacted by Hotmail regarding the progress of the recovery process.
If you are NOT a paying customer of Microsoft, you can leave the Billing Information blank. Then wait for 3 to 5 business days for Hotmail to contact you using the email address that you provided regarding the results of the recovery. What happens when you receive an email from Hotmail after submitting the Account Recovery Form telling you to better create a NEW Hotmail account because you cannot recover the account due to lack of information? You will need to create another email address with Hotmail, because you need to be logged into Hotmail in order to contact a moderator. In the form that you get, provide them details regarding the fact that you have already completed the recovery form, but have been unsuccessful.
They will respond in 24-72 hours, depending on how many requests they have waiting in queue before yours. Hacker found a way to hack and change your password like, just he used to change his own password. Researcher notice that the URL of the page having a parameter called "f" which represents your user ID and replacing the user ID with victim's user ID allow him to get into next page where attacker can reset the password of victim without knowing his last password.

The Vulnerability was very simple to execute, but now patched by Facebook Security Team.
Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox? Windows Password RecoveryEasily reset your locked Windows admin and other users' passwords. An MSN account is a gateway to many MSN services including Hotmail, MSN Massager and My MSN.
Note: Only legal use of MSN password recovery programs is to remove the security on a MSN account that you have the permission to do so on, like you forgot your own MSN password.
Follow these steps to find out how to change MSN password without alternative email and security answer.
Recently I forgot my hotmail password, I did not specify secondary email Address for hotmail to send the hotmail password reset email.
Provide account information and answer your secret question(which you entered while creating your account). After you reset your password, To help you reset your password in the future, add an alternate e-mail address and question and secret answer that you can remember. Due to Browser capabilities of remembering the password we always from our favorite desktop or laptop click allows our browser to remember password in order to make sure that we from next time easily login into our account without entering the user ID and password. One such disadvantage I personally find is when you login through some other PC you will be on certain occasion will forget your password. You can’t actually recover an old password but you can change your password and gain access to your account.
Weak passwords, phishing attacks, email scams, scarewares and malwares, are just some of the reasons or ways that an account can be compromised. If you added an alternate email address, then Hotmail can send a reset link to the alternate email address.
If it is a mobile number that is set as your recovery option, clicking the Next button will allow you to get a Reset Code from Hotmail. This will redirect you to a page where you can enter a NEW password without entering the OLD password. This is to allow Hotmail to verify if indeed you are the owner of the account that you are claiming.

It is all-in-one password recovery package covering all solutions of password recovery: reset MSN mail password, recover MSN Messenger password, and Hotmail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and more. When you're using MSN, you should be proactive in promoting your account security by changing MSN passwords. To recover lost hotmail password, Go to Windows Live Hotmail password reset page and provide the email address and CAPTCHA word. No problem, Hotmail has the solution for those if you remember few details about your account. Will be further taken to Reset your password where you will be asked to provide where exactly you want to get you password reset instructions.
Follow the instruction in the mail sent to recover your password where you will be provided a link to click. And them comes the confirmation for you that your password has been changed to your desired one and you can now login. This is all because of security reasons since if some know your maiden name, your birthday, or your old password then if reset to your old password he still will have access to your account and may block your hacked account by changing the security questions which will make you harder to invoke back access to your account. If you provided Hotmail with a mobile number, then a reset code will be sent to that mobile number. Then you will be redirected to a page where you can enter a NEW password for your Hotmail account.
Recently Facebook fix a very critical vulnerability on the tip of 'Sow Ching Shiong', an independent vulnerability researcher.
Depending on what MSN services you use, losing your password may mean losing access to your Email as well as your chat contacts. Flaw allows anyone to reset the password of any Facebook user without knowing his last password.
If this is the case, you should find an effective solution to recover MSN password as soon as possible.
If unfortunately you forgot MSN password, try MSN Password Hacker to find out lost MSN password.

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