The Secret World is a MMORPG that takes place in the present days and which delves into dark and terrible myths, legends, and conspiracy theories that endanger the world. After a brief look, The Secret World reveals that it is a deep game with much background, in which exploration, missions and environments are awesome and allow you to enjoy hours of fun.
The Secret World is a game in which the elections (and the freedom to choose them) are something personal and important in relation to the game mechanic. The amount of choice available can be overwhelming to a novice player, but makes the level of customization that players can achieve enormous.
The game has different types of missions: you have a Story Mission that pushes the central theme of the story, one Main Mission, which can be of various types including “Faction”, in which you must complete an objective for your faction, an “Action”, which are the typical missions here you have to kill some enemies.
The missions are not available all in the same quest hub, they are spread throughout the map, and many NPCs that give them to you are often hidden; these missions always have several steps in them making each one a quest chain.
Another detail that seemed curious is that our character never speaks; the NPC that give us missions always seems that they are doing a monologue, it’s an understandable omission given the amount of voice-acting in the game, but alienates you from the experience.
The locations are interesting and well designed, you can really believe that you are in the real world. The dungeons of the game are based on the trinity of roles in which tanks must maintain the agro, and healers keep the group alive.
The game also has PvP, but only in certain battlefields, in which the different factions will face each other for the control of certain strategic points in the world like Stonehenge, El Dorado, and the Fusang Projects. Visual effects are practical, not annoying nor too flashy so it maintains the game’s realistic feeling. In addition many NPCs have extensive dialogues, which reveal mysteries of the zone, or explains his personal history, putting you more in the game. The Secret World has decided to have a buy-to-play model so once you purchase the game, you can enjoy all the contents of the game, with a few small exceptions. In the game you don't have any limitation with respect to weapons or skills at your disposal and all main areas, battlefields and dungeons are available from the beginning.
On the other hand, certain updates that bring new missions or adventures must be purchased for a small fee ($5), which is the only content limitation of the game. You can also buy some boosts that increase the amount of skill points that you can gain, which give you more space in your inventory or in your Bank, and allow you to change the name or the appearance of your character, or with which you can change the server of your character. The truth is that it is a very complete system, and only limits few things, as far as we can tell. In conclusion, The Secret World is a fun and entertaining game, perfect for those who like PvE, terror and conspiracy theories. Disclaimer: this is by no means the definitive, now-and-forever, all-seeing all-knowing review of The Secret World, because that is impossible. The first is the general MMO go-to mission that usually concludes with a boss fight of sorts, which at the very least gives you an excuse to explore a new area. I can’t say whether you should pay a subscription for The Secret World, but if you do despite some quibbles of mine this is a world you will enjoy being part of. Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. The game has recently made the leap from a subscription model to the Buy-to-Play model, this means that you just have to pay once when you buy the game and then you can keep playing for free without a monthly subscription, so we decided to try it without spending a penny to play and share our experience.
Upon entering the game players are invited to choose one of the three factions of the game.
When you gain experience you can unlock a huge amount of skills for different weapon ranging from swords and Voodoo dolls to bazookas and chainsaws and roles that you can play, either tank, healer, DPS or hybrid. Despite the wide range of skills players can only choose 7 active skills, 7 passive skills and 2 weapons, so you have to choose your skills carefully, and take into account the synergy between them.
There are also “Investigation” missions, where you have to complete puzzles and riddles (the game has a browser that will allow you to look for clues of fictitious organizations of the game, verses of the Bible, or pictures of famous painters) and “Sabotage” missions, in which you will need to use stealth and cunning to complete objectives, 3 secondary missions, which you will find scattered around the world, for example in corpses, on notes hanging on doors, or in abandoned vans, and a Dungeon mission, which sends you to explore a dungeon.

As a personal note I will say that the investigation and sabotage missions are very funny and entertaining, because you are forced to look for information on the internet to solve complicated puzzles, or must act quickly and efficiently without being detected, which makes it different from what we are normally accustomed. You’ll visit brooding forests, haunted theme parks, cursed towns and many more horror-inspired locations. These battlefields have the typical battlefield goals, and give certain bonuses to the winning side. The designs of the bosses and the dungeons are spectacular, for example in the first dungeon the final enemy is equal to a monstrosity of Cthulhu, something that will delight the fans of Lovecraft. The sound effects accompany players very well, from the crackle of the flames to the groans of the enemies. Another thing to keep in mind, is that all missions are narrated and explained very well by the NPC’s in English and in some missions in Shanghai are in Chinese, but with subtitles.
Also in the game store you have a huge selection of pieces of clothing, accessories, titles or pets to customize your character, that only improve its visual appearance. If you really don't want to spend a penny in the game, after purchasing it, and play it freely, you can do it. In addition to having a Free-to-play system almost unrestricted, the game gives you tons of fun with almost no limits.
Nada mas entrar al juego somos invitados a elegir una de las tres facciones del juego, cada una con distintos objetivos y puntos de vista respecto a como enfrentarse a los males que se ocultan en el Secret World, tenemos a los ambiciosos Iluminati, los Templario, expertos cazadores del mal, y los caoticos Dragon para acto seguido ser llevados una pantalla de creacion de personaje bastante completa, que permite personalizar a nuestro avatar en bastante profundidad.
This isn’t a cop-out in case you disagree with me (although it handily doubles as that), it simply means that the game will change often and my criticisms may well melt away entirely. The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. You can choose the power-hungry Illuminati, the evil vanquishing Templars or the chaotic Dragon faction. The enemies are certainly shocking, and you can see that they are based on many myths and legends, for example the first area of the game, Kingsmouth, is plagued by zombies, and a sort of enemies that clearly recall monsters of myths of Cthulhu.
The combats against the bosses are very dynamic, and you have to be attentive to what they do and what happens around you. The game does not focus much importance to the PvP, being mainly PvE, although we can’t deny that it’s appreciated that The Secret World has included this option.
The animations are well-tended and give the feeling that we are really crushing an enemy with a hammer, or shooting him with an assault rifle. The game's music achieves the desired effect; you can feel oppression, terror, or a terrible evil lurking in the corner.
Al crear nuestro personaje, con nombres, apellidos y mote, somos llevamos a Nueva York, Londres o Shanghai, donde despues de una detallada cinematica empezara nuestra historia, conociendo a nuestra faccion. MMOs are being constantly changed, messed with and added to, meaning that you shouldn’t be assuming that score on the right will be correct in a year.
Each faction has different objectives and points of view regarding how to cope with the evils that are hidden in the Secret World.
As a detail, the city streets have names like Lovecraft Lane, Poe Cove, Elm Street or Dunwich Road, all references to myths and horror writers, a very fun nod to the originals in our opinion.
A partir de ahi, disponemos de un variado abanico de opciones del que podemos disfrutar. Lo primero que no hay niveles, al conseguir experiencia podemos desbloquear una cantidad enorme de habilidades, para las armas que usemos, que van desde espadas y munequitos vudu a lanzamisiles y el rol que queramos elegir, ya sea tanque, sanador, DPS o hibrido.
You’ll probably need at least one friend to buy the game and play some missions with you, but as superbly Funcom allow players to move their characters between servers at will (YES!) and join forces with players of a different faction (hooray!) this becomes very easy.
After that, the players were brought to a fairly complete character creation screen that lets you customize your avatar in depth. Esto puede ser abrumador para un jugador novel, pero permite que el nivel de personalizacion que podemos lograr sea enorme. When you have created your character, you start your story in New York, London or Shanghai, depending on the faction you've chosen.

Pese a la gran seleccion de habilidades solo podemos elegir 7 habilidades activas, 7 pasivas y 2 armas, por lo que deberemos elegir con cuidado nuestras habilidades, y tener en cuenta la sinergia entre ellas, para sacar el mayor potencial al usarlas. El juego tiene diferentes tipos de misiones en diferentes categorias, tiene una mision de historia, que hace avanzar el hilo central de la historia, 1 mision principal, que puede ser de faccion, en la que debes completar un objetivo de tu faccion, de accion, las tipicas de eliminar enemigos, de investigacion, en las que debes completar puzles y acertijos (el juego tiene un navegador que te permitira buscar pistas de organizaciones ficticias del juego, versiculos de la biblia, o de cuadros de actores famosos) y de sabotaje, en las que deberas usar el sigilo y la astucia para completar los objetivos, 3 misiones secundarias, que encontraras repartidas por el mundo, por ejemplo en cadaveres, en notas colgadas en puertas, o en furgonetas abandonadas, y una mision de mazmorra. Fortunately though these are a lot more fun even though you sometimes have to fight off hoards of hard zombies while scanning the environment for a piece of paper, a scrawled symbol or a rock, but the most interesting puzzles force you to use the game’s web browser to search the internet for clues.
Las misiones no se consiguen todas del mismo sitio, si no que estan repartidas por todo el mapa, y muchos personajes que te las dan muchas veces estan escondidos.
Como nota personal dire que las misiones de investigacion y sabotaje son muy divertidas y entretenidas, pues te “obligan” a buscar informacion por internet para resolver complicados acertijos, o debes actuar de forma rapida y eficaz sin que te detecten, siendo realmente distintas a lo que estamos acostumbrados.
Running around a recognisable open world rather than a made-up fantasy land is a breath of fresh air in the MMO genre, and instantly makes The Secret World 90% more compelling than any other MMO coming out.
Un detalle que nos parecio curioso es que nuestro personaje jamas habla, los NPC que nos dan misiones siempre parece que esten haciendo un monologo. Las zonas del juego estan muy bien disenadas, y realmente te puedes creer que estas en el mundo actual, los enemigos son ciertamente espeluznantes, y se puede ver que estan basados en muchos mitos y leyendas, por ejemplo la primera zona del juego, Kingsmouth, esta plagada de zombis, de una especie de profundos, y de enemigos que recuerdan claramente monstruos de los mitos de Cthulhu.
Como detalle anadire que las ciudades tienen calles como Lovecraft Lane, Poe Cove, Elm Street o Dunwich Road, todas ellas referencias a mitos o escritores de terror, un guino a mi ver divertido y que hace notar el mimo con el que ha sido hecho el juego. Las mazmorras del juego se basan en la trinidad tanque, DPS, sanador en las que los tanques deben mantener el agro, y los sanadores mantener al grupo con vida. Las mazmorras del The Secret World, casi carecen de los llamados “trash mobs” por lo que los bosses estaran practicamente seguidos. The Secret World is half-recognisable from a dozen Stephen King stories, filled with monsters straight out of Call of Cthulhu and characters from The Walking Dead or The X-Files. Las luchas contra los bosses son muy dinamicas, tienes que estar atento a lo que hacen, a esquivar y a mantenerte con vida, requiriendo estar atento a lo que pasa a tu alrededor. El juego tambien tiene PvP, pero solo en determinados campos de batalla, en el que las diferentes facciones se enfrentaran por el control de determinados puntos estrategicos del mundo, como Stonehedge, el Dorado, y Fusang Projects. Estos campos de batalla tienen los objetivos tipicos, y dan al bando vencedor determinados bonificadores. Aunque no se puede negar que se agradece que hayan incluido esta opcion. GRAFICOS Y SONIDO Los graficos del juego estan muy bien. Se nota que los disenos tanto de los entornos como de los enemigos o de los propios estan cuidados y son muy detallados.
It doesn’t matter what faction you choose, skills and weapon choice are the same for all. Las animaciones de los enemigos y de los personajes al atacar estan cuidadas y da la sensacion de que realmente estas aplastando a un enemigo con un martillo, o disparandole con un rifle de asalto. Los efectos visuales son correctos, y no son molestos, ni demasiado llamativos por lo que la sensacion de realismo del juego se mantiene. There are three combat trees, comprising Guns, Melee, and Magic, with three weapon types in each (like pistols, rifles and shotguns for Guns). You can only carry two weapons at any time (including the three magics), meaning you have to make some tough choices in this department. Por ejemplo en la primera mazmorra el enemigo final es igual a un engendro de Chulhu, cosa que hara las delicias de los fans de las novelas de terror. El sonido del juego es sobresaliente, los efectos sonoros acompanan muy bien, desde el crepitar de las llamas, a los gemidos de los enemigos, pasando por el sonido de nuestras armas.
In fact the writing and voice acting are both pretty darn excellent, with some genuinely funny dialogue along the way. La musica del juego consigue el efecto deseado, trasmitir sensacion de agobio, terror, o de que un terrible mal nos acecha en la esquina.
Como ya he dicho sobresaliente. Ademas muchos NPC tienen de algun dialogo, que te desvela misterios de la zona, o te explica su historia personal, metiendote mas en la historia. It’s a shame your main character is mute, as it turns a conversation into a bit of a monologue, but otherwise Funcom certainly give Bioware a run for its money.
I very quickly found that giving up Elemental Magic and focusing entirely on my Shotgun skills was the only way I’d actually get to use most of the new attacks I was buying.
I understand that this decision was to make things easier in the heat of the moment, but it still feels a little tight.
Ademas al disponer de un sistema Free-to-play tan poco restrictivo, te dara horas y horas de diversion casi sin limites.

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