The scale of Chicago parks makes it easy to see how living downtown in a bustling urban area can actually provide greater opportunity to explore and enjoy the outdoors.
Below we’ve made a selection of some of the best parks in Chicago, from the biggest, well-known parks to some lesser-known gems, as well as Maggie Daley Park, one of the newest outdoor spaces in the city. It now includes 319 acres, with open spaces regularly hosting annual events like the Taste of Chicago and the Grant Park Music Festival, and also serving as a centerpiece for singular events, from the Chicago International Aviation Meet more than one hundred years ago to an outdoor mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II in 1979 to the victory speech given by President Barack Obama on election night in 2008. If you’re just visiting Chicago, Grant Park and its venues are must-see items on your itinerary.
Some parks are known for their breadth or rich cultural activity, and others, like Jane Addams Memorial Park, offer simplicity and the opportunity for reflection. Just east of Jane Addams Memorial Park is Milton Lee Olive Park, which lies between that park and the James W.
Milton Lee Olive Park also includes five circular fountains, all connected by the park’s pathways. The park is named for Milton Lee Olive, who perished in 1965 in the Vietnam War at the age of nineteen.
We’re a bit biased toward this selection, since it’s just a couple of blocks from our building. Creation of the park dates to 1842, when the American Land Company donated the space to the city for the purpose of creating a public park. Maggie Daley Park, while officially part of Grant Park, represents Chicago’s latest major investment in downtown public space. From an ice-skating ribbon that winds through the grounds in winter, to an indoor and outdoor field house with year-round activities like rock climbing, to an extensive playground with bridges and slides, the park promises a full afternoon of active entertainment.
E-NEWSLETTERLISTEN TO STHE LIGHT SHOW“Do not be afraid to go and to bring Christ into every area of life, to the fringes of society, even to those who seem farthest away, most indifferent. Listen to the Light ShowYoung Adult Ministry hosts a radio show every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9:00 in the morning on Radio 950 AM. WHO WE AREYoung Adult Ministry is an outreach of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago to young adults — women and men in their twenties and thirties, married and single. After a marketing career in Southern California, Seaside native Alisa Burke quit her job and moved back home to pursue art full time. When Seaside artist Alisa Burke painted the 12-foot-wide statement wall in her master bedroom, she used black acrylic paint mixed with a little water, embraced the rough texture of the wall and let the the paint drip in places. This is a woman who, to prepare for her sister-in-law’s impending visit, didn’t just clean the house; she painted a statement wall in her guest bedroom. A statement wall is just what it sounds like: In place of a boring, empty white wall, Alisa paints a vivid design — usually a line pattern of flowers or mandalas — that adds a special, personal touch to a room. Alisa launched her website 10 years ago, writing blog posts about her art and creative projects in the downtime from her day job in marketing at the University of San Diego. After a lot of hard work, it got to the point where her side business was bringing in more money than her day job.
This self-forged career made it possible for Alisa and her husband, Andy Gunthardt, to eventually both work at home; Andy left his structural engineering job of 15-hour days to surf, help raise their daughter, and serve as Alisa’s business manager.
It also allowed the couple to leave the crowded, stress-filled Southern California lifestyle behind and, in June 2012, relocate back to Alisa’s roots in Seaside. In Seaside, the young family bought and moved into Alisa’s grandmother’s house, which was built in the 1980s. Alisa and Andy have considered renovating the house (redoing the bathroom is definitely on the to-do list), but with a booming online business and a young daughter to raise, scheduling such an undertaking has proven difficult. For now, they’ve settled for painting those statement walls as a quick way to change things up. This entry was posted in Seaside & Gearhart and tagged alisa burke, art, artist, blog, blogging, painting, pinterest, seaside, statement wall.
Patel, who will kick-start the brand's growth efforts in the Midwest with his business partner Jay Punukollu, brings nearly a decade of experience to Massage Heights and is a well-respected multi-unit operator within the franchise industry.
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The Naperville Campus offers high quality, cost effective, streamlined meeting and event services and our expertise spans all types of events.
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An intimate vintage loft located 2 miles from Michigan ave., in a commercial arts 3-story building dating back to 1887.
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The Chicago Park District manages some 570 parks, as well as 50 nature areas and 31 beaches. The urban retreats that comprise the Chicago Park District are an essential part of the quality of life for downtown residents.
It is the anchor that holds together many of the city’s most prominent institutions, including the Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute of Chicago, and Adler Planetarium. Jane Addams Memorial Park was officially designated in 1996, but the land it occupies was first set aside in 1914–16.
The municipal pier was used for naval training during World War I and renamed in honor of those naval trainees in 1927.
The park provides walking and jogging paths and the opportunity to learn more about the life of Addams, an early social reformer who won a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts. Each fountain is a different circumference and located at a different height—subtleties more visible when taking in the park from one of Chicago’s many high rises.
Washington Square Park is a three-acre gem filled with flowers and centered on a fountain, with shaded pathways and benches to enjoy a respite from fast-paced city life. Residents are not required to choose between a suburban residence with wide-open spaces or an urban home with a vibrant culture and compelling architecture—they enjoy both. Hosts Darius Villalobos and Pablo Padilla discuss a variety of topics relating to the connection between faith and life for young adults. Our purpose is to put people in contact with others their own age who share their faith and values, and offer some alternatives to what is currently available in our culture. For her guest bedroom, Alisa started with blue and painted a white pattern of flowers on top.
Her parents were remodeling their house, and as a treat, they let Alisa and her crowd of party friends draw all over a wall. Almost every day, Alisa writes a blog post that features a do-it-yourself art project, inventive crafts, inspirational travel photos, or a peek into her artistic process.
Back then, having a day job was vital, but she was constantly juggling creative side businesses.
Something about the market crashing and people not having as much money — my blog just kind of blew up,” Alisa says. So, in June 2009, with hardly a backward glance, Alisa quit and focused on her art — and her blog — full time. She blogs regularly, works on creative projects with different companies and brands, sells art sketchbooks and art prints, and still teaches those online classes.
It doubles as a video set, a photography studio, a place to showcase her work, to educate Lucy, and to live.
The development deal is part of Massage Heights' plans for aggressive nationwide franchise expansion following an incredibly strong year of growth in 2015 where the company reported $86.4 million in revenue and an 82-percent growth rate over the last three years. He's owned a variety of franchises throughout his career including Dunkin Donuts, McAlister's Deli, Tide Dry Cleaning and The Tilted Kilt.
They signed a lease for their first Retreat in Naperville and are scheduled to open the location this summer. Prospective single- and multi-unit franchisees should have $175,000 in liquid assets and minimum $400,000 net worth per location, as well as experience in sales or retail management and managing hourly wage employees. In addition to managing and developing Massage Heights, Elevated Brands formed a relationship with the first ultra-premium men's grooming and lifestyle club, The Gents Place, to grow the brand nationally through franchising. Regular massage and skin therapy services help people look and feel their best from the inside out by aiding in the reduction of stress, pain managementA and increasedA relaxation, all resulting in the ability to tackle daily life with a higher level of vitality and positivity, truly elevating the everyday.

The company provides emerging lifestyle concepts with the tools and strategic planning needed to grow their brands through the franchising model. The following guidelines include the various spaces, fees, amenities, and additional information for rentals at the zoo. Each room is tastefully designed as a contemporary and inviting backdrop, putting your event in the spotlight. With seven unique spaces available, Paramount Events can accommodate any occasion, big or small. Our versatile, contemporary design and unique ceiling grid technology offers unprecedented freedom for setting the perfect scene. Great private space with full bar and traditional menu featuring Fish and Chips with contemporary twists such as Goat Cheese with Arugula on Flatbread. It continues to garner buzz and accolades through its effortless blend of art, warmly modern design, and liberated touches. European style and gracious service are the trademark of this elegant hotel and the 86 Millennium hotels around the world.
Our homelike surroundings invite you to relax, and our community atmosphere will make you feel welcome. In all, it’s responsible for taking care of more than 8,000 acres of space—about ten times the acreage of New York City’s Central Park. Millennium Park, home to outdoor concert space, Cloud Gate, and innovative landscape design, is located within Grant Park.
Today, the iconic Navy Pier is the site of shopping, eating, a Children’s Museum, and a Ferris wheel.
Among her achievements were the creation of the first juvenile-court law and establishment of an eight-hour work day for women. Milton Lee Olive Park offers a difficult decision for visitors: to take in the expansive waterfront views or enjoy the city skyline.
Changes in the fate of the downtown area resulted in the initial park being razed then rebuilt in the early 1900s. So the next time you come to Chicago, or the next time you step out your front door, make the most of the opportunity to have it all.
Such gigs included freelance illustrations, art shows, commissioned pieces, holiday ornaments, a book about mixed-media accessories, and teaching at high-end art retreats in Chicago, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. But blogging, coupled with the launch of DIY mainstay and photo-sharing site Pinterest, simply exploded. Today, her website offers a library of about 40 online classes for sale, ranging in topics from sketching, painting, and printmaking to blogging, art business, and more. We kind of started life completely over with my business being at the foundation of it all,” Alisa says. The partners are also targeting Geneva, Orland Park and Schaumburg to open additional Retreats over the next couple of years. Prospective area representatives should have $375,000 in liquid assets and minimum $600,000 net worth, as well as previous experience in franchising, sales, marketing and operating multiple sites, preferably in the retail, restaurant, hospitality or customer services industries. Through its leadership team's deep franchise experience in the health and wellness space, Elevated Brands is on track to build a family of lifestyle brands that are dedicated to the well-being of those they serve. Our open-vendor policy allows you to bring in any catering options that fit your event's needs. Whether your style is romantic or modern, organic or dramatic, NOAH'S makes setting the ideal ambiance a breeze. Thankfully, the winding walking paths provide enough curvature and shift in direction to enjoy plenty of both. The other two are the adjacent Navy Pier and the South Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago. An additional restoration in the late 1990s brought it back to a version more reminiscent of its earliest iteration. Each one is filmed in her studio and set up like a live class, with demos, techniques, and projects for students.
Its current portfolio includes Massage Heights Franchising, Summit Franchise Supply and The Gents Place. The Hope House is an intentional community that serves Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood in conjunction with the Port Ministries. Alisa has produced bell Christmas ornaments from painted flower pots, repurposed old clothes into new ones for her daughter, and made endless iterations of holiday wreaths and painted pumpkins. For Alisa, inspiration can be found anywhere: on a walk, at a good meal, or while spending time with her husband and daughter.

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