Combining the highest levels of luxury and sustainable development with beautiful locations, Natural Retreats offer a chance to explore beautiful national parks, bask in luxury, and feel confident that your holiday has a low environmental impact.
The green building technology and sustainable design practices included in the residences are extensive. Matt Spence, the Director of Natural Retreats says, “I wanted to challenge the way people saw and experienced the countryside. In addition to being built green, the residences are stylish and contemporary, with solid wood floors, extensive glass wall frontages, and simple design.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Located directly on the silky-fine sands of one of the world's best beaches, Coral House is an extremely luxurious and stunning beachfront villa.
Conveniently located in the centre of Ban Rak, secluded, on the beach and with breathtaking sea views of the golden Big Buddha and Koh Phangnan. Honu Kai is a beautiful Balinese-style home with panoramic views of three islands from its position on Maui's sought-after west coast. The Hudson Valley is retreat central: We're where city and suburb folk go to slough off the debris of everyday life and reconnect with something bigger. Spend 2 days away from your everyday.   Dive into a space where you up root what is in the way and become clear about how you want to live and from where your love and clarity comes from.  In this 2 day retreat participants will explore deeper ways of connecting and sharing while establishing  more awareness of self and profoundly good patterns of relating that truly work! When we leave our familiar life behind we give space for all the possibilities in us to bubble up.  In a 5 day retreat that will have you reconnecting with your cleanest most vulnerable self, you will get to see all that has been in the way of your most cherished connections and you will come home with a foundation of new clarity that will change your life and your relationships forever. The Midas Effect!One of the keys to creating golden relationships, the ones we all know are possible, is learning to speak a more basic language — the language of vulnerability.  The Midas Effect, brings a unique depth and meaning to the world of human connection.
Just below the surface there is a lot of frustration and hopelessness in churches, couples and families because what started out as a dream come true just doesn't work like it should. It only takes one motivated person like you to get a group together and you do not have to be a pastor in order to make a difference. Maturity is an unexpected solution to troubled marriages, problems with children, addictions, depression, character weakness, spiritual dryness, the list goes on. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Shutting up is nearly impossible in civilian life, but silent retreats are now available in many stripes, from visitor-friendly monasteries to luxury resorts with infinity pools.
Built with sustainability in mind, these eco-getaways can be found within four of the UK national parks, with plans to acquire sites in, or alongside, ten more.

The lodges all incorporate sustainably-harvested timber, recycled glass insulation, green roofs, raised platform foundations and organic paints. I wanted to show them there was more to the breathtaking and varied landscapes we have in this amazing country. The inviting spaces are light, open and uncluttered providing the perfect eco-friendly shelter to complement the beauty of the surrounding nature. Yet so many of us who live here don't take full advantage of the wealth of retreat centers in our midst.
The retreat: Enjoy an opportunity to explore lovingkindness meditation with its best-known teacher, Sharon Salzburg, and gain new insights into the practice from Rachel Cowan.
Go to the very limits of your being and find the treasure that you have always known is there.
It is a profound yet practical roadmap for anyone looking to unlock the secrets to boundless and profoundly satisfying relationships.All profits from the sale of this book are donated to Free The Children.
If you have been reading the Life Model and asking yourself the question, a€?How do I get this into my community?a€? Read on. Before the overview section of maturity teaching finished on the first night people have gone from dry to attentive, hopeful and excited as they realize what has been missing and how to find it. After reading The Life Model, readers like you start to see what the solution might be but how do you get others to share your hope and join in? Many nondenominational spiritual centers incorporate silence—along with practices like meditation and yoga—into their offerings. At current, green-minded travelers can escape to Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Lake District, and North York Moors – all beautiful landscapes and perfect settings for an eco-friendly nature retreat.
Mechanical systems boost energy efficiency through energy saving bulbs, super efficient, dual rate gas boilers and solar glazing. But more than anything, I wanted to do it in way that had never been seen in the UK before. The following is a sampling of spring and early summer retreats from river-hugging Garrison to mountain-perched Menla. Teacher Barbara Bash guides you with techniques and traditions following the ancient principles of heaven, earth, and human.
The retreat: Some of America's foremost experts in the art and science of sound healing will lead this four-day immersion. While Salzburg brings a Buddhist approach and Cowan expounds on Jewish traditions, both teachers offer a non-sectarian, accessible meditation practice that is open to all.

This intensive and heart opening retreat gives room for you to create a lasting newness in your heart and how you relate with others. Whether you are the pastor, leader, spouse, counselor or feel the most beat up by life, you can be the one to bring a change to your community. After Anna called Chris Coursey wanting more for herself, her marriage, family and community he helped her get a maturity retreat started in her community.
For example, rather than deliver Israel from Rome's oppression like the rabbis expected, Jesus fed people miracle bread and taught them Kingdom life.
Some places even specialize in silent retreats, providing a structured framework for quietude. All electricity needs are met by 100% renewable sources through Good Energy, and landscaping has minimal impact on surrounding ecosystems by use of native species. The creation of truly luxurious residences that blend in with the immediate environment and local communities to create a harmonious, unique experience. Bliss out to Tibetan singing bows, crystal singing bowls, biosonic tuning forks, and more, and learn the science behind their healing powers.
Because of a maturity retreat Annaa€™s life has experienced positive change in the form of more joy, a better grasp on why she struggles in specific life areas and an improved ability to handle distress. Instead of preventing Lazarus from dying like his family hoped, Jesus shows up late and raises His friend from the grave. Recycling and composting stations are conveniently located within each residence to encourage earth-friendly behavior from guests. You can expect to experience the depth that has always been there in you but had not been given the room to be seen.
There are numerous Scriptural examples where Jesus frequently responded to people's problems and needs in unorthodox ways. All too often we Christ-followers look to talk show hosts, magazines and the media to tell us what we need or how to fix what ails us. Click here to e-mail Chris or call 309-367-4020 and he will answer your questions and guide you through this process of hosting a maturity retreat. We even doggedly try to do all the right things in life and still fall short of the results we expect.

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