Guidelines In addition to the books, there are a number of CDs and DVDs plus several inexpensive programmes that you can subscribe to either as a "one off" or in some cases as a low cost monthly subscription. I should point out that none of these resources should replace professional guidance and support where necessary, they are offered here in good faith, and I cannot and will not make any extravagant claims that anything on this site is the "missing key" that is going to suddenly and dramatically change your life. There are an infinite number of ways in which self sabotage affects you, your relationships, and your success.
Life Strategies is the twenty-first century replacement for the common, two thousand year old, helpful yet well-worn Socratic coaching methodology.
Your 100%, No-Questions-Asked, More-Than-You-Paid, Two-Way, 365-Day Unconditional GuaranteeI am so sure that you will be successful with these new strategies I guarantee your success in two different ways.Guarantee #1. Napoleon Hill 1883-1970, American author, success guru, attorney, lecturer, advisor to President Franklin D. This is not asking about realizing your goals, I'm talking about doing, having, and enjoying what you really, really want.Everybody has exactly twenty-four hours a day.
Here are a few of the more common, one or two of which you may recognize.But if your self-sabotage mechanism is functioning normally, you probably don't know much about the enormous effect it's having, let alone how much eliminating self sabotage can radically improve your life. And it's your job, your responsibility to determine what works for you!The little understood yet crucial difference between these two - telling you what to do, and encouraging you to do what works - is enormous. If for any reason you are not completely and 100% totally satisfied with your purchase, then return it within 365 days for a full and prompt refund of your complete purchase price.
But your self sabotage mechanism has enormous experience - and an endless number of strategies. Note that children are a special case, much of this site is only addressed to adults.Most of these strategies are far more easily seen in others.
Contemplate this impressive distinction, learn to come up with your own answers, and you'll drastically change your life!Now your self-sabotage mechanism may tell you this is trivial, or obvious.
Which is why brand-new graduates need to learn the ropes before they're of much use to the companies hiring them! These time-tested secrets of success are delivered electronically - no waiting for delivery.

Most work hard to earn the money they think their life needs, and then don't have the time to enjoy it. If so, ask someone you trust, perhaps your young child or your partner, if any apply to you.
Or get you to think that there's not much difference between these two - which just tells you how much effect it has on your life. The young often seem to think that knowing about something is just as good as real hands-on experience. Is learning how to overcome it the crucial secret of success?If you'd rather start slowly, then What You Resist, Persists is at a very attractive price. You end up in undesirable situations and it can even make it difficult to enjoy circumstances you do want.If you're serious about gaining your freedom from self sabotage, then you need to make a modest investment of time and money to find out how. Discover the truth about overcoming your self sabotage, stop reacting and arguing, find out why resistance doesn't work, and change your life.
Many seem to think they don't have enough money, and so don't enjoy the money they do have.But there are people who enjoy their lives even though they may have less money than you.
But since the truth can be uncomfortable, first commit to not get upset and not to take it out on them. If you do get this thought, then say to yourself, "I know I don't know the difference between the two, but if I did know, what would it be?" Then stop thinking, and let the white wolf, your intuition tell you!What is Life Strategies? We don't waste time rehashing the past, nor do we focus on what you should or should not do this week.
If you don't find that any of the life-changing strategies inside our amazing program have enabled you to enjoy life more, and be more tolerant of other people and their inevitable mistakes, although you have honestly tried to implement it fully, then we will work with you one-on-one to reach this goal. This dynamic Special Report explains what you can do to overcome self sabotage and how to start developing the necessary skills.
Unwillingness to do this is, of course, also self sabotage!But you generally know when something is not working well for you.

If you're not getting the results which you know you should, then some form of self sabotage is probably involved somewhere along the line!Acting Without Integrity You rationalize otherwise unacceptable behavior by telling yourself: the end justify the means. This is a very significant, yet little understood difference.What's so different about Life Strategies? Yet to believe this is to follow Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany who championed this profoundly mistaken idea. Our empirical, heuristic program emphasizes overcoming your self sabotage experientially because the most effective way to get long-term results is to give you experience in solving your own problems. So:we don't fish for youwe don't tell you how you should fishwe don't supervise and hold your hand while you fishwe just teach you to fish! Even though you know you should do something, you still Don't Do It Not doing what works also includes the converse - doing things which experience tells you do not work for you. You Want More Time for yourself, Yet Decline to Do Anything Realistic about itYou're overworked, yet you feel that you have no choice, you must do what you're doing.
You always have a choice, which of course has consequences.The consequence of this particular untrue thought is severe overwork. Allowing Others to Run Your Life Someone close insists that they know better than you how you should run your life so, despite your misgivings, you go along with them for the sake of peace and quiet.
Pure self sabotage.You think, "I'm Right, So You Must Be Wrong!" You know that you're right and therefore anyone disagreeing with you must be wrong!
But this is not thinking straight, you're simply ignoring their context - which is always different to yours! You automatically Believe Your ThoughtsYou think that because a thought appears in your mind, it's your thought and so it must be true.

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