Secret Window has a wonderful mysterious and threatening atmosphere where Depps character is driven into a corner and the quesiton is if he can succes to get out of it. Keanu is fun, and even sometimes outright hilarious, but it doesn’t live up to the skills of its central performers. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common. A report from a panel at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival about diversity in the light of the 2015 Oscar ceremony. FFC Gerardo Valero discusses the devolution of Quentin Tarantino by comparing The Hateful Eight to Pulp Fiction. If you were an elite member of a para-military group or a ninja you may survive for a while. And then we realize we aren't looking at a reflection but are in fact now in the real room. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie. Naast zijn klassiekers Carrie, Christine, Pet Sematary, It en natuurlijk ook Salem's lot zijn ook de meeste van zijn 'minder goede' boeken verfilmd.
If done successfully, a King adaptation can generate great reviews, solid box-office or, heavens forbid, both of these at the same time.
I still want to check it out one of these days, if for nothing other than I'm a Johnny Depp fan. The most famous movie based on his work is probably The Shining (which King actually doesn’t like).
Depp plays a writer, Mort Rainey, who is still struggling with the fact that he broke up with his wife. Despite that it is Turturro who’s the one who steals the show, bringing a very memorable character to life.
Then the camera moves smoothly in to the shore, and across the grounds, and in through a window of the cabin, and it regards various rooms before closing in on a large mirror that reflects a man asleep on a couch. Not possible logically, but this through-the-lookingglass shot, along with a wide-brimmed black hat and some Pall Mall cigarettes, are the only slight ripples in the smooth surface of the movie's realism.The movie stars Johnny Depp in another of those performances where he brings a musing eccentricity to an otherwise straightforward role.
Het begint zowaar op uitmelking te lijken en nu de periode van de remakes eraan komt, vrees ik voor het ergste. Please make the message constructive, you are fully responsible for the legality of anything you contribute.
He plays Mort Rainey, a best-selling novelist of crime stories; like the hero of "Misery," he reminds us that the original story is by Stephen King.
The mysterious and supernatural atmosphere of the movies is something I’m always able to enjoy. He is visited by John Shooter (John Turturro), a man who claims that Mort has plagiarised is work. The computer on his desk in the loft contains one paragraph of a new story, until he deletes it.
Daarom is het een verademing om Secret Window te zien; deze verfilming van een goed kortverhaal was nog nooit eerder verfilmd en zou als film prima te bekijken moeten zijn.
Dropping the garden suffix to avoid comparisons with a well-known children’s book, Keopp enlisted Oscar nominee and occasional pirate, Johnny Depp, and a strong supporting cast.
He spends a lot of time sleeping, and has possibly been wearing the same ratty bathrobe for months.

However, this psychological thriller took a beating at the box-office from Jesus Christ and his much-trumpeted passion. Initially Mort tries to ignore the man, but when some worrisome events take place he can’t do anything but look into the allegations. His hair seems to have been combed with an eggbeater, but of course with Johnny Depp you never know if that's the character or the actor.A man appears at his door. Hij kampt met een zware writer's block en is nog steeds woedend op zijn vrouw Amy (Maria Bello) en vooral op diens nieuwe vriend Ted (Timothy Hutton). She has the big house in town, and that's why Rainey is living in sloth and despond in the lake cottage.
Op een dag wordt er aangeklopt en staat er een vreemde man met een hoed (John Torturro) voor de deur. Living alone in a house in a Forested area, Mort has become something of a recluse as he struggles to complete his latest novel. To tell more would be wrong, except to note Rainey's decision to hire an ex-cop (Charles S. De man noemt zichzelf John Shooter en beweert dat Mort Rainey zijn 'verhaal' gestolen heeft. Company arrives in the form of John Shooter (John Turturro), a strange threatening figure who claims that Mort has plagiarised his work. Dutton) as a bodyguard, and to complain to the local sheriff (Len Cariou), an arthritic whose hobby is knitting.Rainey appears to be the classic Hitchcock hero, an Innocent Man Wrongly Accused. Things take a turn for the sinister as Shooter becomes more violent, leaving a path of destruction and a rising body count. He has been cheated on by his wife, and now this nut from nowhere is threatening his life because of a story he did not steal. De mysterieuze Shooter houdt echter niet op en na een tijd worden zijn bedreigingen steeds ernstiger. The situation is magnified nicely by the location at the isolated cottage, which leaves many opportunities for disturbing sounds, strange omens, broken light bulbs, threatening letters, and Shooter himself, who appears at disconcerting moments and seems to be stalking Rainey wherever he goes.All of this could add up to a straight-faced thriller about things that go boo in the night, but Johnny Depp and director David Koepp (who wrote "Panic Room" and directed "Stir Of Echoes") have too much style to let that happen.
Na een ongeoorloofde daad van geweld besluit Shooter dan ook naar prive-detective Kelsch (Charles S. Like many men who have lived alone for a long time, Rainey carries on a running conversation with himself -- dour, ironic, sometimes amused.
Aroused from a nap, he stumbles through a confused investigation, asks himself, "Now, where was I?" and returns to the same position on the couch.Even his friends are entertaining. When he talks with the ex-cop, they use a chess clock, banging their button when the other guy starts talking.
Het verhaal weet je door enkele spannende scenes op het puntje van je stoel te houden, de karakterontwikkeling is zeer goed en de finale twist ziet niet iedereen aankomen. Maybe this has something to do with billing arrangements, or maybe they're just competitive.
Houdt je echter alles aandachtig in het oog dan zal je misschien al vrij snel tot deze conclusie komen.
Probably the latter, since bodyguards are always on duty.The story is more entertaining as it rolls along than it is when it gets to the finish line.
But at least King uses his imagination right up to the end, and spares us the obligatory violent showdown that a lesser storyteller would have settled for.A lot of people were outraged that he was honored at the National Book Awards, as if a popular writer could not be taken seriously. Zo klopt alles toch NET iets meer als de helft van de zaal het doorheeft en de andere helft niet.

Johnny Depp speelt de pannen van het dak als de tragische, maar in het begin hilarische (meerdere lachsalvo's klonken door onze huiskamer) Mort Rainey, John Torturro jaagt je, mede door zijn creepy accent, de stuipen op het lijf en Timothy Hutton weet te overtuigen als de gladde klootzak die nu Amy's nieuwe vriendje is.
Johnny Depp's reclusive novelist is so reclusive, that numerous scenes elapse with him talking aloud to no one but himself, which is never a pleasing effect in any film.
Maria Bello weet echter weinig met haar rol aan te vangen en loopt wat verloren op het scherm.
Meanwhile, the introduction of Turturro would be welcome, but for the fact that he's a pretty weak villain, evoking laughs rather than scares. Akkoord, ze zijn uit elkaar, maar tijdens de film vraag je je toch wel af of ze uberhaupt ooit wel een koppel zijn geweest. Other characters are so broadly written that it becomes insulting when the director expects us to give two hoots about what happens to them. Maar aangezien hij al bij al maar een kwartiertje screentijd heeft, gaat dit niet te snel op de zenuwen werken. Zij die zoeken naar goedkope schrikeffecten en overdreven veel bloed zullen al snel merken dat ze de verkeerde film aan het bekijken zijn.
A sizeable amount of Secret Window takes place in darkness, and these scenes truly showcase a pleasing transfer. This intention is fully realised with the tricky area of skin tones being well represented. There's a good contrast between similar colours too, particularly for the forest sequences.
The 5.1 track handles this with a minimum of hiss allowing for the well-defined sound effects to sound all the more effective when they come into play. Coupled with the fact that these moments usually occur during silence, and you have a genuinely pleasing effect that occurs too rarely.
Solo commentaries live or die purely because of the commentator and Koepp fully understands the conventions of this feature. Interspersed with interviews and footage of the filming, they should be of genuine interest to fans of the film. Depp is not the greatest of interviewees, but director Koepp once again talks enthusiastically about the creative process. Since these featurettes are fairly lengthy, it’s a disappointment that there are no chapter points to make navigation a little easier. Only one of the sequences could offer a slightly different reading on the film, but generally there’re no surprises that these failed to make it to the final print. The first is, unsurprisingly, for Secret Window, but the others are releases that are at least partially related to the feature. Its appeal lies in its leading man and it's this performance which carries the film to the end credits. Depp fans, of which there are many, may find this to be passable entry on his resume, but would still be better off leaving this as a rental.

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